Looking like Dracula asleep in his coffin

Contributed by editor on Aug 19, 2005 - 06:27 PM


Re: I would volunteer Re: Laser gun villagers miss out zapping speeding motorists 

Dear Ed

I too, would volunteer my "services" in this matter. Lazarus has covered all the points I would wish to make, quite succinctly .Yet further shame must fall on the Parish Council for declining this opportunity. Lazarus asks whether the Parish Council is “so out of touch with the local situation� I ask if it is out of touch with reality?

Have you been to a meeting of the Parish Council? No? Let me take you there ( in a manner of speaking)

Sadly, with only one or two exceptions, our Parish Council, is made up of Non Elected members (can anyone remember the last Parish Council elections?) The majority of these "councillors" have been co-opted, or in other words have put themselves forwards for the task. Some, I repeat some, cope with the task, but others are far beyond the task and far out of touch with life. Some of the intentions of those who have volunteered must surely be questioned.

One only needs to attend a Parish Council meeting to be richly entertained by the spectacle of “local democracy at work�

No names no pack drill (as the old Army saying has it) but you will see one looking like Dracula asleep in his coffin, a deathly pallor upon the visage, who somehow re-animates long enough to make a point and who won’t budge from it when it’s made and then sinks slowly back into the chair.

Another who constantly mumbles and is virtually inaudible but will fight terrier like for every dot and comma and is as irritating to everyone else as a smut in the eye.

Another who constantly “plays� to the crowd (or should I say few) with winks and comments and asks a fellow councillor advice on how to vote, when something needs voting on yet has been a resident of the village from when the Hawk in Hawkinge was but a fledgling.

Another who seems so anxious to keep the peace and eager to please all and sundry, but seems unable to make a decision and just bumbles along (or so it seems)

Another gets so excited you can see the foam starting to form at the corners of the mouth and whose clothes look like the last time they were ironed was when the manufacturer produced the garment.

That is just a quick snap shot of some of our representatives, both elected and non elected. No doubt there are “a few good men and true� who give their best and indeed their all in the service of this, their community.

The question must be put, who amongst us would take on their duties for the community. Not many, I fear (myself included) so we are stuck with them and their decisions.

Sadly, however, they must be taken as a whole body and as such they are pretty lamentable lot making ever lamentable decisions that can and do affect our lives.

This ever growing and indeed ever younger community of Hawkinge needs younger blood, nay, must have younger blood to represent us or we will feel the rigor mortis of ineptitude creeping further and further over village affairs.

If you feel that you can’t contribute as a councillor (there is a vacancy for a co opted one by the way) I urge you, do come along to a meeting and be entertained(?) and stunned by the Parish variety show.!

Meanwhile Finkle get out the wife’s hairdryer and make like it’s a speed gun and stand at the end of the drive and point it at the speeding motor cars!