Am I a man or a woman?

Contributed by editor on Jan 07, 2006 - 01:53 PM

AM I A MAN OR A WOMAN? - Hawkinge Acrise and Paddlesworth WI

There was a very good attendance for the first meeting of the year with thirty seven brave souls turning out on a rather unpleasant day. 

After wishing everyone a very Happy New Year, extending birthday greetings to Mesdames Philcox and Quinn and welcoming our youngest ever guest, the grandson of Barbara Newton (who I might add behaved impeccably throughout the afternoon and was a joy to have in attendance), singing Jerusalem and business we got down to the main attraction of the afternoon – “The Yearly Beetle Driveâ€?. 

This causes much confusion and hilarity at first – am I a man or a woman? which way should I go round the tables? - but soon every one settles down and the need to throw a six to “startâ€? took over! It certainly helps to drive away the January blues and lots of laughter can be heard all round, and I’m quite sure there was no cheating!! 

After a rather lengthy time totting up the scores (has anyone got a calculator?) our four winners were announced two with the highest scores and two with the lowest. 

Then it was time for tea and a chance to catch up with friend’s news of the festive season. 

“Bring and Shareâ€? is the order of the day and there was certainly plenty of choice for everyone. The whole afternoon was hugely enjoyable and got the New Year off to a flying start. 

Carole Seabrook won the monthly competition of “A Homemade Festive Hatâ€?. 

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 7th February when Hettie Quinn will be giving us a demonstration of “Flowers in Sugar�. We start at 2pm in the Village Hall so if you are free why not come along and join us. There are many events to participate in throughout the year as well as our monthly meetings. For more information please call the Secretary on 893146.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Linda Barnes