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Sculpture looked 'more like pile of old plastic bottles stuck together with glue and string'

Contributed by editor on Nov 08, 2007 - 10:27 AM

The Prosser Perspective.... a weekly column from Dover and Deal MP Gwyn Prosser

8 November 2007


I can’t believe that yet another parliamentary year has come and gone. The gap between the two sessions allows MPs a few extra precious days in their constituencies and I used the long weekend to do some extra advise surgeries, make a couple of school visits, support some local campaigns and start preparing my response to the Post Office closure program.

After my Saturday street stall in Dover I visited Biggin Hall where organisers of the William Doolin Fund were raising cash for research into medulloblastoma – a particularly aggressive form of brain tumour that commonly inflicts young children. Ten year old William was a keen sports enthusiast and a loyal supporter of Dover Athletic when he tragically died of this cruel disease last year. I never had the privilege of knowing William but I know his mother, Maureen and her family and I know what a great job they are all doing in raising awareness of brain tumours in children and raising funds for research.

I’m a member of the Parliamentary Group that’s campaigning nationally for more specialised research into childhood cancers and I’m pleased to be a patron of the William Doolin Fund so I hope readers will indulge me if I put a plug in for the Trust’s excellent new web site at and invite them to contact William’s mother and her helpers and encourage them to contribute to this very worthy fund.

After the Biggin Hall visit, I joined up with activists from Friends of the Earth who were building – what they described as – ‘a sculpture in plastic ’ outside St Mary’s Church. To be perfectly honest, it looked to me more like a pile of old plastic bottles stuck together with biodegradable glue and string but it’s the thought that counts and the thought was deadly serious because we were campaigning to promote more re-cycling and to expose the failure of our own District Council in Dover to initiate any sort of plastic re-cycling scheme.

On Monday morning I visited Dover Grammar School for Boys to talk to year ten about the role of Parliament and the work of an MP, as part of their civics curriculum. I’ve made many visits to the Boys Grammar over the last ten years and enjoyed them all but I hope I won’t offend anyone when I say that since the governors escaped from their traditional past and appointed a modernising female head teacher, the atmosphere of the school has lightened and pupils have become far more outward looking.

I needed to return to Westminster on Monday evening but in the afternoon I went to Deal to meet the children of Hornbeam School at Mongeham to present them with a big pile of sports equipment which parents had provided by collecting Sainsbury’s Activity Tokens.

On Tuesday morning I attended the State Opening of Parliament, in the afternoon I made a flying visit to Dover District Council to discuss Post Office closures and by Wednesday I was back in Westminster again for the start of another


Date set for Hawkinge Parish Council poll to fill vacancies

Contributed by editor on Nov 07, 2007 - 10:44 PM

Shepway District Council have confirmed that the two vacancies for councillors to sit on Hawkinge Parish council will voted for by the residents.

Villagers who petitioned for the poll, instead of the process of co-option of members by the Parish Council, have received notification from the Electoral Services office of the district council stating that a poll will take place on Thursday 10 January 2008.


Agenda for Hawkinge Parish Council meeting 14 November 2007

Contributed by editor on Nov 07, 2007 - 10:18 PM

Agenda for meeting of the PARISH COUNCIL to be held on WEDNESDAY 14 NOVEMBER 2007 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, Canterbury Road, Hawkinge.

Tina Wiles
Clerk to the Parish Council


The Chairman will take questions from parishioners. The number of speakers will be limited to five (time limit 3 minutes).




Members of the Committee should disclose personal or prejudicial interest/s in any item/s on this agenda. You have a personal interest if the issue being discussed in the meeting affects the well-being or finances of you, your family or your close associates more than most other people who live in the area affected by the issue. Personal interests are also matters that relate to an interest you must register.

Prejudicial interests are personal interests that affect you, your family, or your close associates in the following ways: their finances, or regulatory functions such as licensing or planning which affect them and which a reasonable member of the public with knowledge of the facts would believe likely to harm or impair your ability to judge the public interest.

If you have a personal interest you must normally declare it at the meeting. If the personal interest arises because of your membership of another public body, you only need to declare it if you intend to speak. If you have both a personal and prejudicial interest you must declare it and leave the room although you do have the same right as a member of the public to make representations, give evidence and answer questions about the matter.

