Graffiti buster busy on the streets

Contributed by editor on Jul 22, 2006 - 12:05 AM


A  new graffiti-busting machine has been out and about in Shepway getting rid of not just unsightly scrawl, but grime and chewing gum.

The machine was bought by Shepway Council in partnership with Ashford Borough Council and clean-ups in Shepway take place very Wednesday and Thursday. It is run by the Probation Service, with offenders o­n community punishment orders given the job of cleaning unsightly graffiti.

Since it started operating at the end of April it has carried out 70 clean-ups, and Shepway District Council hopes that it will continue to make its mark in the keeping the district clean.

Any sort of building or premises that can be safely washed will be tackled - even private premises, where owners will be asked to make a donation towards the running costs of the project.

The machine uses a high-pressure water jet, with hot, cold and steam settings to remove graffiti, grime, grease and chewing gum.

The Shepway Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership contributed towards the cost of the graffiti buster with the most of the money coming through a grant from Kent County Council’s second homes programme from local KCC Councillor, Roland Tolputt.

Cllr Hugh Barker, District Secretary for Community Services said, “The district is already looking cleaner and brighter as the worst examples of graffiti are removed.  It will take time to clean everywhere but we ask residents to continue to report local problems, to help us identify patterns of graffiti and the culprits.  Our partnership with the Probation Service is a great success.”

Graffiti can be reported to [1] or calling 01303 858 660