Hawkinge crime forum to close

Contributed by editor on Sep 15, 2006 - 12:20 AM


Chris Ashman  is resigning as Chairman of the Hawkinge Safety Forum

and the group is to be wound up.

It is hoped the Parish council will set up a group to liaise with villagers, the police and the village

warden which will take its place.

Mr Ashman told the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday (13 September) that the Forum has

"run its course" and now both Tanya Clark, the village warden and PC Trevor Moody both hold weekly surgeries in the village.

Parish Council Chairman David Callahan, thanked Mr Ashman for all his hard work.

Cllr Callahan said he would speak to Cllr Peter Smith, who originally set up the forum to see if he would lead a the Parish Council group to deal with new items raised and to take on the outstanding problems which have been

identified by the safety forum and already passed to the council.