One gigawatt power cable to run through Channel Tunnel between Folkestone and France

Contributed by editor on Feb 25, 2017 - 03:00 PM

A major new project to install a one Gigawatt (1000 MW) Direct Current interconnector linking the electricity markets of Britain and France via the Channel Tunnel has just put down its foundations.


The foundation stone of the Folkestone Converter Station was laid this week by Jesse Norman, Minister for Industry and Energy.

The investment in the construction is estimated at approximately €580 million and the ElecLink project will generate approximately 300 new jobs during the construction phase together with ongoing jobs needed for the operations and maintenance throughout the life of the project.

The interconnector will provide enough capacity for more than 1.65 million homes per year, increasing the current Anglo-French exchange capacity by a half, and enhancing the security of electricity supply for industrial and business consumers.


It's understood ElecLink will have a very low environmental impact by making use of the existing Channel Tunnel infrastructure for its cable system, thus avoiding any interference with marine life.


It is also expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 6 million tonnes by enabling demand in Britain and France to be met by the most efficient generating plants.

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