Swimming pool would do the trick

Contributed by editor on Feb 17, 2006 - 09:13 AM


Dear Ed

We're forever getting questionaires about children in Hawkinge having nothing to do and what's been nicked, smashed, set o­n fire etc....

We need to get them off the streets and do something physical to take their minds off vandalism.

We have so much land up here, why not build a swimming pool - not to the size and scale of Dover or Folkestone. You have to admit Folkestone sports centre isn't the nicest.

If it had a few squash courts, 5 a-side football, pool I reckon you would stop 90% of the trouble, and give PC Trevor Moody a break.

I visit the community centre up to 5 times a week - clinic for my baby and the post office.

You never see any kids there, but walk to Tesco's and they're hovering around sitting, standing, o­n bikes, smoking, spitting, swearing, you name it.

My daughter is 11 and is scared to go near Tesco's if they're all there - but get a swimming pool and personally I reckon it will do the trick.

Yes the community centre is nice but it's not enough to get the swines that are around to join in anything.

Everybody loves swimming so this I reckon it is a fab idea.

Hawkinge is a lovely village/town but we need things to occupy people, even parents with younger children would love it. Why go to Folkestone when we can be giving Hawkinge our (life) the money and support, and also it will create more jobs for the couch potatoes.