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Road safety: A20 speed limit between Folkestone and Dover blamed for traffic increase through villages - Have your say!

Contributed by editor on Mar 20, 2017 - 05:55 PM

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There are claims that the A20 speed restrictions between Folkestone and Dover are 'almost certainly' responsible for a spike in traffic and speeding through the Alkham Valley.


Parish Councillor, Geoff Hillier, reported that speed watches on the Valley Road through Alkham had been carried out in January and February and showed that a proportion of drivers are exceeding the speed limit.


A traffic count at peak times, both morning and evening, took place and around 790 vehicles were recorded on each occasion.


In 2010 the traffic count was 558.


The figures indicate there has been a 40% increase in traffic.


The Alkham Newsletter claims it is 'almost certainly' due to the 40mph speed restrictions on the A20 to Dover.




Geoff Hillier writes: "Following concerns with the volume and speed of traffic on the Alkham Valley Road the group now want your views on the current traffic situation.


"The Questionnaire is the first step in collecting the concerns of the people of Alkham. Everyone is asked to respond, not just the head of the household.


"It can be completed online by following the link  or the paper version can be completed and returned to the Parish Council by placing it in the ‘Parish Council Suggestion Box’ located outside the Village Hall.


"Responses via the internet are preferred. If more than one person in the household wishes to respond, then photo copy the Questionnaire as many times as needed for each respondent to complete or alternatively they can respond via the internet.


"The cut- off date for responses is the 16th April 2017.


"In due course, upon analysing the responses, further work will be done on collecting traffic information in order to reach a series of suggested solutions as to what measures we consider practical that should be applied to calm traffic along the Alkham Valley Road and through the village.


"At that stage a further Questionnaire will be circulated to seek your views on the suggested solutions"


Source Courtesy of Alkham Newsletter


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