Whenever possible, and if in doubt, advice should be sought from the Clerk prior to the meeting.


To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 10 October 2007.


A petition has been received which has been signed by 46 residents of Blenheim Drive. The petition states:

“Please support the petition to help protect children in Blenheim Drive, by putting in speed bumps to slow down traffic.”

A signatory on the petition has been invited to present the petition to the Council.


1. To receive and note the petition.

2. To refer the request Kent Highways for comments and detailed costs with a view to the traffic calming scheme being provided as part of the overall safety survey of the village.


On 8 September 2007 the Parish Council undertook a major consultation with the assistance of a sports consultant, Penny Matkin, and Len Mayatt, Sports Development Manager from Shepway District Council.

Penny has been invited to attend give a short presentation on the results of the consultations.


1. To receive and note the presentation.

2. To ask the Finance and General Purposes Committee to take account of the findings and to progress these in accordance with its work for the provision of sports and activities in Hawkinge.


To appoint a Vice-Chairman for the remainder of the year.


Following the recent resignation of two councillors, the Council is asked to note the following and make the necessary appointments;

Finance and General Purposes Committee To continue with 3 members on the Committee until the by election in January 2008.
Community Services Advisory Committee To continue with 4 members until the by election in January 2008.
Planning and Development Group Councillor D Callahan to replace Mrs J James
Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership Board Member plus
Connecting Hawkinge Group and

Sustainability Group
To appoint 1 Councillor plus
1 named Deputy

Community Centre Working Group 2 Councillors
Youth Forum 1 named deputy for Cllr Ms Brisley

The business of the Hawkinge Sports and Recreation Sub-Committee will revert back to the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

RECOMMENDATION: To note the above and to make the necessary appointments.


The Clerk will report on the schedule of payments to be made following the meeting. A copy of the schedule is attached.

Please contact the Clerk before the meeting if you have any queries on the items listed.

RECOMMENDATION: To approve the schedule of payments attached at Appendix A.


Fusion is an after school club for children from 7-11 years. It invites local school children to join in games, music and a variety of other activities. The Club is run by The Revd. Rob Grinsell, of St Luke’s Anglican Church, Church. It will take place on the second Monday of each month between 3.15 – 4.30pm in the Community Centre, details attached.

RECOMMENDATION: To make a donation of £100 to Fusion.


On 11 April 2007, minute 450, the Parish Council resolved to endorse the 2007/08 Action Plan and 5 Year Strategy set out by the Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership. Funding is currently being sough to allow the Neighbourhood Partnership to continue for the full seven year of the project which is due to come to an end in 2012.

The Parish Council is working with the Hawkinge Neighbourhood Partnership Officers and other partners to ensure the sustainability of services which are currently being offered.


1. To support the continuation of the Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership and to offer support where possible to ensure that funding for the Pathfinder continues for the duration of the seven year project.

2. To send a copy of this resolution to the local Member of Parliament, Kent County Council and Shepway District Council.


To receive the minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee of 17 October 2007, attached.


On 1 November 2007, councillors Tony Hutt and Dave Callahan attended a meeting with members of the public who had registered interest in the Parish Planning process. Officers from the Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership and Action with Communities in Rural Kent also attended and undertook to provide support to the Committee. The meeting was well attended and a Parish Plan Steering Committee was appointed.

Councillor Tony Hutt was appointed Chairman. The Committee considered how it wishes to progress and the next meeting has been scheduled for 15 November 2007 at the conclusion of a series of information gathering sessions which are being held at the Community Centre.

A further update will be given by the Chairman of the Steering Committee at the meeting.


1. To receive and note the report.

2. To note that the Steering Group has been appointed and that expenses such as the hiring of venues for meetings and postage and stationary costs will be paid for by the Parish Council.


A need for the provision of three salt bins has been identified. These will be placed in Canterbury Road, close to Hawkinge Primary School, Swann Way/Haven Drive, and Mill Lane, Hawkinge.

The cost of the bins is approximately £553, Kent Highway Services will be responsible for filling the bins on a regular basis. There is no allocation in the budget for this item and the money will be taken from reserves.


