Hawkinge Community Safety Forum Meeting 30th June 2005

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Chaired by: Chris Ashman

Present:: Chris Ashman , Deirdre Lawson, Jean McGill , Deirdre Ferguson, Terry Scott, Shaun Taylor, Peter Brun, Brian Marshall, Jyotsna Leney, Gloria Van Woude

Apologies: Sally Coleman, Martin & Jackie Ide, Jenny Carter, Dave Callahan, Peter Smith, Perry Hayward

Agreement of last meeting notes: signed by Chairman.

Amendments required: No

Matters Arising from Previous Meeting:

Concern about lack of communications and activity from Neighbourhood Watch (NHW). Dymchurch Website carrying crime reports about Hawkinge but we have not received these messages.

Safety Forum has applied for funding for residents to be transported to and attend “Trickster Projectâ€? Stageshow and Musical at the Leas Cliff Hall o­n 13th September. Awaiting reply from The Hawkinge Partnership.

Invitation for KCC representative to attend meeting – letter sent but no reply received.

Note of Discussion points Arising from Current Meeting:

The Minutes will now reflect the layout of Theme Group Meeting Notes required by The Hawkinge Partnership, our Sponsors.

Message received from Sally Coleman about the state of the road at the junction of Elvington Lane and Gibraltar Lane due to drain works and lack of warning signs. Beware of Carpet Sellers in the area.

Partnership granted funding for “Trickster“ Project Jan Henry needs numbers for transport, 50 tickets have been allocated for Hawkinge area residents.

Public input to village planning would be useful. CDLPC have just issued a new plan for 3 years Copies of the plan are available.

Ideas received from Charlton Athletic to areas of trouble to enable youths to get involved through the means of football. Jyotsna insists that the village must be prepared to engage in these projects.

Hawkinge should beware other groups reacting to this offer thus loosing benefit to Hawkinge. The same funding was mentioned to Shepway Youth Forum.

It was suggested that education about the safety of their children should be given to parents parking outside of Churchill school.

Members of the Forum and Partnership had a meeting with Neil Campbell of KCC Planning o­n the 1st June. A DVD showing our concerns in the village was given to the Neil and to The Hawkinge Partnership. Our prime concerns are the dangers facing primary school children at Churchill school when travelling to and from school and the irresponsible car parking by parents. Safety in the local lanes for horses, pedestrians and cyclists. Pavement parking in front of the shops and o­n the bus stop.

New Community Warden Colin Hughes arrives in Hawkinge during August, he is currently being trained by Capel Warden Paul James.

Jyotsna gave a talk about the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership’s (CDRP) New Strategy for Shepway which will start with quarterly meetings to discuss Government concerns at Local Level to include Alcohol Abuse, Domestic Violence, Victims of Crime, Town Centre Socialising., Supporting Communities Action, Quality of Life and Safety Forums – First meeting 12th July at the Civic Centre.

DDA Designated Dispersal Area initiative is still in force in parts of Shepway. There will be Coaching Courses for 15 Police Officers.

Actions Agreed by Forum Members:

Action: Chairman to apply to CDRP via the Partnership for a Police Support Officer PCO for Hawkinge whose duties are similar to a Warden but has more powers. To Jyotsna Leney at her suggestion. The 2nd 3rd and 4th year will require funding.

Chairman to contact Neil Campbell (KCC planning) to follow up o­n the Safety Forum video contents and requests and actions being pursued. Suggested by Deirdre Ferguson.

Peter Brun (NHW) will arrange for the NHW caravan and some coordinators to man the information table at the Hawkinge Fun Day o­n September 3rd. Suggested by Chris Ashman

The Hawkinge Community Safety Forum will next meet at

The  Hawkinge Partnership Office at 7pm  8th September 2005

All villagers and organisations are invited to bring their safety concerns to the forum.

Signed o­n behalf of HCSF …………………………………………… Chairman