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Exercises to keep us supple as we get older

Contributed by editor on Mar 07, 2009 - 03:43 PM

What no snow! Yippee and the first meeting of 2009 when several of our members who had been unable to get to the hall because of the previous bouts of snow and ice were able to join us in a very fun meeting.

Every effort was made to keep business to a minimum; however it was felt very important to remind the ladies of two forthcoming events the “Resolution Lunch” set to take place prior to the May meeting and a trip to Hampton Court Palace on Tuesday 23 June. The trip to HCP is open to non WI members and so if you are interested in finding out more about it please contact Linda on 01303 891734.

Carole, our president, welcomed Andy who was going to explain and demonstrate exercises to keep us supple as we get older. What happens – an earthquake - and the hall shook!

Carole was of the opinion that Andy had made the ground move for us all – and he blushed! It set a really light hearted tone to the rest of the afternoon and once we had stood up and sat down a few times and rotated this joint and that joint we were all nicely warmed up and ready for the next phase – charades.

These proved really popular with much laughter and banter echoing round the hall – a very enjoyable meeting.

Birthday greetings had been extended to just three members this month; Audrey Godden, Pat Blanks and Pat Lamb and the monthly competition for “An Unusual Purse” was won by Christine Allard.

Next month, on Tuesday 7th April, we are going to hear about “Saving Canterbury Cathedral”. The meeting starts at 2pm (finishing by 4.15pm) in Hawkinge Village Hall and newcomers are made very welcome, so please if you are free come along and see what we have to offer.

For more information please contact either Carole Seabrook on 01303 891420 or Margaret Charlton on 01303 892721.

Linda Barnes
Committee Member

Don't miss the Big One

Contributed by editor on Feb 27, 2009 - 12:00 AM

The annual Hawkinge, Acrise and Paddlesworth WI  Jumble Sale is almost upon us.

Make a note of the date or you could miss out on the Hawkinge Sale of the

Ladies appetite whetted to see Bayeaux Tapestry

Contributed by editor on Feb 11, 2009 - 12:00 AM

Lots more snow fell just before the February meeting and again the
pessimists amongst us wondered if any of our dear ladies would risk an
outing – and again were dumfounded by the excellent turn out.

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Hettie Quinn, vice president, took the meeting as Carole was spending
some time with her grandchildren in America and obviously avoiding this
further cold snap! Sadly she had to start the meeting with a minutes
silence for Pat Marshall. We will all miss Pat’s friendship, warmth and

The birthday girls were Phyllis Leonard, Ros Allen and Christine Allard
– however only Christine had managed to get to the meeting so she was
joined on the Birthday Table by our speaker and some of the members who
had missed out on their “turn” to be special for a day! The cake, baked
by Hettie, looked delicious and I really envied them.

Although we had hoped to finish the meeting sooner rather than later due
to the weather situation there appeared to be masses of business, the
main topics were the Council Meeting in Margate and the trip to Hampton
Court Palace on 23rd June. The cost for this will be; WI member £25.35,
Non member £32.35, based on forty sharing the cost of the coach (a 49
seater – so plenty of room) and should you be interested in going please
contact me on 01303 891734 for more details. (Perhaps we can fill the
coach or is that wishful thinking?).

Oh and of course THE JUMBLE SALE, taking place on Saturday 14th March
from 10am to 11am in Hawkinge Village Hall. Please don’t forget to bring
Tombola prizes to the March meeting ladies.

We then settled down to listen to a wonderfully informative talk on the
Bayeaux Tapestry given by Imogen Corrigan. Not only the history of that
time but who had actually commissioned the tapestry, who had designed
it, who had sewn it and some lovely irreverent pieces of info on the
characters depicted therein. The slides were exceptionally clear and the
unshaven bishop and the soldier having rocks dropped on his head were
highly amusing. Can we please go to Bayeaux with Imogen and see the
whole thing?

The monthly competition for “Any Piece of Hand Made Needle Craft” was
won by Christine Allard – a nice birthday present for her!

So, just to remind you of the JUMBLE SALE on 14th March – come early for
the bargains!

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd March at 2pm in Hawkinge Village
Hall when, contrary to the printed programme there will not be a play,
we will instead be learning a few stretching exercises, but will be
playing charades.

Please come along and join us, we have had several new ladies join us
recently, or for further information contact Carole Seabrook on 01303
891420 or Margaret Charlton on 01303 892721.

