Kent Police ready to seize bikes and fine antisocial bikers in June crackdown

Contributed by editor on May 31, 2020 - 12:30 PM


Antisocial bikers in Medway are warned that they risk having their bikes seized by Kent Police if they are found riding in an irresponsible way.

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Since 23 March 2020 officers across the towns have seized seven off-road bikes and issued 21 warnings to people caught riding in an antisocial manner.

Alongside causing a nuisance to other members of the public, motorists riding in a dangerous manner risk causing serious injury to themselves and innocent people.

Over the next month officers from the Medway Community Safety Unit will be carrying out regular, enhanced patrols to areas that are known to be affected by people riding on private, or public, land and using vehicles that are not legal for use on the roads.

The officers will be seeking to educate and remind people of their responsibilities to ride safely but will not hesitate to use the full remit of their powers to prevent the risk of serious injury or antisocial behaviour taking place.

Inspector Mat Burbeck, from the Medway Community Safety Unit, said: ‘Riding an off-road bike in an antisocial and dangerous manner carries an inherent risk of sustaining a serious injury and that is something we are determined to avoid.

‘A large number of people riding these vehicles are young and I would encourage parents to remind their children of the need to ride safely and legally. Failure to follow the most basic principles of safe riding risks serious injury, a hefty financial penalty and a possible criminal record.

‘We are also not blind to the disproportionate impact nuisance behaviour, which is caused by a very small group of people, has on the wider community.

‘I want to reassure residents that we are committed to ensuring Medway remains an area everyone can enjoy and we will be taking action when an offender comes to our attention. This action can include seizing bikes, issuing warnings and, in extreme circumstances, making an arrest.

‘It is also really important that we are provided with an accurate picture on issues affecting a particular community and I would encourage anyone affected by anti-social behaviour to make a report through our website or by calling 101.’

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