Howard accountable to local people pledge

Contributed by editor on Apr 20, 2005 - 08:01 AM


Speaking to over a hundred party activists and supporters in a packed room in the Grand Hotel in Folkestone o­n Saturday (16 April), Michael Howard told the audience: “There's o­ne thing I never forget, wherever I am, and that's who I'm accountable to. It's the people of Folkestone and Hythe who put me here and it's you that I serve.â€?

During the speech, the Folkestone and  Hythe MP pledged to reward the "forgotten majority" of pensioners, hard-working families, professionals and risk-taking businesspeople.

The Conservative leader promised to "take a blowtorch" to paperwork and restore trust in doctors, teachers and police officers by freeing them from bureaucracy and targets. "Just imagine for a moment what our country would be like if the values of the hard-working forgotten majority prevailed.

"Think about a Britain after five years of Conservative government - a Britain where the prosperity earned through work and risk-taking creates wealth for all, a Britain where everyone can climb the ladder of opportunity, where families are rewarded, a Britain where justice is done and wrongdoers are punished.