What to Do After Getting Engaged

Contributed by editor on Nov 07, 2019 - 11:35 PM

That feeling of butterflies in your stomach after you have said yes to marrying your other half is probably unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

However, in most cases, people are not expecting to be popped the question right there and then. Therefore, chances are you now have half a million different thoughts running around your head about what to do next.

Luckily for you, this guide has whittled that list of half a million different things down to five of the most important things you should do after getting engaged.

Tell family and friends

Before you do anything, you need to tell your family and friends about your news. Letting your closest loved ones know about your engagement before you announce it on social media will mean much more to them. It also means you can have a little celebration of your own that gives you a chance to enjoy yourself! Once they know, you can go ahead and tell the rest of the world that you are engaged.

Ring Resize

Although your other half will be desperately hoping that they picked out the right size ring for you, quite often, the band is either too small or too big. This can be a huge disappointment to many, so make sure this is one thing that is sorted quickly. Head down to your local jewellers and seek out the necessary adjustments that need to be made to the ring so that you can proudly wear it on your finger.


Next comes one of the most important aspects where it concerns your ring and that is insurance! Like most things in your life, insurance is in place to cover you if you were to face any problems, such as a house break-in or car accident. Having a policy in place to cover your ring is now just as important as protecting your house and car because this is usually a big investment for many. Knowing that you are covered if you were to lose the ring or it was stolen, or even if it was damaged will put both of your minds at ease.

Seek Out Advice

You are likely to be very excited in the days that follow your engagement and keen to start planning your wedding. Getting organised early is great and can keep the buzz of the engagement still fresh in your mind. To avoid being overwhelmed, however, it would benefit you to seek out advice online. Turning to resources such as WeddingWOWFactor will ensure that you start your wedding planning off on the right foot. They offer helpful tips and ideas on choosing a dress, venue, and honeymoon destinations all in one place.


To make sure that your wedding planning doesn’t get out of control too quickly, it is crucial that you settle on a budget sooner rather than later after you get engaged. Sit down with your partner and discuss what is a reasonable amount of money to spend on the wedding. Deciding this early on can help with making advanced bookings for venues and catering, and means you can then start putting any ideas you have researched into place.

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