Take the naughty step

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Re: Village Warden news - 9 November 2006

Dear Ed,

Missed the Dog Poo - Watch Out!

Well done to highlight a constant problem in the area. 

Take the naughty step for missing off The Street and the phantom poo hanger!  This person carefully collects the products from the canine member of the family, but then proceeds to hang the plastic bag in trees, bushes etc.

How weird is that?



Make it real in a big way

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Hawkinge Harry with the other East Kent Giants in the cathedral precincts at the Make it Real festival in Canterbury.


His next appearance will be in Boulogne on 2 December.


If anyone would like to help, please Email David Godfrey

French visitors remember with villagers

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Around 70 people paid tribute at a Remembrance Day service conducted by the Rev. Steward Wardell at the Lych Gate of the now disused St Peter's Church in Swingfield.

Maurice Langlois (Mayor of Aviron), Pierre Mesmer (Mayor of le Mesnil Fuguet), Cllr. Colin Tearle Chairman of Swingfield PC), John-Jacques Hadjadj, Didier Mabier and Rev. Stewart Wardell

Members of the Swingfield Twinning Association and  Swingfield Parish Council  were joined by guests from their twinned village of Aviron in France at the service of Remembrance today (12 November).

The visitors from France included the mayors of Aviron and Mesnil Fuget as well French military personnel. Wreaths were laid by the two French mayors, a representative from the Friends of St Peter's Church and by the Chairman of Swingfield Parish Council Cllr Colin Tearle.

Earlier in the day they had attended a service at St Luke's Church in Hawkinge. "It was an extraordinary day," said Cllr Tearle, "St Luke's Church in Hawkinge was packed.

"A great number of people later paid their respects outside  St Peters Church in Swingfield.

"There is a strong bond between us and the French  and the warmth of the people of our two nations was brought together on this memorable day ".

Hawkinge Parish Council extraordinary meeting - 15 November 2006

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Cllr. Callahan, Chairman, has called an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish  Council that will be held on Wed. 15th November 2006 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall 

The purpose of the meeting is to approve a budget for 2007/08. 


1 Apologies 

2 Declarations of Interest 

3 Budget 2007/08

Cllr. Avery has prepared a draft budget that was given to councillors at the Council meeting held on 8th November. 

4 Precept

An estimated precept must be submitted in December to the District Council. 


To resolve that because publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by 

Reason of the confidential nature of business to be transacted the public (including the Press) be excluded from the meeting pursuant to the provision of sub section 100 & 102 of the Local Government Act, 1972. 

6 Any matters referred to the confidential section during the meeting.

The meeting is open to the public and the Press

Prison plans poleaxed

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Plans to convert a former barracks in Dover into an open prison have been abandoned by Home Secretary John Reid.

Dr Reid said today (10 November) he had made the decision after hearing "powerful arguments" against the prison from campaigners. 

Families of soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan live near the barracks and their children go to school nearby. 

Dr Reid said the presence of a prison would add to their worries, which he was unwilling to do. 

The barracks has been empty since the 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment pulled out of Dover in April. 

MP for Dover and Deal, Gwyn Prosser said he was delighted the plan had been dropped. 

"The prison proposals have been well and truly poleaxed as a result of Dover's excellent campaign," he said.

Savage attack on Hawkinge development brief

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Swingfield Parish Council have drawn up a savage response to the brief outlining the proposals for the Hawkinge Employment Land. (view the brief here)

During a prolonged debate at the council's  monthly meeting on Tuesday (31 October), councillors were shocked at the proposals and economic ramifications. It was agreed that Swingfield Parish Council  Chairman, Cllr Colin Tearle and the Parish Clerk be given delegated authority to draft the council's response.


Response to Hawkinge West Development Brief Consultation from Swingfield Parish Council 1 November 2006

Hawkinge West Employment Allocation—Supplementary Planning Document

Reading the two page précis of this document one could be lulled into thinking that one needs to examine the detail of this document no further. As ever, the devil is in the detail, and it is not until you read this in great detail that one is forced to address the question, does, Shepway District Council (SDC) really want or intend to proceed with using this land for the purposes for which it was allocated back in 1990. i.e. Industrial?

Has SDC still got considerable spare industrial site capacity available, so is seeking to find a justification to find a different use for the land? i.e. Residential.

The reason we ask this question is that hidden within the detail are now so many caveats, development criteria, impact assessments etc. as in our view to put so many costs onto the scheme as to make it prohibitive to develop.

