Stolen 'playpit' sand burns danger

Contributed by editor on Sep 09, 2005 - 05:10 PM


Police have issued a warning following the theft of toxic sand from a building site near Ashford last night (8 September).

The lime sand which resembles that used in children's sand pits had been used to fill in petrol tanks at a derelict petrol station ten years ago.

Four tonnes of the sand had been left at the site and stored on plastic sheeting overnight, within the secured and locked compound.

The sand contains numerous toxins and petrol, and will cause irritation and burning if it comes in contact with skin. The sand is very light in colour and very fine.

PC Lee Calver said: “The lime sand used to absorb the petrol in the tanks resembles the sand which is often used in children’s sand pits. We are very concerned that this sand may have already been sold on. If you have been offered sand, or have bought sand which has a distinct petrol smell, contact police in Ashford on 01233 619167 or Environmental Health at Ashford Borough Council on 01233 331111.