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Politics: Howard's Way comes to the end of the road

Contributed by editor on Apr 08, 2010 - 09:14 AM

Howards Way [3]

Howard's Way.... a weekly column from the Rt. Hon. Michael Howard QC. MP.

8 April 2010

This will be the last of the weekly articles I have written for this newspaper since I became your Member of Parliament nearly 27 years ago.

It has been a long innings with many high points and a few lows. I have been sustained throughout that period by the support of my family.

But the thing that Sandra and I have valued most is the warmth of the friendship we have been lucky enough to enjoy from you, the people of Folkestone and Hythe. That has never wavered and it has greatly enhanced the privilege of serving you as your representative in the House of Commons.

I am often asked what I have enjoyed most in my parliamentary career. The truth is that what has given me the greatest satisfaction has been the help that I have been able to give those of you who have written to me about your problems or brought them to me at the advice centres I have faithfully held every fortnight.

Of course I have not been able to help everyone. As I have frequently told those of you who came to my advice centres I have not been able to wave a magic wand. There have been all too many problems I have been unable to solve. But I have always tried my best and it is the times when I have been able to get bureaucracy, both national and local, to change its mind and to right some wrong that has given me the greatest satisfaction.

We are fortunate enough to live in one of the most beautiful parts of our country. I used to describe it as one of England’s best kept secrets. It is certainly a part of the country which has seen many changes in the last 27 years. Hopefully it is now becoming much better known.

I certainly love it and Sandra and I hope to carry on living here.

And we will always be grateful for the welcome we received when we first arrived all those years ago and the friendliness we have enjoyed since.

So thank you for all that. Thank you, too, for giving me the opportunity to serve you.

I wish my successor the very best of fortune. There is no better constituency to represent.

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