School drama group to perform at Roundhouse Theatre - (Photo)

Contributed by editor on Feb 22, 2009 - 12:00 AM

By Karol Steele

Dover Grammar School for Boys drama
group will be performing their spring show in the Roundhouse Theatre
in the Dover Discovery Centre at the end of this month.

The cast and crew of the Boy Who Fell Into a book

The Boy Who Boy Who Fell Into a Book tells the story of
nine-year-old Kevin (played by Year 8 student James Coe), an
under-the-sheets, bed-time reader currently engrossed in Rockfist
Slim’s latest pulp detective adventure, Rockfist Slim and The Case
of the Green Shark.

As he reads the story aloud it visually comes to life on stage,
until he falls into the action and meets the hard-boiled detective
Rockfist Slim (experienced local young actor, Year 11 student, Ben
Steele), where he finds himself in a smelting oven with Rockfist,
trapped in the story he was reading. Initially sceptical, Rockfist
agrees to help Kevin get home, if he helps him escape the oven. They
escape only to literally fall into the hands of Rockfist’s enemy
Monique the scary assassin (Jasmin Cox from the Dover Girls Grammar
School) who works for Rockfist’s mysterious nemesis the Green Shark.

As the story progresses Kevin and Rockfist find themselves in the
worlds created by all the books on Kevin's shelf as they flee the
deadly pursuit of Monique, in an attempt to get Kevin home so that
she can finish his book and help Rockfist discover the identity of
the Green Shark.

The show is directed by the school's drama teacher Michael Thomas,
and also features Mr Thomas' daughter Imogen as Little Red Riding
Hood. Other cast members include Conan Harvey, Joshua Edeki, Ethan
Harvey, Gabriel Wadland, Dylan Freestone, Louis Smith, Keiron Neame,
and Harvey Johnson.

Performances will take place in the Roundhouse on 27 and 28
February at 7.30pm; tickets and information are available from the
school office by telephoning 01304 206117.