Why was £5000 spent on the Hawkinge Giant

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Re: Can't the Hawkinge Partnership cough up?

Dear Ed,

Thank you for the clarification, it is appreciated (re the hawkinge Partnership)

What a shame the Community Centre didn't rent out space to the Partnership, as you stated "This would have generated a substantial regular income to the centre"

But if they don't fund organisations or make grants, what did the £5000.00 that went to the Strange Cargo come under? A gift?

This is from [1].

"It was felt that the Hawkinge Giant would create a new focus for the village, which all residents could relate to. Additional support for the project came from the Hawkinge Partnership, who provided the final £5k of funding to secure the project for their community."

"the final £5K of FUNDING" ?

As you can imagine, given your explanation and what I see stated as funding, I am a little perplexed.

Perhaps your good selves can enlighten more.

Thanks in advance.

Yours etc



Editors note

Please read this which outlines some of the funding principles of the Hawkinge Partnership.

This is just a synopsis and detailed information will need to be obtained from the Partnership.....I'm sorry I cannot give a definitive answer as my knowledge does not extend to the small print.

'As the Hawkinge Neighbourhood Partnership, we expect to receive an average of £350,000 each year over the next seven years to support our Pathfinder work. This is subject to annual approval, and, as funding comes from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, our progress will be closely monitored. 

It is important to remember that this funding is being awarded to enable us to work with the community and service providers to bring about positive and lasting change in service delivery. We are not a grant making body'.