1. To consider the provision of salt bins in the locations identified.

2. To ask the Connecting Hawkinge Group and the Canterbury Road Project Group to include the provision of further salt bins as required.


On 24 July 2007, the Parish Council resolved to ask Shepway District Council to provide a properly marked out footpath, away from the rear boundary fences of the properties in De-Havilland Close, for the whole length of path from Swann Way to Killing Wood, having due regard to the privacy of residents.

No correspondence has been received about this, however, at a meeting of Shepway District Council held on 31 October 2007 the matter was referred to the Cabinet for consideration. This matter is on the agenda as an update.

RECOMMENDATION: To await the recommendations of the District Council Cabinet.


On 10 October 2007, minute 519, the Parish Council resolved to provide a Christmas tree on the green outside the National Westminster Bank. £500 was approved from the Council’s reserves to provide the tree and lighting.

This matter is on the agenda to enable councillors with specific responsibilities to give an update.

RECOMMENDATION: To receive and note the report.


1. The list of planning applications received since the last meeting is attached. A report will be circulated at the meeting giving details of the responses sent to the District Council by the Planning and Development Group for endorsement.

2. To consider the Parish Council’s response to a major application at London Ashford Airport, Lydd Romney Marsh, details attached.


1. To receive and note the responses of the Planning and Development Group detailed in the report.

2. To formulate the Parish Council’s response to the major planning application at London Ashford Airport, Lydd, Romney Marsh.

Please contact the Clerk if you would like to view the plans before the meeting.


On 13 June 2007, the Parish Council resolved to adopt a revised code of Conduct set out by the Standards Board for England.

Training on the new Code of Conduct has been arranged for Parish Councillors in conjunction with Folkestone Town Councillors on Wednesday 5 December at 6pm in the Boulogne Room at the Civic Centre Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone. All councillors are expected to attend.

RECOMMENDATION: To receive and note the date and time of the training.


There are no items of correspondence attached to this agenda.

The general correspondence folder will available at the meeting from the Clerk or can been viewed in the Hawkinge Partnership Office.

Looking forward to being entertained by 'The Bosworths'

Contributed by editor on Nov 07, 2007 - 10:00 PM

Hawkinge, Acrise and Paddlesworth WI

Each year our Institute holds its Annual Meeting in November at which time the new committee and president is elected.

This year we were saved all the fuss and bother of an election as no new candidates came forward for selection and during the course of the meeting Carole Seabrook was voted in to serve a further year as president.

During her summary of the year Carole thanked all those on the committee for the sterling effort they have put in on the member’s behalf in order to make it a truly successful one.

If you are an ardent reader of this monthly report you may well remember mention of some of our activities and outings – if not let me refresh your memories:

A conducted tour of Canterbury, a trip on a Paddle Steamer and a visit to Westminster Abbey; wonderful speakers at eight of the monthly meetings; a garden party with a difference (held in the village hall due to inclement weather); welcoming our West Kent WI link, Shoreham, for lunch and to enjoy our August meeting; various fund raisers for the Stretch a Tenner Challenge including Coffee Mornings & Curry Lunches; involvement in the Hawkinge Fun Day when our “Name the Bunny” competition raised over fifty pounds which was split between the Royal British Legion and Macmillan Cancer relief – gosh, are you worn out yet?! No? Well read on.

Several ladies attended the two yearly Group Meetings; a marvellous “Federation Day” meeting in the Maison Dieu, Dover and Carole and Linda went to the AGM at the Albert Hall – phew!

So a huge thank you to Carole from all the WI ladies for her indefatigable effort on our behalf that makes our WI a really buzzing and successful club.

Of course we intend to do it all again next year – so why not come and enjoy it with us. Stretch a Tenner hasn’t finished yet and we are going to finish off with a super showing of a DVD of the Queen’s Wedding and Coronation Day. So get your names down for this wonderful opportunity to see these lovely occasions in the comfort of Hettie Quinn’s lounge – coffee and biscuits included in the entrance fee!

