Folkestone Camera Club meeting - 2 February 2009

Contributed by editor on Feb 11, 2009 - 05:00 AM

Report by Jenny Barraclough

Last week some of our
lady members enthralled us with their work, just to show they are as
good as the men!

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We had a really
enjoyable evening and over 40 members turned out in the cold wintry weather.

Eve Wilson showing us an audio visual of Kashmir, with stunning photographs and
Melanie Chalk presented another audio visual on Sir John Moore, which included a
great deal of research into his life.

Jan McKay showed us how and why she became interested in photography, linking
her work with various artists who have inspired her in the past.

Sue Cowell followed with another audio visual, again with a lot of research, on
Dylan Thomas.

Next week (9th) DAAN EKSTEEN & ALAN MEEK two of our members will be showing


With so many Nepalese
now living among us as citizens of Folkestone, this is an opportunity to view
their homeland and understand something of their culture.


Print Competition No.
4 is on the 16th February, and the Len Charles Cup, where members present up to
12 minutes with up to 15 digital images on a connecting subject, on 23rd
February, will follow this.

In addition to these meetings our monthly audio visual meeting will be on 12th
February and monthly practical evening on 20th. We are also hosting an audio
visual full day workshop on 28th February, open to anyone interested, more
details on our website.

Meetings are held at the St. Georges Church, Audley Road. (on the corner of
Shorncliffe Road, opposite West Station) Folkestone, every Monday at 7.45pm .


New members are always welcome and anyone interested in
joining, please, ring Jenny Barraclough (Press Officer) 01303 245399 or e mail: [1]

for further information. 

Visit our web site at [2]
where you can view many of our members