Whose excesses are we talking about?

Contributed by editor on Sep 13, 2005 - 07:49 PM

WHOSE EXCESSES ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?   Re: Where do they get the alcohol?

Dear Ed,

Lazarus wrote :

"I was musing the other day, whilst I cleared up the results of the excesses of the previous night's drinking,"

Clearly the man is still so deep in his cups that he hasn't made it quite clear, if it was his own excesses he was clearing up, or that of his guests.

I think it must have been his own excess, he was talking about about, if he was grumpy in the morn and that morning being such a nice one, plain to all he was suffering from what is known as a hangover!

Then we have something about walking over broken glass, something I believe the American Illusionist David Blane (and a few others I think) has perfected.

I think he is trying to convey a Hogarthian or at best, Dickensian image of our dear little village, with a Gin Mill on every corner (now there's a thought!)

Surely our local Beadle should be informed, or at best some modern day Hogarth to record a series entitled "The Chavs Progress" or perhaps some local paparazzi could capture the scenes and the resulting snaps be published on the pages of this august organ and prizes could be offered to those who could provide the best captions ?

Pass me, me Laudanum!

Finkle have a large swig!