Puppies in cliff drama

Contributed by editor on Aug 24, 2005 - 09:07 PM

Coastguards have helped rescue two puppies after they climbed part of the way down a 150ft cliff near Folkestone.

The two springer spaniels became trapped 30ft down the cliffs after they had escaped with their mother Lucy from a garden in Capel le Ferne on Monday (22 August).

The search for the pair began when Lucy returned without her pups. 

One of the puppies Toby, was rescued using climbing equipment on Tuesday evening but the other hungry puppy Ben, made his own way up the cliff when rescuers tempted him with a biscuit.

The puppies were suffering from dehydration and shock but are now safe and well.

Coastguards are advising dog owners to use leads near cliff tops and not to attempt to rescue animals which fall over the edge.

Editors note: I understand from the owner of the dogs that Ben and not Toby was in fact brought up the cliff using equipment.