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Contributed by editor on Feb 09, 2005 - 12:29 PM


Following occurred at rural location in the Dover area last night (8 February):-

IP lives in a house next to an industrial estate owned by his family. On driving out he saw a torchlight shining in the area of the industrial estate and went to investigate.2 males with a large dog possibly a Lurcher confronted him. 

Description of males both white dressed in combat gear, black woolly hats pulled down to their eye level. 

IP managed to persuade them to go back to the roadside from the edge of the industrial estate. When they got back to the roadside both offenders have set upon the IP punching and kicking him. This resulted in IP falling to the ground whereupon the offender continued to kick him.

At this point the IP is very vague about what happened next but states that his sister and her 2 large dogs passed and may have scared the offenders off. 

IP's injuries - abrasions and reddening to face, lumps to top and rear of head, sore left ankle and knee’s. The following number was noted by a witness.

G903??? Ford P100 Pick up

Please be aware of this vehicle and report all sightings to the Watch office on 01304 218130 noting the time and place when you saw the vehicle. 

If seen in suspicious circumstances that you feel require the police to attend please ring 999 and ask for police. 

Do not approach the vehicle or its occupants. 

It is also strongly suspected the vehicle may also be involved in poaching on a regular basis. A vehicle with a similar number has been seen on both the Dover & Shepway rural areas.

Ian Foster
Rural Project Officer
South East Kent Police