Giant pulls in the crowds

Contributed by editor on Feb 02, 2005 - 03:53 PM


More than 100 people turned up at Hawkinge Village Hall on Thursday (27 January) to look at plans for their village and to find out what part they can play in shaping its future.

Taking Part, Making Changes was organised by the Hawkinge Partnership to show local people how it hopes to improve a wide range of services involving health, education, crime and safety, housing and community events.

Jan Doyle, Chairman of the Partnership said the response from the people of Hawkinge had been brilliant.

“The turn-out was fantastic and we had lots of suggestions and thoughts about what people would like to see. Hopefully we will now have more people willing to contribute to the board’s work. “

Stands were manned between 2.30pm and 8.30pm with each stand covering a separate theme – health, education, youth, a safer Hawkinge, the environment, community events, community chest and housing and the environment.

“The aim of Taking Part, Making Changes was to explain how we would like to address these issues and encourage people to join various projects that will help bring about the changes, � said Deirdre Ferguson, Hawkinge Neighbourhood Manager.

Helping to promote the event was Torrent, a 13-feet high giant created by Strange Cargo Art Company. Members of the company said there had been enough support from people visiting Taking Part, Making Changes, to get a team together and create a giant especially for the village.