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Pier's golden anniversary will light up the sky

Contributed by editor on Nov 14, 2007 - 09:45 PM

The 50th anniversary of Deal Pier is being celebrated in style with free events for the all the family on Thursday 22 November - including a spectacular fireworks display on the pier and a special exhibition marking its 50 years history.

Events to celebrate the pier’s golden anniversary are being organised to combine with the Christmas lights switching on in Deal. They will feature a photographic exhibition on the pier from 9am-5pm, and a special fireworks display from the pier from 8pm.

Deal’s present pier was opened by the Duke of Edinburgh on 19 November 1957. The pier is 1026 feet long and was designed by Sir W Halcrow and Partners. It is well used by visitors and local residents and is internationally recognised as an angling venue.

While celebrating its history, negotiations are underway with the selected tenderer for works for the future, with exciting works on the pier-end café bar. It is anticipated work will commence on site in February/March 2008 and that the new café will be opened to the public in August/September 2008.


Shopping Mall to open on 26 November

Contributed by editor on Nov 14, 2007 - 09:35 PM

Howard's Way.... a weekly column from the Rt. Hon. Michael Howard QC. MP. 

15 November 2007


Memories are short. Last Friday we were beset by flood warnings. The Environment Agency said that the North Sea surge would work its way down the East Coast and that we, in the South eastern corner of the country, were at risk.

Fortunately these forebodings were not fulfilled. But my first call on Friday morning was on Alistair Stewart, the Chief Executive of Shepway District Council, to ask whether we were as fully prepared as we could be. I was assured that we were. Obviously, even on this occasion, it is essential that we are ready to deal with what the elements may throw at us.

Next stop was Folkestone Post Office to meet some of those who, like me, are campaigning against its move to WH Smith and against the proposed closure of other Post Offices in our area. I was presented with a bumper petition which I forwarded to the Post Office – whose consultation exercise ended that day – on Monday.

I was then taken on a tour of the Town Centre development which, I was assured, is on course to open on November 26. I was excited by what I saw and am confident that this will make a really big difference to Folkestone.

After that I attended the AGM of Carers’ Support, an excellent organisation which helps and supports the many carers, of all ages, who are doing such a magnificent job in our community.

I then went to Dymchurch where Damian Collins, the Prospective Conservative Candidate for the constituency and I listened to the concerns of local farmers, both about the failure of the Environment Agency to maintain the vital drainage ditches on Romney Marsh and about the extreme difficulties they face as a result of the restrictions on their ability to move animals. I shall be putting these concerns to the Agency and DEFRA.

Sunday, of course, was Remembrance Day. This year Sandra and I went to Hythe where a large number of residents gathered at the War Memorial to pay our annual tribute to those who have made, and continued to make, such enormous sacrifices on our behalf. It was, as ever deeply moving. The debt we owe is enormous. We must never forget.


I question accuracy of survey

Contributed by editor on Nov 14, 2007 - 05:09 PM

Dear Editor,

Re: Survey shows local people would rather fly from Lydd than London

I would like to question the accuracy of this article.

The referendum held on the position of the airport gave the following results.

"Lydd residents voted 741 in favour and 916 against, while in New Romney 396 were in favour and 1,288 against".

What was the number of people polled and where were they? I now live on the marsh and did not get questionnaire.

Come on Lydd airport marketing team, confess on the basis of this report and don't mislead the local people.



Sports centre needs your vote

Contributed by editor on Nov 13, 2007 - 07:39 PM

Make a difference and vote for the Folkestone Sports Centre.

That's the message from Chris Kirkham of the Friends of the Centre as the time draws closer to the People's Millions competition.

Ninety grants of £80,000 are up for grabs, including awards to the most popular runners-up in each ITV region.

The awards will fund projects that aim to make a difference in their community from creating an urban nature reserve, a wildlife garden or play area to clearing up an over grown waterway or vandalised community building.

Chris said:  "Winning 'The People's Millions' competition would enable the Trust to bring more Children's Fun Exercise activities to Folkestone, to help get our young people fit and healthy for their future – loads of great fun too"

Click on the picture to vote or watch Meridian news on 27 November.

