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Quirky news: French have longest manhoods in EU!

Contributed by editor on Dec 02, 2008 - 05:00 AM

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Sacre bleu – it’s not only their baguettes that are the longest!
French men have the lengthiest and thickest penises in the EU, according
to a new study reports

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The research by the 'Institut fuer Kondom-Beratung'
measured penises in their erect state belonging to 10,477 brave
volunteers from all 25 countries in the EU.

It found that on average, a French manhood was 15.48 (6.1 inches)
centimetres long with a girth of 13.63 centimetres (5.4 inches).

And their traditional British rivals across the English Channel will be
spluttering into their tea to discover that their pride and joy comes in
23rd place at 13.32cm (5.2 inches) long and 11.32cm (4.5 inches) around
- only ahead of Ireland and Greece!


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