Linda Barnes

Committee Member


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Chasing away those January blues

Contributed by editor on Jan 21, 2009 - 07:15 PM

Snow lay everywhere, cold and crisp and even – would any of our members brave these dreadful weather conditions to help make the January New Year’s party go with a swing?

Well, of course they did and thirty seven intrepid ladies arrived to greet each other and join in the afternoon’s fun.

Although Carole promised us not too much business there was a fair amount to be brought to everyone’s attention and at last it was time to start the “Beetle Drive”.

Initially there were the usual moans and groans and quite a few “how do we play this?” to be heard but it didn’t last and soon everyone was shouting for a six or a five or a four or a three or a two or a one to be thrown to get their beetle drawn. How can so few people make so much noise? It was wonderful to hear and certainly chased those January blues away.

After ten games had been played – yes ten – it was time to declare the winners and losers; who were – winners (highest scores); Christine Allard and Diane Lowe and the losers (lowest scores) well it has been decided politically correct not to name them! However all four players received a prize!

Then time for tea and to partake of a shared buffet and more importantly time to catch up on all the Christmas and New Year gossip. Meanwhile the Drama Group prepared to entertain with a short Panto – but I won’t say more as our roving reporter, Janet Cripps, is writing a review and you should find it elsewhere in the magazine.

I promised in the last report to let you know who had a birthday in January and at the beginning of the afternoon we had sung “Happy Birthday” to Gillian Philcox, Hettie Quinn, Margaret Prior and Hilary Clark. The monthly competition for anything starting with the letter “C” was won by Barbara Pemble with a beautiful fancy hair comb.

Carole had reminded us that there is to be an outing to Hampton Court Palace on Tuesday 23rd June, so please put it in your diaries. This will be open to WI members, family and friends and if there is room any odds and bods interested in going. If you would like more information regarding this trip, please contact me on 01303 891734. The cost will be in the region of £35.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 3rd February in Hawkinge Village Hall, starting at 2pm. The speaker is Imogen Corrigan who is going to tell us all about the Bayeaux Tapestry.

Several new ladies were made welcome in January and so if you have the first Tuesday afternoon in the month free why not come along and join us. For more information please contact the secretary Margaret Charlton on 01303 892721 or our president, Carole Seabrook on 01303 891420.

Linda Barnes
Committee Member

Did I really look like a bloke in drag?

Contributed by editor on Dec 05, 2008 - 01:00 AM

It was a relief to wake up on the morning of our December meeting to
see the sun shining at last.

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I had begun to think that the rain would never stop but there was to be
no battling through gusty rain for the ladies; it was a pleasure to walk
to the hall.

Lots of activity greeted us at the door though as two Parish Councillors
were busy erecting the village Christmas tree – a real start to the
festive season.

Only one birthday in December but sadly Ruth Prior was not present to
have us sing to her and so as there is no birthday celebration table in
January Carole invited those birthday ladies to enjoy the tea with her.
Of course I shall be mentioning them in the New Year and don’t want to
spoil your enjoyment of reading about them then!

One item of note in the business section was that Christine Hamilton
will be the speaker at the Federation Council Meeting in March. Can’t
wait, I’m sure she will be very entertaining.

Soon it was time for our first entertainment of the afternoon; Dennis
Lee spoke very movingly of the life of George Formby and also played and
sang his songs. We were encouraged to sing along and everyone joined in
– some didn’t even have to refer to the song sheets!

Then after a very welcoming cup of tea and seasonal mince pie the second
entertainment began. Aladdin in ten minutes!! This certainly got the
ladies laughing and guessing who was playing which part!

Did I really look like a bloke in drag?

All the players were excellent, even though some of the lines got a bit
muddled which really just added to the fun. Well done Drama Group! I
think that a very pleasant afternoon was enjoyed by all. Only one week
now to our Christmas Lunch when some fifty ladies are going to
Folkestone Bowls Club – yummy, yummy!

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 6th January 2009, when we have a Beetle
Drive and “yes” you lucky people another play will be performed by the
Drama Group – oh yes it will.

The meeting starts at 2pm in Hawkinge Village Hall. Why not start off
the New Year with a new venture and come along and find out about our WI.
We are a friendly lot, and during the month there is also a craft club
and walking group to join. Our main outing next year will be a visit to
Hampton Court Palace (planned for Tuesday 23rd June) – you could go on
that as well.

Should you want any more information or just a chat please don’t
hesitate to contact either Carole Seabrook (president) on 01303 891420
or Margaret Charlton (secretary) on 01303 892721.