Each month you may have noted that there is a “Monthly Competition” at the meeting, (ranging from two home made scones to a favourite memento to a miniature maypole), and this year it was decided to honour the overall winner with a Challenge Cup to be held by that lady for the coming year. This will mark the sterling contribution of those who trouble to enter throughout the course of the year.

In its inaugural year the cup was won by Janet Cripps – well done Janet! Go on, if you enter all the competitions and win lots of times you may be taking it home in November 2008 – surely that is worth making the effort! Brenda Smith was the winner this month with a home made “Guy Fawkes” card.

After all the business, during social time with tea and biscuits, it was time to settle down to some serious quizzes (well perhaps not all that serious). Of course the birthday table was in full swing with Mesdames Bell, Seabrook, Sheppard and Palfreyman celebrating this month.

Next month we will be entertained by “The Bosworths”, a topical musical interlude that I’m sure will be hugely enjoyable. This will take place on Tuesday 5th December in the Village Hall, staring at 2pm.

Should you want any further information please don’t hesitate to contact the secretary on 01303 863146 as new members are most welcome.

Linda Barnes

Suspects could continue to be questioned after they’ve been charged

Contributed by editor on Nov 07, 2007 - 09:44 PM

Howard's Way.... a weekly column from the Rt. Hon. Michael Howard QC. MP. 

8 November 2007


By the time you read this the Queen’s Speech will have been delivered.

Her Majesty will have come to the House of Lords and, in a magnificent piece of constitutional theatre, will have given the speech, which is of course written by the Government. Just before the Gracious Speech, as it is known, Black Rod will have knocked three times on the closed doors of the House of Commons to summon us to the Lords Chamber.

This event marks the beginning of the new session of Parliament which will last until next Autumn. The Queen’s Speech sets out the Government’s legislation programme for that session.

One of the most contentious measures is likely to be the Government’s new Anti-Terrorism Bill. It is widely expected that, as part of this Bill, the Government will once again try to increase the amount of time for which terrorist suspects can be held without charge from the existing limit of 28 days.

The last time they tried to do this they suffered their only parliamentary defeat since 1997. I was still Leader of the Opposition at the time and I asked for evidence that the existing 28 day limit had been inadequate, in any single case of suspected terrorism, for the police to pursue their investigations. None was forthcoming. That was why we opposed the Government’s proposal.

I do not think anyone can seriously accuse me of being ‘soft on terror.’ After all I was Home Secretary during a time when we suffered some of the worst outrages of Irish terrorism. But to detain someone without charge for 90 days, which was what the Government were trying to do, would be to give them the equivalent of a 6 month prison sentence, only half of which would actually be served in custody. And this without sufficient evidence even to charge, far less prosecute or convict, that person with any offence.

Such a drastic infringement of our liberties could only be justified by clear evidence of need. We shall have to see whether that evidence, which did not exist during our previous debates on this subject, can now be provided.

But there are other steps which can be taken which I fully support.

One is to allow suspects to continue to be questioned after they’ve been charged with committing an offence. At present this is not allowed and is one of the main reasons why the step of charging a suspect is sometimes delayed. If questioning is allowed after charge there will be no need or incentive to delay the charge.

The other is that evidence obtained from intercepting telephone conversations should be made admissible in criminal proceedings. At present we are one of the very few countries in the world which does not permit this evidence to be used. I hope to speak during the debate which follows the Queen’s Speech to make the case for a change in the law in this respect.

That should enable more terrorists to be charged, prosecuted and convicted - something we should all support.


Battle looming over Channel tunnel rail link to Germany

Contributed by editor on Nov 01, 2007 - 09:46 PM

Germany’s state-owned railway company is planning to run passenger trains through the Channel Tunnel in direct competition with Eurostar.

It is understood that Eurotunnel is encouraging the German bid because it is keen to see greater competition and more traffic.

Deutsche Bahn’s plan could see direct trains from London to Cologne in only four hours and to Frankfurt in less than five. Already German ICE high-speed trains are running into Paris the company is keen to extend its network to Britain.

The German operator recently acquired EWS, Britain’s biggest freight train company, which runs up to four services a day through the Channel Tunnel.

Deutsche Bahn is likely to face strong opposition to its plan from Eurostar.

