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Council gets together with Folkestone Nepalese community to improve understanding

Contributed by editor on Apr 30, 2017 - 09:25 AM


This week has seen two events to improve understanding between the local council and the Nepalese community.


New plans for huge Hawkinge Care Home (Drawing)

Contributed by editor on Feb 26, 2009 - 09:13 PM

New plans for a 112 suite Care Home off Hurricane Drive in Hawkinge have been submitted to Shepway District Council.


The building has a contemporary layout and includes a gymnasium, small cinema, restaurant, and medical facilities. It has parking for 55 vehicles.

Click to see the documents for the full application


Parrot kicked out of football match for mimicking refs whistle

Contributed by editor on Jan 24, 2009 - 05:00 AM

Referee Gary Bailey was forced to eject a large green parrot from among the spectators after the bird, who had been brought along by its lady owner, began imitating the ref's whistle during the second half of a game between Hatfield Town and Hertford Heath.

Bailey says he had never encountered a situation quite like it.

He quickly grew tired of the unofficial whistle sounding, leaving both players and spectators unsure what was going on. Hatfield went on to triumph 5-2 in extra time.

"The players all stopped so I had to ask her to move the parrot. It was bizarre. The crowd were all laughing. Looking back I should have made far more of it and got out my red card to show to the parrot," said Bailey.



Police charge man over attacks on women

Contributed by editor on Nov 24, 2008 - 03:06 PM

Police have charged a man over two attacks on women who were walking alone at Greatstone on Romney Marsh.

A man from Littlestone, faces two charges of common assault and is due to appear at Folkestone Magistrates' Court on Tuesday (25 November).

Two women were attacked in the Grand Parade, in the Greatstone area of New Romney, on 14 and 15 November.

Councillor duped by Status Quo trickster

Contributed by editor on Nov 14, 2008 - 08:43 AM

A trickster duped a Dover Councillor into providing free meals and it was claimed, obtained trips in the Mayor's limo after pretending to be Francis Rossi from the top rock band, Status Quo.

According to press reports, the man,  who wanted to remain incognito and called himself 'Graham', was wined and dined by fellow councillors after promising he would perform free at their festival.

He claimed his 'pals' Sir Paul McCartney, Charlotte Church and Brian May from Queen would also be there.

He first tricked 67-year-old Cllr Vic Matcham who later lost his seat on the Town Council.

For almost a year he was reportedly treated to trips in the Mayor’s limousine, slap-up meals and even attended a VIP event at Dover Castle.

He judged the floats at the town's annual carnival parade although he was not wearing a pony tail.

When asked why Rossi’s trademark ponytail was missing, he said: “I can’t grow my hair long any more. A fake one is stuck on three hours before a gig.”

But 'Graham' was rumbled after his star 'pals' didn’t turn up for the gig and the trickster fled the town.

Dover's town clerk Mike Webb said: 'No council expenditure was spent on this man. A former Dover councillor appears to have been conned who was acting in an unauthorised way and never with the backing of the council.'

Harbour Board 'running roughshod over the interests of their employees'

Contributed by editor on Nov 13, 2008 - 01:00 AM

The Prosser Perspective.... a weekly column from Dover and Deal MP Gwyn

13 November 2008

My first contact with the Port of Dover was way back in 1979 when
I joined Sealink Ferries and it was very different to what we have
today. The port’s capacity was a fraction of what it is now, there
were no cruise liners and security was almost non existent.

During the eighties I got to know the Board a lot better when the
proposed Channel Tunnel threatened the future of the port. The
trades unions worked in harmony with the bosses of DHB and others to
oppose the Channel Tunnel Bill and a get a better deal for Dover.

Gwyneth Dunwoody MP, who was a champion of the Transport & General
Workers Union (now known as UNITE T&G) visited Dover and met with
Board members and port workers and supported our joint campaign.

I was a Parliamentary Agent and became the co-ordinator of that
campaign when the Bill reached the House of Lords and I was well
placed to see how effective and productive our joint efforts were in
modifying the final form of the Channel Tunnel Act.

This joint working was typical of the way DHB has operated in the
past and even during the days when the T&G had a closed shop
agreement in the port, the two sides were civilised enough to sit
down together and negotiate sensible settlements and this is how it
should be – especially in a publicly owned trust post which has the
obligation to consider the well-being of the town and the

During the nineties the Conservative Government wanted to remove
Dover’s trust status and sell it off to the highest bidder using
their privatisation legislation. My Labour colleagues, supported by
port employees and with the acquiescence of DHB, campaigned hard to
keep the port public - and then along came the 1997 General Election
which put Labour into power and scuppered the Tory privatisation

However, the pressure to privatise has not gone away and as recently
as 2005 the Dover & Deal Conservative Association went into the
General Election with the pledge that if they won the election they
would indeed privatise Dover.