Survey shows local people would rather fly from Lydd than London

Contributed by editor on Nov 13, 2007 - 09:29 AM

London Ashford Airport at Lydd is claiming widespread support from local people and businesses for new air routes.

The airport is awaiting a decision from Shepway District Council on two planning applications; a 294m extension to the runway, and a new passenger terminal building capable of handling 500,000 passengers a year.

Leah Taylor, on behalf of the airport, is reported in a local newspaper saying: "Responding to new research carried out by the airport's marketing team, the majority of those surveyed said they would prefer to fly from a smaller regional airport such as Lydd, where passengers can check in just 30 minutes before departure, than travel from a busy London airport.

"The survey asked people to name the domestic and European destinations they would most like to fly to from Lydd. Paris and Jersey came top of the list, along with Dublin and Amsterdam, while the UK domestic routes in most demand included Newcastle, Exeter, Manchester and Edinburgh.

"Typical holiday destinations such as Malaga, the Canary Islands and Alicante also proved popular.

"We conducted the survey to give residents and businesses the chance to have their say on the destinations they fly to most frequently, and whether or not they feel it's important to have commercial air services available from Lydd. The questionnaire was also available online and proved just as popular as the postal survey."

The airport's managing director, Zaher Deir, said "This enthusiastic response shows there is a huge demand for air travel services in this region. We're in talks with a number of commercial airline operators and the opinions of local travellers are critical in helping us to provide the kind of services and routes that will benefit them the most."

Residents and businesses can add their comments and put forward their preferred destinations.

If you'd like to take part in the survey, contact LAA's Public Relations Executive, Jo Oliver, on 01797 322463 to request a copy or email



Plan for 1,000 homes turned down

Contributed by editor on Nov 12, 2007 - 09:18 PM

Plans for 1,000 homes to be built on a former quarry site in Hythe have been turned down by the town council.

The council rejected the application to build a huge estate at Nickolls Quarry near the town.

It said it is concerned about a lack of road infrastructure, flooding and the impact on wildlife.

A final decision will be taken by Shepway District Council.



Churchill School run could cost parents £60

Contributed by editor on Nov 12, 2007 - 07:54 PM

The first day of the new parking restrictions at The Churchill School saw a mixed reception this morning, but a spokesman said that there was support from about 80% of parents.

Signs have been erected around the school and for anyone who ignores the rules there is a £60 fine.

Traffic congestion has always been a bugbear at the beginning and end of the school day and the Governors have been forced to bring in the measures to protect children from road hazards, and allow pedestrians access without blocked crossing points.

In a letter addressed to parents, David McKivett, Chair of Governors said: "This is our last option before considering a full ban on vehicle access to the school site and we hope that you will assist us in providing a safe environment for our children."

They are concerned that the parking was obstructing deliveries to and from school and could prevent access for the emergency services.

The Governors are particularly keen to stop parents, parking in the staff car park and ensuring that disabled spaces are not used by non disabled vehicles.

They also want to stop parking on the yellow and zigzag crossing lines within the school and in the pick up and drop off points.

Mr. McKivett said: "The school has a walking bus, a walk on Wednesday scheme and, unlike most other schools, has negotiated free parking for as long as you like just across the road at Lidl’s where there are plenty of spaces.

"We have tried a variety of ways to enforce safe parking, but it is clear that this has not worked. The school does not have facilities to offer public parking, and there are real concerns, highlighted in a recent health and safety audit, that unless action is taken someone will be injured. In these circumstances we have no choice but to take action.

"As more than 90% of our families live within 800m of the school, the Governors have instructed the business manager to enforce the parking restrictions.

"On Monday 12th of November, enforcement signs will be clearly displayed around the school. The consequences of unauthorised parking will be very clear. If there is a breach then a warning will be left on the offending car windscreen. The registration will be recorded. Any subsequent violation will result in a parking charge being made. This will be enforced by the UK Parking Enforcement Agency.

"Members of staff may from time to time issue friendly reminders if they believe that you are about to park without authority. Please remember that they are trying to save you incurring a parking charge. All charges once issued will be enforced."



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