Linda Barnes

Committee Member


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Something hot for the ladies spices up main event

Contributed by editor on Nov 09, 2008 - 10:00 AM

So you have to ask yourself what can you do to spice up the Annual
Meeting which can be a bit heavy with all the business to be dealt with
– “Yes” that’s the answer – have a Curry Lunch before the main event!

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Carole Seabrook very kindly offered to cook and did us proud. She
produced a truly delicious meal with a “non-curry” choice for the faint
hearted. I am sure that all the ladies who attended would wish me to
thank Carole on their behalf:

“Thank you Carole”.

The Annual Meeting can be somewhat complicated as the normal meeting’s
affairs wrap themselves around it. Therefore we had the minutes of last
month’s meeting before those of the Annual Meeting held in 2007. I won’t
weary you with the plethora of info they contained merely as a joke
against myself as my name seemed to predominate – if I ever rule the
world I won’t get as many mentions as I did yesterday! Of course when
the minutes were read from the Annual Meeting of 2007 everyone agreed
they were a true record as we could all remember it quite vividly!

year’s meeting went quite seamlessly with the Financial Statement and
Annual Report both being adopted, Carole then gave a short speech mainly
thanking everyone for the support, in whatever area, the committee and
members had given to her over the last year and special thanks to Pam
Hoy who was standing down from active service on the committee. It was
then time to announce the new committee and hold an election for the
position of president.

The committee is as follows: Carole Seabrook, Margaret Charlton,
Christine Wethered, Daphne Hitchcock, Christine Allard, Hettie Quinn,
Barbara Whitehouse, Christine Mortimer, Maire Griffiths, Eileen Blythe
and Linda Barnes Carole was elected as president for a further year and
Margaret Charlton has taken the position of secretary.

The overall winner of the monthly competitions was Brenda Smith (awarded
a very nice cup which had been donated by Pam Hoy) – but she didn’t pull
off a double as this month’s winner for a “Potato Head” was Janet

Earlier in the afternoon birthday greetings had been given by the
president to Barbara Bell, Glenys Palfreyman, Avis Readman, Diane
Shepherd and last but by no means least - herself. These ladies and our
guest, Ann Lockwood, (WI Adviser) all took tea on the Birthday Table
during social time.

It was decided that after all that eating and sitting down the ladies
would like a bit of movement and so a quiz was produced to that effect.
Names of celebrities and people in the public eye were put on labels and
stuck on your back, then by skilful questioning of one another you had
to guess just who you were – I failed completely and I had, with
Christine Allard, compiled the list!!

Before the meeting was closed members were reminded to meet outside the
Marlowe for our theatre visit to see “Calendar Girls” (some forty of
us); outside the Village Hall for Group Carols on 1st December and that
there was still time to get your name down for the Christmas Lunch (9th
Dec) – so far forty six ladies have signed up – a really good turn out.
We started the afternoon in true WI spirit with a fine rendition of
Jerusalem and at its close a very warm rendition of the National Anthem.

Well we are solvent, have a strong committee, a smashing president and
can confidently look forward to a super year enjoying WI life. Please
don’t hesitate to contact Carole on 01303 891420 or Margaret on 01303
892721 for more information. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month,
starting at 2pm in Hawkinge Village Hall.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.

Linda Barnes

Committee Member


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Enjoy a non-curry, curry lunch

Contributed by editor on Oct 10, 2008 - 12:00 AM

After the absolutely splendid meeting in September this month’s meeting
could have been something of a damp squib. But any such worries were
unfounded as under the excellent guiding hand of our president the
afternoon proved quite delightful.

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Only six of our ladies had birthdays!; Joan Basset, Pam Hoy, Ann
Orchard, Daphne Sayer, Tricia Sherratt and Margaret Wood who joined the
host of ladies from September on the Birthday Table. The cake, made by
Hettie, looked really delicious and I’m sure it was enjoyed by all.

There was masses of business to be got through; with updates on recent
resolutions adopted by national WI; information on the next Group
Meeting to be held at Whitfield, the competition then is for “A Fan in
any Medium” and Hilary Clarke has made a stunning one for our entry;
reminders of both the Curry Lunch being offered before our November
meeting (as a fund raiser and cooked by Carole) and the Christmas Lunch
in December – have you got your name down?