We find this very strange as it was SDC who allocated this land to industrial in the first place back in 1990 along with zoning the rest of Hawkinge for a massive housing expansion and a by-pass. Well, the housing has taken place, the by-pass is near completion and one of the notable pieces missing in the infrastructure which should in our view have taken place simultaneously are the industrial facilities. Currently you have approximately 5000+ new people who will have moved into what is no more than a glorified housing estate with no jobs locally and yet you now set great store in this document of a so called ‘green transport policy’ yet putting so many financial obstacles in its way as to negate it, or have little understanding of the relationship of the proposed site to Spitfire Way and its intersection with the M20 and/or A260.

This document reiterates constantly (para. 3.6) that this site is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and yet was placed next to housing. This is not something new, it was and was going to be in 1990 when it was allocated, and no-one moving into the new housing estates or those who have resided there a lot longer could have been under any illusion as to what this land was going to be used for. Now it appears that SDC are attempting in this document to change the ‘rules’.


In our view a lot of rubbish is written about this issue when one has a full knowledge and understanding of the site, and well as its previous use history. e.g.. Para.4 should have been considered a long-time ago if it a problem now if you think that site is an asset in an AONB. Furthermore as it is obvious that the author of this document thinks that the local farming community should live in housing that pre-dates the 20th.century, that for us set the tone of this document. Presumably he would us all working and living on the land as depicted by Constable.

Also presumably all the requirements of para.8 have been costed and thought given as to if they are really necessary.

Why are you now concerned that the proposed industrial site is on the edge of an escarpment and will possibly be seen ? It was 16 years ago as well.

Para. 5, especially 5.4 really is a lot of nonsense when one knows the sites previous history, and all it is doing is racking up development costs.


Really what on earth is para.6.6 about when this site was put where it is proposed precisely because of the highway network.

As for a Green Travel Plan, well that starts by putting jobs next to residential areas so people can walk or cycle to work. Its not rocket science.

Has anyone costed the all the proposals and various consultations to industry of para.6.


Having possibly created what amounts to a small town at Hawkinge you are how worried by a new source of pollution. LIGHT! Most people that have moved into this area have come from towns so are quite ‘immune’ to this pollution, especially as you want them to walk or cycle to work. (Think of the site safety implications). 

What’s para.12 all about? Shouldn’t someone have thought about all of that before any of the new houses where built?


To be perfectly frank I think you will find there is more noise generated by traffic locally, and that’s where you should direct a noise impact study.

To summarise we believe this document is seriously flawed.

Was such a document prepared for the industrial site below Caesar’s camp? 

This is an opportunity for Shepway to create an enterprise zone for the start up of many businesses which could have a dramatic impact on the smaller local service sectors as well as helping in the sustainability of local schools, shops and pubs. That would be a genuine green transport policy.

It is most strange at a time when the Parliamentary Candidate for one of SDC’s coalition partners is going on about creating an ‘acorn area’ in Hawkinge, whilst his colleagues at Shepway, if they adopt this document are considering increasing the start-up costs for any new venture on this site.

Village Warden news - 9 November 2006

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ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR - There have been issues within the Meade/St Luke's Walk of Hawkinge including, nuisance to residents, door knocking and kicking, abusive language and alcohol. On the Mound off Haven Drive, there has been some noise and underage drinking and on Aerodrome Road at the new roundabout, youths have been playing and running across the road. I have spoken with KCC to enquire with contractors for lighting to be connected.

CRIME - I would like anyone with information of the vandalism to the trees in Page Road to contact me. Graffiti continues to be a problem with the Hawkinge partnership office, The Meade and the Employment Land sign targeted. Many road signs have been vandalised including Pannell Drive, Page Road and Spitfire Way. There was  shed break ins at Blenheim Drive and Grebe Close and damage to a locker in the ladies changing rooms of the Community Centre.

DOG FOULING/LITTER - I am working with the Enforcement Officer from Shepway District Council in the following areas; the Mound, Footpath alongside Spitfire way, the Mound/Haven Drive, and the Stombers Lane play area.

Village Warden

Telephone:- 07811 271303 

Howard's Way - 9 November 2006

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HOWARD'S WAY.... a weekly column from Michael Howard MP

November 2006


It’s not often that our
area makes the national news headlines but it certainly did last week – and
not for reasons we would have chosen. 

The incident that gave us this
unwanted national attention was the shooting by a police officer of a suspected
robber in New Romney.  And the attention was heightened by reports that the
officer concerned had also been involved in a very highly publicised shooting in
London last year. 

