Canterbury and Dover drugs team set up

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People worried about illegal drug supply in their communities are being urged to report their concerns to Kent Police


Information about drugs across the Canterbury and Dover districts will be fed to the newly-formed Canterbury and Dover Vulnerability Action Team.

The team’s role is to identify and progress community concerns over residential drug use and supply and any anti-social behaviour associated with it.


Team leader Police Constable Chris Birmingham said: 'There is nothing to suggest drugs are any more of a problem in the Canterbury and Dover districts than anywhere else in the county.

‘However we take all illegal drug use and supply extremely seriously and want people worried about drugs in their neighbourhood to tell us so we can take action.

‘Even the smallest snippet of information can help build a picture of drug supply enabling us to apply for a search warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act.’

Police Constable Birmingham said intelligence was key to the team’s success. This could range from information about the cultivation of cannabis to the supply of Class A drugs.

‘There could be an increase in comings and goings at the address, strong smells of cannabis, people loitering in the vicinity or short exchanges between people on the street,’ he said.

‘There could be an increase in anti-social behaviour, violent incidents or shoplifting in the area. All of these can be tell-tale signs of drug use and supply.’

The team, which will work closely with the Dover and Canterbury Community Policing Teams, would also like to hear from anyone suspecting that a cannabis factory may be operating in their area.

Police Constable Birmingham said: ‘Signs of a cannabis factory can include the windows being permanently covered from the inside and visits to the address not matching normal residents’ patterns, that is people calling daily or weekly but only for short periods of time.

Often a pungent smell will emanate from the building. Sometimes this even seeps through walls to adjacent properties.

‘Other signs can include compost bags and other gardening equipment in the garden or close to the back door without any clear indication of normal gardening, or vents protruding from the roof tiles,” he added.

People with information are urged to contact Kent Police on 101 or Kent Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Police Constable Birmingham said: ‘Our message is, if you have concerns please phone us. Every piece of information will help us in our fight against illegal drug use and supply.'

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