Standard of new homes falls

Contributed by admin on Mar 30, 2006 - 08:20 AM


People who buy brand new homes are getting a raw deal because of increasing numbers of faults, according to a report out today and homes in Kent top the list of homes with defects.

Research has found that, on average, a new three-bedroom house in 2005 had 84 defects,  a 29 per cent rise on the previous year. 

In some extreme cases, ceilings had collapsed from water leaks, and one developer had sold units as two bedroom properties even though they were only one bedroom with an open mezzanine. 

The study was carried out by Inspector Home - a company that inspects new homes to check for defects - and Glasgow Caledonian University.

Inspector Home says it uncovered confusion amongst buyers over correct standards, and many said they felt pressured into buying a sub-standard home. 

The areas with the highest average number of faults per property were Kent and the South Midlands, while London remained the area with the lowest. Scotland showed the best improvement with a 10 per cent reduction in defects on the previous year's figure.