It’s very sad that DHB’s proud history of good industrial relations
is being sullied by the unilateral action of the current Board who
are running roughshod over the interests of their employees,
throwing down the gauntlet and refusing to negotiate.

When attending Remembrance Services on Sunday it was gratifying to
meet so many people who shared my support for the port workers
stance and were appalled by the way DHB were behaving and in
particular they were appalled by their refusal to meet with UNITE
for meaningful negotiations.

It’s just not good enough for the Chief Executive to say he’s
willing to consult. When your job is up for grabs and your pension
is in jeopardy you don’t want to be consulted on how much you are
going to lose - you want to negotiate on the decision that’s
threatening your future.

How to get help with your heating bills

Contributed by editor on Nov 06, 2008 - 12:00 AM

Howard's Way.... a weekly
column from the Rt. Hon. Michael Howard QC. MP. 

6 November 2008


At a recent meeting at the House of Commons with representatives of
Shepway’s pensioners, the suggestion was made that I use one of my
columns in this newspaper to tell people how they can get help with
their heating bills.

It seemed to me a very good suggestion, so here

It perhaps goes without saying that the steep increase in these bills
has caused many people great hardship. So it is particularly important
that those who need help know how to get it.

And there is no doubt that such help is available.

For example, 55,000 households are presently on EDF’s Assist Tariff,
open to customers who spend 10 percent or more of their income on energy
or who receive certain benefits.

N Power operates a First Step scheme for vulnerable customers, which
offers a 20 percent discount off the standard rate.

Other companies have different schemes.

So here are the numbers to ring: EDF Energy Trust Fund, 01733 421 021; N
Power, 0845 166 3535; British Gas Energy Trust, 0845 850 2207; EON, 0800
051 1480.

But the help available doesn’t stop there.

If your property needs insulation and you are in receipt of certain
benefits you may be able to get money from the Government’s Warm Front
grants scheme. Up to £2,700, or £4,000 if your home needs central
heating, is available.

To find out if you are eligible you can call Eaga Partnership, the Warm
Front scheme manager on freephone 0800 316 6011 or textphone 0800 072

I do very much hope that this information will help you get the help you

'Credit munch’ meals giveaway at East Kent pub

Contributed by editor on Oct 24, 2008 - 07:00 AM

An East Kent pub is giving away food in a bid to get customers back
into the bar — in a deal called “credit munch”.

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Bull Inn licensee, Charlie Gibbons is offering free
meals between 5.00pm and 7.30pm in an effort to beat the credit crunch.

At his Eastry pub near Dover, four dishes will be on the menu —
lasagne, cottage pie, fish pie and cauliflower cheese although only 12 meals are
being given away free during the trial period.

The Morning Advertiser reported that it costs Mr Gibbons about £1 a head to provide the homemade food, but
he estimated bar sales increased by £200 in the first week of the

“Of course, the hope is that they will buy a drink, but if they don’t
want to, they still get the food,” Charlie explained to the pub trade's 'favourite' newspaper.


Stagecoach respond to overcrowding with relief coach

Contributed by editor on Sep 30, 2008 - 08:00 AM

Dear Editor,


Bus service is failing passengers

I am pleased to report that Stagecoach Buses have now responded to the
overcrowding problems on the no 16

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A relief bus was provided at 8.08 this morning but I suspect that it is a case
of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted as far fewer passengers
were at the stop than in previous weeks and the relief bus was empty.

Presumably these passengers are driving/being driven by car.

What a shame the situation could not have been addressed sooner.

Wendy Dowden


Affordable housing for Swingfield parishioners proposed

Contributed by editor on Sep 14, 2008 - 08:45 AM

Swingfield Parish Council working in conjunction with Town and Country Housing Group and Shepway District Council, is inviting local people to a public consultation day at Selsted Primary School Community Hall, Stockham Lane, Selsted on Tuesday, 16th Sept between 5pm and 8pm

It will give residents the opportunity to look at and discuss proposals for a new *affordable residential development of 6 houses and bungalows at Robert's Corner in Swingfield.

There will be an opportunity to meet representatives from the Parish Council, Churchill Hui Architects and  the Town and Country Housing Group.

Town and Country Housing provide around 7,000 affordable homes in 22 local authority areas in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and South London.

NOTE:- *Affordable housing is restricted to Swingfield parishioners.

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