Speaking to the TimesOnline, a Eurotunnel spokesman, when asked whether the company would support a German bid, said: “We have to be very careful because we have a very good relationship with Eurostar. I can’t really answer that at this stage.”


Councillor quits Cabinet post

Contributed by editor on Nov 01, 2007 - 09:26 PM

Shepway district councillor Carole Waters has quit her seat on the council's Cabinet.

At the full council meeting on Wednesday (31 October), Council Leader, Cllr Robert Bliss, announced the resignation of Cllr Waters from the Cabinet.

Cllr Bliss said that Cllr Waters had resigned for personal reasons.

"I am very sorry that she is not able to continue, having spent some years on the Cabinet, and covering several portfolios from housing through to sport leisure and art.

“She will be missed on the front bench; however she will remain a councillor for New Romney Town," he said.

Cllr Bliss told councillors that she will not be replaced with another Cabinet member and her duties will be covered by the present members.


Go ahead for new Hawkinge health centre

Contributed by editor on Nov 01, 2007 - 09:06 PM

Plans for a health centre on the employment land off Haven drive have been passed by Shepway District Council.

A similar Health Centre near Herne Bay

The building which includes a pharmacy was passed unanimously at the Development Control committee meeting on Tuesday (30 October).

All North Downs East District councillors supported the development as did county and district councillor Susan Carey.

In August 2006, residents had succeeded in blocking the building of a health centre and pharmacy in woods between Mill Lane and The Street in Hawkinge.

Following a sustained campaign which saw the resurrection of the Hawkinge Civic Society, councillors supported the recommendations of Shepway council officers and threw out the plans.

Get your hands on some police cash

Contributed by editor on Nov 01, 2007 - 05:44 PM

Local charities are being invited to bid for cash donations from the police property fund.

The fund is built up from the proceeds of lost and recovered unclaimed property sold at auction. and each year the sum is divided up between local groups and charities to help community projects.

Groups can apply for donations to a police panel for consideration.

Applicants should apply in writing and include the organisations name and address, a brief description of its work, what the money is needed for and who cheques should be made out to.

Send applications to Chief Superintendent Steve Harris, area commander, Folkestone Police Station, Bouverie Road West, Folkestone, by Friday, November 9.


Village snippets - 1 November 2007

Contributed by editor on Nov 01, 2007 - 04:19 PM

Compiled by Tony Hutt

Parish Plan - Fun Day consultation

Members of the Parish Council will be at the Community Centre foyer to discuss the outcome of the fun day consultation.

Come along on Monday 12th November 10am to 12pm, Tuesday 13th November 2pm to 4pm, Wednesday 14th November 1pm to 5 pm and on Thursday 15th November 4pm to 7pm or at the final meeting of the week on the same day to collate together the views given on the previous days by the people that attended 7pm to 8pm.

This meeting will be held in The Community Centre Committee room Please come and meet us at one of these sessions, it’s your village and we need your input.

All the items wished for will be considered alongside findings of the Sports and Activities Workshop consultation responses and this way the Parish Council will get a comprehensive picture of what local people would like to see provided with the available money.

Hawkinge and District Gardeners Society

The next meeting of The Hawkinge and District Gardeners Society will be on Wednesday 7th November 7-30 pm at The Hawkinge Village Hall. The speaker for the evening will be from The Brogdale Horticultural Trust, and the subject will be “The National Fruit Collection and it’s work” All member’s and visitors welcome.

Village clean up

Last Saturday 20th October over 70 people of all ages donned yellow jackets and worked through the street’s of Hawkinge in what can only be described as a truly magnificent mass litter pick .Many bags of rubbish were collected. The Parish Council and The Hawkinge Partnership would like to say a very big thank you to all of those people that took part.

Decide if you want a ballot for new councillors

Due to the resignations of two Parish Councillors the people of Hawkinge are asked to decide if they wish to have a ballot to elect new Councillors to the vacant positions. If no ballot is asked for then the Parish Council can itself co-opt any person that is registered on the Hawkinge Parish electoral roll. If you think that a by election is required, then you should send a letter addressed to The Chief Executive, 4th Floor, Shepway District Council, Civic Centre, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone, Kent. CT20 2QY.

All letters must be received by 6th November 2007.

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