Parky McParkface will NOT be Folkestone recreation ground's new name

Contributed by editor on Feb 27, 2017 - 12:25 PM

Parky McParkface will NOT be a Folkestone recreation ground's new name, when suggestions for the naming of Military Road Recreation Ground close.


Sandgate Parish Council is considering renaming Military Road Recreation Ground to better reflect the improvements which have been, and are to be, carried out to the park and to highlight its value as a community asset to the whole village.

The park has previously been named Chichester Park, and other suggestions from a previous exercise to rename included Golden Park and Field of Dreams. Councillors also suggested Sandgate Park: but perhaps you have a much better name!

The council now asking for any other nominations for a new name to be put to a community vote in late March / early April.

To suggest a new name please email [1]  or visit Sandgate library and speak to them.

All suggestions will be considered by Sandgate Council and a shortlist, which will include as an option the current Military Road Recreation Ground will then be put forward to the community vote.

Suggestions that are obviously offensive or unacceptable (Shepway District Council have to accept the final name) won't make it to the shortlist.

For the avoidance of doubt that includes Parky McParkface – sorry!

Closing date 10th March 2016.

more news [2]

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