Howard will scrap speed cameras

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>HOWARD WILL SCRAP SPEED CAMERAS

Michael Howard has promised that an incoming Conservative government would scrap all speed cameras that have been installed to raise money rather than save lives.

Warning that the devises are being exploited by Labour as another stealth tax, the party leader told an Automobile Association dinner: "Let me tell you that under a Conservative Government there would not be a single speed camera in place just to raise money. If a camera is not contributing to road safety, it will be taken down."

Accusing the Blair government of failing to deliver o­n transport, Mr Howard said that o­nce installed in power he intended to make motorists "feel like customers, not like victims".

Folkestone Camera Club Meeting 23 February 2004

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On Monday 23rd February, Dr. Peter Lewis LRPS, a friend of the club and member of St. Mary’s Bay Camera Club judged this 4th slide competition of the season. It was a very interesting evening, our members learning a lot from his tips, advice and experience on how we could improve our photography. His winners were (marks out of 20):-

Monochrome: 20 Fak Meek ‘Looking for Hints’

(10 entries) 19 Betty Boreham ‘Twinkle Toes’

18 Bob Brisley ‘Paphos Pharos’

18 Betty Boreham ‘Squaring the Circle’

18 Bob Brisley ‘Whitby Abbey’

18 Fay Meek ‘All Tied Up’

18 David Hughes ‘Getting Up Steam’

Novice: 20 Francis Page ‘Downward Spiral’

(4 entries) 19 Bill Grudgings ‘Trillium Ferns’

18 Francis Page ‘Herstmoncieux Castle’

Intermediate: 20 Melanie Chalk ‘Orange Blaze’

(12 entries) 19 Charles White ‘The Iron Bridge’

18 Tony Reeves ‘Schloss Stolzfels’

Advanced: 20 Dave Turner ‘Sea Groin’

(18 entries) 20 David Hughes ‘Naked Eye’

18 Ian Stone ‘Afternoon Nap’

Medium Format 20 Vic Fowler ‘Janet’

(4 entries) 19 Bryan Mewse ‘Day Dreaming’

18 Victor Fowler ‘Doggy Bag’

On the weekend of 6th/7th March we are holding our ANNUAL EXHIBITION of Prints at USHERS, the Florist in Cheriton Road, Folkestone. From 12 noon - 4 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Sunday, admission free. Do come along and see some or our members work.

On Monday March 8th our meeting will not take place at our usual venue as we are holding a Special Evening.


(President of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain)

will be showing


at the Channel School, Park Farm Road,

from 7.45 p.m.

Entry £3.50 (including refreshments)

This evening is open to everyone, and anyone who is interested in photography should come along as this will be a superb evening. Tickets can be purchased either from the Secretary or at the door on the night.

15th March, will be our 5th Slide Competition and with our 5th Print Competition of the season the following week.

Visit our web site at

Our meetings are held at the United Reform Community Hall, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone on Mondays at 7.45pm. New members are always welcome, if interested please phone Mrs Jenny Barraclough (Secretary) 01303 245399, or e mail

Re: Shepway vote through 39% council tax increase

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Dear Ed
What a load of cobblers!  You can't keep o­n blaming previous administrations for current problems and raises in council tax.

The promise of reducing the council tax is o­ne the LibDems have well and truly broken.
Can't say I'm surprised though as I wouldn't believe a LibDem leaflet even if it was presented by Charles Kennedy himself.

Although Peter and Chris might be nice people (can't comment o­n the third councillor as I haven't seen sight nor sound of him) I feel that Hawkinge has been severely let down by this. 

What have we got to show for past increases or are we going to get for this huge price increase?

Does anyone fancy setting up a protest group?


Shepway vote through 39% council tax increase

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Shepway's Liberal Democrat Council last night voted to increase the District Council rate for Council Tax to 39%.

This is possibly the highest rate set throughout the country this year.

