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Churchill School run could cost parents £60

Contributed by editor on Nov 12, 2007 - 07:54 PM

The first day of the new parking restrictions at The Churchill School saw a mixed reception this morning, but a spokesman said that there was support from about 80% of parents.

Signs have been erected around the school and for anyone who ignores the rules there is a £60 fine.

Traffic congestion has always been a bugbear at the beginning and end of the school day and the Governors have been forced to bring in the measures to protect children from road hazards, and allow pedestrians access without blocked crossing points.

In a letter addressed to parents, David McKivett, Chair of Governors said: "This is our last option before considering a full ban on vehicle access to the school site and we hope that you will assist us in providing a safe environment for our children."

They are concerned that the parking was obstructing deliveries to and from school and could prevent access for the emergency services.

The Governors are particularly keen to stop parents, parking in the staff car park and ensuring that disabled spaces are not used by non disabled vehicles.

They also want to stop parking on the yellow and zigzag crossing lines within the school and in the pick up and drop off points.

Mr. McKivett said: "The school has a walking bus, a walk on Wednesday scheme and, unlike most other schools, has negotiated free parking for as long as you like just across the road at Lidl’s where there are plenty of spaces.

"We have tried a variety of ways to enforce safe parking, but it is clear that this has not worked. The school does not have facilities to offer public parking, and there are real concerns, highlighted in a recent health and safety audit, that unless action is taken someone will be injured. In these circumstances we have no choice but to take action.

"As more than 90% of our families live within 800m of the school, the Governors have instructed the business manager to enforce the parking restrictions.

"On Monday 12th of November, enforcement signs will be clearly displayed around the school. The consequences of unauthorised parking will be very clear. If there is a breach then a warning will be left on the offending car windscreen. The registration will be recorded. Any subsequent violation will result in a parking charge being made. This will be enforced by the UK Parking Enforcement Agency.

"Members of staff may from time to time issue friendly reminders if they believe that you are about to park without authority. Please remember that they are trying to save you incurring a parking charge. All charges once issued will be enforced."



Care home plans take a step forward

Contributed by editor on Nov 11, 2007 - 09:59 PM

The proposed care home on the so called 'employment land' in Hawkinge will take a further step forward later this month.

The outline application shows around 80 bedrooms and 32 suites of extra care accommodation together with parking, a new vehicle access and estate road.

Outline Planning Permission for the complex in Hurricane Way, has been submitted to Shepway District Council, and the Development Control committee will consider the application on 20th November 2007.

North Downs East District councillor David Godfrey has written to the council to show his support for the application.

The care home would be sited close to the proposed doctors surgery.

More details can be found here


Hawkinge bus stops

Contributed by editor on Nov 11, 2007 - 09:37 PM

Dear Editor,

Re:- Council have ignored complaints over Hawkinge bus stop

Hope you have better luck than with the bus stop in Swann Way.

After complaints about the mud there the kerb was lowered, and a small tarmaced area was laid.

It was just a pity it was not where the bus stop is, but further down the road!





Council have ignored complaints over Hawkinge bus stop

Contributed by editor on Nov 11, 2007 - 03:43 PM

Dear Editor,

I have contacted Shepway Council about the state of the 'bus stop off area' in The Street, Hawkinge.

It consists of a single post and a patch of mud for passengers to step into.

I have pointed out the health and safety issues and also that drivers use a private driveway to off load their customers.

Up to now no response has been received and they appear not to be interested in the local environment unless they can charge you for it without too much complaint.

Barry Johnson

Editor's comment :- I have contacted Shepway District Councillor David Godfrey to ask him to look into the problems you highlighted.


Surfers hauled up cliffs to safety

Contributed by editor on Nov 10, 2007 - 10:44 PM

Rescue teams where scrambled to save three stranded wind surfers during yesterday's tidal surge (9 November) which hit the East coast of Kent.

The surfers were clinging to rocks on the cliff face in Joss Bay, Broadstairs, during the storm surge.

Dover Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) sent Margate Coastguard Rescue Team and Ramsgate Inshore and All Weather Lifeboats to the scene. Police Helicopter QH99 was also scrambled to the bay to assist.

The weather at the time of the incident was described as force six winds, with large waves and lots of spray. When the lifeboats arrived on the scene it became apparent that these strong winds had forced not one but three stranded surfers onto the rocks.

Because of the rough tides in the bay, the lifeboats were unable to safely reach the surfers. The Police helicopter was not equipped to lift the surfers from the cliffs and so provided an invaluable surveillance role in the incident, also using its tannoy to warn surfers of the dangers in the area and keep them clear of the beach.

Deal and Margate Cliff Coastguard Rescue Teams were rushed to the cliffs to help in the rescue and brought two of the casualties safely to the top of the cliffs. The third casualty was able to walk around the cliffs back to shore.

Luckily all of the surfers are said to be safe and well and did not require medical assistance.

