Include me out

Contributed by editor on Jan 28, 2005 - 12:48 PM


Dear Ed

In regards to the latest "edition" of the so called "Shepway News" (very thinly disguised as a News Sheet) included in this weeks delivery of the Adscene, I feel I must complain, through the columns of your august organ, about the fact that within the so called "Shepway News"( or should it be better called "The Carroll Clarion") are a couple of petitions to sign.

My complaint is not about the petitions themselves; it is about the exceedingly minute sentence underneath the boxes requesting your details for the petitions.

Said sentence states, I paraphrase: should you not wish to receive literature from the so-called "Liberal Democrats" you should notify them in writing, of the fact!!!

I thought it was normal practice with canvassing of this sort, that should you not wish to receive anymore information, please tick the box and your name will not be put on a mailing list.

Not so it seems with our political friends with a liking for a shade of Orange.

If you agree with the sentiments and are feeling that to sign the petition would be a good thing and you fail to see or more likely NOT to see the small print (without the aid of a magnifying glass for those of us of a certain age), you will no doubt be inundated with the musings and rants of the Liberal Democrats.... for now unto eternity unless you take the time and effort to inform them in writing!!

I don't like the assumption that you will have no objection to be included in.

As Samuel Goldwyn once said "Include me out"

Finkle go and get a more powerful magnifying glass