Mobile phone theft

Contributed by editor on Feb 04, 2005 - 10:33 PM


The National Mobile Phone Register was launched on 12 January 2005, supported by the mobile phone industry, the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit, the Metropolitan Police and other UK Police Forces, and the Home Office.

The register already holds the details of over ten million phones but we want everybody who owns a mobile phone to add their details.

The more people and organisations that get involved, the more effective the Register will be. We have produced a range of campaign materials to help publicise the registration drive - if you represent a local police force, retailer, the press, school or other concerned organisation, please use these materials in your publications or web sites.


Every second counts - if your phone is lost or stolen, report it now.

There are two stages to reporting your phone lost or stolen.

1. Report it to your network operator as soon as possible by calling our Immobilise information line on 08701 123 123 and following the instructions. Reporting your phone as lost or stolen will enable us to block your SIM card and your actual handset, just like a stolen credit card.

Register your phone as lost or stolen on the National Mobile Phone Register. If you've already registered your phone, you simply visit [1] and access your phone's details using your password. 

You can report the phone as lost or stolen directly from your account however if you have been involved in a serious crime or you require a crime reference number please report it to the Police by phone or in person. If it's recovered later, we'll contact you to let you know when and where you can pick it


If your phone is recovered we will contact you and let you know that it is in safe hands for you to collect. Remember the best chance you have of getting your phone back is to register your details, and the more people that register, the more people will get their phones back.

Further details can be obtained from [2]