Belt up safety drive

Contributed by editor on Apr 16, 2005 - 04:45 PM


Last weeks Kent Police operation aimed at motorists who fail to "belt up" resulted in nearly four hundred people receiving a fixed penalty fine.

But, drivers and passengers who don't wear seat belts risk more than just a £30 fine say police.

Out of 1157 motorists stopped between 4-10 April, about o­ne third were issued with a £30 fixed penalty for not wearing, or failing to ensure that their passengers were wearing a seat belt.

Out of the total, 10 were fined because a child was not safely belted up.

Already this year in 6 of 26 fatal collisions, the dead or injured were not wearing a seat belt. If you are in a car crash and wearing a seat belt, your chances of receiving serious or fatal injuries is reduced by around 50 per cent.

Kent Police state that the law is very clear; drivers and passengers in cars must wear a seat belt unless they have a medical exemption certificate.