There was also a report by those ladies who manned “the gazebo” at
Hawkinge Fun Day. They were very pleased with the interest shown which
was generated mostly by the archive board that was on display
celebrating our 80 years, this proved very popular and jogged quite a
few memories - or was that due to those two gentlemen opposite in their
military uniforms?! Talking about uniforms the Craft Club has knitted
100 hats for the troops in Afghanistan – very well done ladies.

At last business came to a close and it was time to settle back and
listen to Joan Finney telling us about her journey to and living in New

The original speaker had been obliged to drop out and as we had all
enjoyed Joan telling us about her young life married to a Royal Marine
bandsman at an earlier meeting she was asked to return and carry on with
her story. And wonderfully entertaining it was too.

Joan is a master of the understatement; regaling us with the
difficulties in getting a visa, her train journey from Ramsgate to
London to catch the ship, the six weeks voyage, (I won’t mention the
cabin!) and arrival and housing once there. All this was undertaken with
two very young children in tow; (oh yes and after the cabin another one
on the way!). Of course her husband had “eighteen men to look after” and
couldn’t understand that she found it all rather overwhelming at times!
I’m sure she will be invited back to resume her story as the “trailer”
had us all wanting more.

Once again Brenda Smith was the winner of the monthly competition with a
lovely arrangement of autumn berries. You could be taking that trophy
home Brenda!

Next month, on Tuesday 4th November in Hawkinge Village Hall, the Annual
Meeting takes place when the Financial Statement is presented, a review
of the year’s activities given and a new committee elected. But prior to
this at 1230pm there is to be the Curry Lunch (non-curry choice if you
prefer) and if you haven’t already said that you would like to come for
this lunch please contact Carole on 01303 891420 to get your name on the

The meeting proper will start at 2pm. For any more information or if you
would like to come along on that day please don’t hesitate to contact
Carole on 01303 891420 or Margaret (Assistant Secretary) on 01303

Linda Barnes

Committee Member


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'Wandering Minstrel' at 80th birthday celebration

Contributed by editor on Aug 08, 2008 - 12:05 AM

A very pleasant afternoon was spent by some forty five ladies, which was
not a bad turn out during the holiday month, for our August meeting.

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It was opened by our president, Carole Seabrook, and Jerusalem was sung.
The August birthday girls were Ann Wilson, Mary Vine and Barbara
Whitehouse who were invited to the Birthday Table along with some ladies
who celebrated in July and some from September (no Birthday Table then
as it is our very own Birthday Party – 80 this year!).

They all enjoyed the really scrummy cake provided by yours truly –
perhaps I should point out that each committee member provides a cake
and the flowers at meetings throughout the year – thank you committee

Loads of business to plough through (there being very little at the
Garden Party) and ladies were asked to listen up in case they missed

Carole informed us that there had been a good turn out for the Treasurer
Hunt that our WI had hosted the previous day for the Temple Ewell Group
(to which we belong). The clues had been prepared by her and Barbara
Whitehouse and they were thanked for all the hard work that had gone
into that. Our own Tricia Sherratt was the winner with most correct
answers – I think those twins in the pushchair must have given her the

And we were all reminded that our trip to Shoreham WI (West Kent link)
was to take place on Wednesday 13th August. Thirty two ladies have
booked on what promises to be a very interesting outing.

We were all riveted by the entertaining speaker Pru Anderson who gave a
talk on “Her Friend Sally”. This was a warm and amusing account of her
short friendship with Sally that took place at the end of the war around
1947 – 1948, when their families lived in Dulwich. Unfortunately Pru
lost touch with her and I think we would all have liked to know just
what happened to Sally in later life. Pru was accompanied by her
beautiful Silver Cross dolls pram and dolls which made up a part of her
talk. Most enjoyable.

Of course there was the ubiquitous short quiz – winner Joan Bassett and
the winner of the monthly competition for an object starting with the
letter A was Barbara Whitehouse with a beautiful piece of amethyst.

Next month, on Tuesday 2nd September, if you have been paying attention,
we will be celebrating our 80th year with a Birthday Party. Friends from
the Temple Ewell Group and from East Kent Federation will be joining us
when entertainment will be provided by “Wandering Minstrel” Barry
Daniels and our own Drama Group with a short and funny play.

Do come along – even if you haven’t been before as you would be most
welcome (the current president’s first meeting was just such a one – but
please don’t let that put you off!)

We start promptly at 2pm in Hawkinge Village Hall and aim to finish
about 4.15pm.

Looking forward to seeing you there and if you have any queries please
phone either Carole on 01303 891420 or Margaret on 01303 892721.

Linda Barnes

Committee Member


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