They blame the rise o­n the size of the grant from central government and the legacy left by the previous Tory administration.

It is thought this will force the intervention of the Government who look likely to "cap" the authority.

Overall in Shepway, an average band D property will pay £1,247 in 2004/5 compared with £1,120 in 2003/4.

200 arrests in burglary crackdown

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More than 200 arrests have been made in Kent in what the county's new police chief constable called an "excellent" first week of a clampdown o­n burglary.

Police said 213 suspected offenders had been detained in Operation Castle with 84 burglary and related charges.

Chief Constable Michael Fuller said: "If you commit a burglary in Kent, then you can expect to go to jail."

P & O cut jobs

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>P & O CUT JOBS

Ferry firm P&O have today sent out redundancy notices to about 500 ferry workers based in Dover.

After three months of negotiations a formal agreement was made with the Rail and Maritime Transport Union o­n which jobs would be cut. There will be 16 possible compulsory redundancies out of 472 jobs.
The cuts have been blamed o­n a downturn in tourism

The company has said it wants to cut costs by removing o­ne of its its Pride of Burgundy ferry from passenger service and plans to introduce cheap no-frills night services.

An employment centre has been set up in Dover to help the redundant workers find alternative employment.

Tragedy prompts new beach signs

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>TRAGEDY PROMPTS NEW BEACH SIGNS

Signs are being placed o­n foreshore notice boards along Shepway’s coastline to warn of possible dangers of using beaches at night or in times of bad visibility.

The request for new signs was made to Shepway Council by the Kent and Essex Sea Fisheries Committee in the wake of the tragedy in Morecambe Bay where more than 20 people lost their lives.

Richard Stanford-Beale, Shepway Council’s Street Scene Manager, said that although Shepway’s coastline was not subjected to fast-running tides, there were hazards that beach users needed to be warned about and general precautions that needed to be observed.

"The signs will advise people to check tide times and weather forecasts and not to venture o­nto the foreshore at night or at times of imminent fog or bad visibility.

"People who do need to use the foreshore at times of low visibility or at night will be advised to let someone o­n shore know of their intentions and estimated time of departure and arrival back o­n shore.

"Our signs will also make people aware that some of our beaches have mud patches that can be hazardous.

"We are o­nly too pleased to work in co-operation with the Kent and Essex Sea Fisheries Committee to make sure people stay as safe as possible o­n our beaches".

Signs should be in place before the start of the Easter holiday.

Our Tigger is missing

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Local cat owner Anna is offering a reward for the return of the family pet after he went missing o­n Valentine's Day.<IMG height=340 hspace=10 src="" width=220 align=left vspace=10 border=0>

"Tigger has gone walkabout before, but he has now been missing for 10 days", said Anna.

"He went missing from the Alkham and Hawkinge area and has been spotted locally o­n a couple of occasions.

"He is my kids best friend".

If you can help, please ring Anna 01303 892270

Council tax rise could be under 8%

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Dover residents look likely to face a rise of just under 8% in their council tax bills in the next financial year.

After initially predicting an increase of 17.2%, which was then changed to just over 11%, the authority has again revised it's increase.

The new figure follows an agreement that the government would help cover the costs of extra council duties such as pub and nightclub licensing.

At a meeting o­n Monday, the council cabinet agreed to recommend the figure to the full council next week.

Dial 0709 020 and it will cost £50 a minute

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>DIAL 0790 020 AND IT WILL COST £50 A MINUTE

<FONT face=Arial><FONT size=2><FONT color=black>PC Ian Foster the Rural Project Officer warns of the following mobile phone scam.

A missed call will show o­n your mobile phone. The number is 0709 020 3840.

The last four numbers may vary, but the first four numbers will remain the same.

If you call this number back, you will be charged £50.00 a minute.

People have complained about their phone bills, o­nce they have realised the cost of the call, but apparently this is completely legal. So beware, do not call back numbers beginning with 0709 unless you are sure of then caller