Steam train 'Mayflower' replaced by diesel to haul Kent excursion train through Kent PLEASE SEE UPDATE

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Mayflower at Folkestone West Station  Photo: Ray Duff


By Ray Duff

The latest steam locomotive hauled train excursion due to run twice through Kent on Tuesday 3 December is to be hauled by a diesel locomotive after 'Mayflower' broke down. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO COMMENTS FOR LATEST INFO


The organisers, Steam Dreams, have arranged a trip headed by former LNER B1 loco 61306 'Mayflower' starting from Borough Green and Wrotham around 0815am, and then via Maidstone East (0835) and then passing Ashford International to Folkestone West (stops circa 0935 to collect passengers) on the Down Platform.

From Folkestone the excursion is due to run via Dover Priory to a short stop at Canterbury East (1015) before running via Faversham and Rainham and on to London and then Windsor.

The return trip is by much the same route, though it may be hauled by the Class 47 Diesel attendant with the train, but the West Coast Railways period carriages will still be used.


It is due through Kent between 2018, stopping briefly at Borough Green, and then via Maidstone East (2025), Ashford Intl (2119), Folkestone West (2139), Dover Priory, Canterbury East (stops 2215) and then via Faversham and Rainham back to London.

NB: The above timings are currently 'approximate' as shown on the Steam Dreams website. [1]

For scheduled timings see the [2]  website, click on '2019 tours' and then scroll right down to the date and click on 'Timings'. People can also follow the progress of the excursion on the same site and see where the excursion will stop for longer to take on water.

Upcoming steam excursion through Kent

The final 2019 steam excursion through Kent; also organised by Steam Dreams; departing London Victoria around 1200 midday, is again due to be hauled by 60306 Mayflower, and set to run on Friday 20 December with a possible stop for water at Folkestone West on the return section, but this is to be confirmed.

more news [3]
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