'Mini motos' crackdown could see them crushed

Contributed by editor on Dec 14, 2005 - 06:48 PM


Dover District Council's Anti-Social Behaviour Unit is leading a campaign to make parents and other potential buyers put on the brakes before they buy 'mini motos' if they don't have somewhere to use them this Christmas.

The message is 'If you don't have somewhere to use it, don't buy it!' The campaign, featuring a series of advertisements across the district, stresses that these machines are not toys and people could end up being prosecuted, and the bike crushed if used illegally. The campaign is focussing on potential buyers and users of the machines, and includes mini motorcycles, quad bikes and other off road bikes. It has been launched in response to the increased use of these machines and growing concerns over related accidents and even deaths nationwide.

Home Office advice is that if vehicles are not licensed for the road, they may only be used legally on private land and only with the direct permission of the landowner. Mini-motos can not be used on a public road unless they are licensed, taxed and insured and can not be used on a footpath or cycle route under any circumstances.

The campaign is being led by the Dover Anti-Social Behaviour Unit, working with the Dover Crime Reduction Partnership and Kent Police, with backing from the Home Office Together Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour initiative.