Every shooting of this kind is a
matter of regret and the concern is obviously much greater when death follows. 
Quite rightly there is to be an independent inquiry into what happened and we
should not prejudge its outcome.  But we do well to remember that we ask
police officers to take great risks on our behalf and that applies as much, if
not more, to firearms officers as to any other officer. 

And one postscript.  As I
was leaving the BBC studios in London after giving an interview on this subject,
I bumped into an American journalist I know.  He simply could not believe
that this was the only occasion on which a suspect had been shot dead by a
police officer in the whole country this year.  I am not suggesting that we
follow the American example in this area – far from it.  But it does help
to put things in perspective. 

On a very different matter I was
sad to read of the retirement, through ill health, of Bob Dix, the long-serving
Chairman of Folkestone Invicta Football Club.  Those of us who have
followed the club through all its ups and downs in recent seasons know what a
tremendous job Bob has done. 

We wish him a speedy recovery to
full health and a long and happy retirement. 

Councillor surgeries

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Do you have any questions regarding Hawkinge?

Then this is an ideal opportunity to speak to your district councillors and ask questions in a friendly, relaxed environment.

The surgeries are being held at the Hawkinge Community Office on the following dates.

Thursday 9 November 17:00 - 19:00

Thursday 7 December 17:00 - 19:00

Thursday 21 December 17:00 - 19:00


Carole elected President

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After Jerusalem was sung, birthday greetings were accorded to Mesdames Sheppard, Seabrook, Readman and Palfreyman and ordinary business was dealt with, the ladies being reminded about the Group Carols taking place on Mon 4th December and the Christmas Lunch on Fri 8th Dec, with the monthly meeting being on Tues 5th Dec it will be a truly WI week!

Ah November! Fireworks, bonfires, Guy Fawkes trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament and this WI trying to get a committee together! Three committee members had decided not to stand again; Wendy Bell, Nora Cole and Daphne Sayer. I would like to thank them on behalf of the members for all the hard work they have given that has contributed to making our WI such a success. As we try to have a committee strength of ten, this gave rise to the need to find others willing to take their places. Alas, once again we have been unable to attract the full quota and start the year with nine: Christine Allard, Linda Barnes, Eileen Blythe, Daphne Hitchcock, Pamela Hoy, Hettie Quinn, Carole Seabrook, Christine Wethered and Barbara Whitehouse. And having served as president for three years I felt it was time to make way for “a new face at the front” and so an election for this position then took place. Carole Seabrook was duly elected and I am sure all the ladies wish her a happy and successful year. I am confident that the members will give her all the support they have afforded me in my time of office. It has been a pleasure serving you. My thanks for the beautiful bouquet of flowers that was presented to me.

The Treasurer presented The Financial Statement informing us that funds are in good shape, this being the case there were few questions and it was adopted unanimously. The Secretary then read The Annual Report; a review of the year’s activities. I am amazed at how much has been packed into this last year; we have enjoyed various outings together including St Paul’s Cathedral and a highly entertaining trip to a bakery; had dabble days in the Village Hall for calligraphy and box making; enjoyed a wonderful garden party in Nora Coles lovely garden, been entertained by some very good speakers and our own drama group; taken part in quizzes and competitions and survived two jumble sales; hosted two Group Events – a Carol Concert in St Luke’s and a Group Meeting (catering for over eighty ladies – phew!), well the list is almost endless. The Annual Report was also adopted unanimously. I do urge you to come along and participate in all these activities, meet new friends and broaden your horizons. Then a name was drawn from the drum for the Denman Bursary - awarded every three years – Daphne Hitchcock was the lucky winner. Carole Seabrook was named overall winner of the monthly competitions.

There were several brilliant entries for the November’s monthly competition for a “Potato Head” which was won by Janet Cripps – it was truly delightful, and a competition for Kent names was won by Joan Bassett. Just in case that wasn’t enough excitement for one afternoon the drama group performed a very amusing sketch – a shame that the “prop” had been left at home! – but I think the audience appreciated and enjoyed it.

Please join me in congratulating Carole Seabrook on her election to president and I would like to remind you all that, if you don’t know her now, you can meet her at our next meeting on Tuesday 5th December when Mrs West-Sherring will be showing us “The Ultimate Christmas Wreath”, the monthly competition is for a Gingerbread Man. We start promptly at 2pm in the Village Hall, aiming to finish by 4.15pm and would like to welcome any new comers. Please contact Christine Allard our Secretary on 863146 for further information. 
Linda Barnes