Environment message from local ladies

Contributed by editor on May 11, 2005 - 04:09 AM



May is the month that all WI members are given the chance to vote o­n the two resolutions that the WI as a whole will adopt for the coming year.  There is quite a build up to this as at a Federation meeting held in January we were given a short list of five topics, voting took place and the East Kent Federation’s choices were duly sent to National.  They then collate all the voting from the Federations across the country and inform each WI which of the resolutions are to be considered. 

Then there is a further local meeting for us to meet the experts in the field of those topics chosen and where we are able to ask any questions that may occur to us.  Whew, that took some explaining!

Prior to the meeting proper we have lunch together.  This is prepared and served by the committee and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  A big thank you goes to them for the hard work they put in to make the meal such a success.  Of course after that it would be nice to have a little nap but no such luck! 

On to the meeting, after wishing Happy Birthday to some of our members and conducting the business side of the meeting we had two lively debates o­n the issues presented in each of the resolutions.

The first was concerned with Farmgate Milk Prices: “this meeting urges WI members to do all in their power to raise public awareness of the unfair differences between the retail prices of milk and the price paid to the farmer� and was presented by Ruth Prior.

The second was Care of Our Environment: “this meeting calls o­n WI members to take further action to reduce waste and conserve resources in their own homes and communities; to lobby manufacturers, retailers and decision makers to reduce waste in the production, packaging and transportation of public consumer goodsâ€? and was presented by Gillian Philcox. 

After a much needed cup of tea, we were entertained with a short comedy put o­n by the Drama Group.  A welcome relief from all the debating that had just taken place!  Well done and many thanks Drama Group. Being May the competition was for a miniature May Pole; winner Linda Barnes.

Our next meeting will be held o­n Tuesday 7 June, the speaker is Mrs Ward and her subject “Over the Pond and Down Underâ€? sounds quite intriguing   June’s competition is for a Holiday Memento.  Do come along if you have a spare afternoon, you would be made very welcome.  Contact either the Secretary o­n 01303 893858 or the President o­n 01303 891734 for more details.

Linda Barnes