Pete Legg, Senior Watch Manager at Dover Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre said: "Due to the nature of the sport moderate offshore winds are ideal weather conditions for surfers and Joss Bay is a popular location for this. What we would advise however is that surfers check the weather conditions before they go out, and always stay within their comfort zones and capabilities.

"On this occasion the sea was too rough even for the lifeboat to make a rescue, and we were lucky that there were not injuries sustained in this incident as the rocks can be very treacherous. The member of the public who made the 999 call was absolutely right to do so as the surfers were in need of rescue and we would advise anyone who sees anything similar or gets into trouble on the water to do the same; dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard."


Clothing collections may not be going to charity

Contributed by editor on Nov 10, 2007 - 10:26 PM

If you are leafleted for donations of clothes, please be sure that they are going to registered charities.

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) have reported that the clothing companies are out and about and are not collecting for charities in the third world but are collecting purely for their own gain.

This is the message from NHW which is asking  that the notices dropped through your door are dumped in the recycling bin.

They ask that your elderly and vulnerable neighbours are made aware and remind them that when they open the door, not only to these people, but whenever they open their door they only do so with the security chain or bolt in place.

Village snippets - 10 November 2007

Contributed by editor on Nov 10, 2007 - 10:11 PM

Compiled by Tony Hutt

Art classes

Art classes are held every Monday morning at The Hawkinge Village Hall 9.15am to 11-30am. Expert tuition for all levels by Rosemary & Graham Fenton. Tuition, refreshments and a warm welcome all for only £3. Come along and see what you can do.

Remembrance Sunday

Armistice Sunday 11th November 2007 at St Luke’s Church. Hawkinge. Service of Remembrance, thanksgiving and hope. 10-45 am.

Bereavement Service

A Bereavement Service will be held at St Luke’s Church Hawkinge, 18th November 2007. 3pm-3-45pm. You are warmly invited to this annual short service of reflection for those, or friends of those who have suffered loss or sadness.

Craft club

Hawkinge and Swingfield Craft Club, with Hilary and Trisha every 1st and  3rd Tuesday in the month at St Luke’s Church , Hawkinge, 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Come and see what you can do. Tuition, refreshments and a warm welcome, all for £1.

Quilters display

The vast number of people who attended The Hawkinge Community Centre last Saturday, were treated to a magnificent display of Quilting, Needlework and Paintings that had been made and placed on show by the highly talented crafts people from the Hawkinge and District art and craft club’s. During the day a quilt made by members of the Quilting club was raffled and the proceeds of that raffle were donated to The Kent Air Ambulance.


It really doesn't bode well for Hawkinge

Contributed by editor on Nov 09, 2007 - 04:38 PM

Dear Editor,

Re:Date set for Hawkinge Parish Council poll to fill vacancies

Hopefully, for Hawkinge, commonsense is at last prevailing.

This now gives those with criminal convictions the opportunity to do the decent thing and retire from the Parish Council.

I am not at all certain how a convicted criminal has the audacity to believe that they are a right
and proper person to a) be a councillor and b) continue to sit on a financial committee.

How can the electorate trust such a person?

It also beggars belief that a fellow councillor supported the said criminal.

It really doesn't bode well for Hawkinge, but as I said, hopefully between now and 10th January 2008 commonsense will prevail and the New Year will bring sensible new resolutions.


The past comes alive in Folkestone

Contributed by editor on Nov 08, 2007 - 10:28 PM

Remembrance Day will be commemorated at Folkestone Library with an interactive history experience which will encourage local residents to discover artefacts from the past.

Two new 'multi-media mobile history displays' - mobile interactive displays showing Folkestone during the first and second world war, containing books, historical artefacts and information packs will form the centre piece of a display in Folkestone Library. People will be able to see and handle objects and find out about the work of the local bomb disposal squad.

The history carts will be just some of the resources available in the new History Resource Centre. The Centre will provide people with a unique visitor experience allowing them to get up close and personal with historical objects. In the present museum only a small proportion of the collection, approximately 200 items are on display. The new resource centre will make more than 1,000 items accessible to visitors. Many artefacts previously held behind the scenes in stores, will be on display for the first time.

Parts of the natural history collection that are not from the local area will be transferred to other Kent museums for specialist restoration work and display. Natural history items that are relevant to the town, such as a large number of fish fossils will be retained in the History Resource Centre and displayed for the first time.

KCC Cabinet Member for Community Services Mike Hill said: "The new History Resource Centre will encourage people of all ages to explore the extensive collections at their own pace and take part in a unique learning experience. Family groups and school children in particular will be able to engage with the items on display and be inspired by their local history and the stories from the past that shaped their town."

Visitors to the Centre will also be able to try their hand at composing poetry, test their knowledge about the early history of our planet and find out more about the important role that Folkestone played in world history. The multi-media carts will also be available for use by community groups outside the library and Resource Centre.

Local people can get involved in the development of the History Resource Centre by contacting Jan Rudolph at Folkestone Library on 01303 242907or email

Pigeon Droppings - 8 November 2007

Contributed by editor on Nov 08, 2007 - 08:10 PM

Purge on  Pigeons by parish council

The Pigeon

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