Friendly football becoming a regular fixture

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The Community Challenge Cup football tournament which was held in Blenheim Drive, Hawkinge in July has proved to be a winner and the teams which took part will now be playing throughout the year.

Last week, a friendly tournament was arranged by the KCC Community Wardens, Paul James from Capel, Gary Harrison from Elham Valley and myself Tanya Clark from Hawkinge, on Thursday (26 October) at the Churchill School. 

The event was a great success and it was good to see the players from all the villages mixing together and a large number of parents turning up to support their children. Everyone enjoyed the day which brought the local communities together and helped to build inter-village relations. It showed partnership working at its best.

I would like to thank all the support, time and effort put in to result in a successful and enjoyable day: Churchill School - the venue and referee, Hawkinge Partnership Office - certificates and cold drinks, Lidl's - refreshments, Neighbourhood Police Officer, Local residents, the KCC Community Wardens for the organisation and arranging of the teams and of course all the youth participation.

The players of mixed ages from 11-14 and youth teams which took part were from Capel, Etchinghill, Lyminge and Hawkinge. They each played against each other, resulting in two semi-finals and a final in which Capel beat Etchinghill to take the winning title on the day.

Tanya Clark

Village Warden

Telephone:- 07811 271303 

French military to attend Swingfield ceremony

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St Peter's Church, Swingfield 

By Colin Tearle

Swingfield Parish Council and the Swingfield Twinning Association will be paying host to guests from their twinned village of Aviron in France on  Remembrance Sunday (12 November).

The visitors from France will include the mayors of Aviron and Mesnil Fuget as well French military personnel.

They will be attending a service of Remembrance in Hawkinge followed by a wreath laying ceremony in Swingfield at 12 noon.

A classical Christmas

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Release your festive spirit by going along to an evening of classical carols and evocative classical music in the mansion at Port
Lympne on Wednesday 13 December. 

The evening promises to be superb, with mulled wine and mince pies available, you can really get into the winter mood and enjoy the Christmas season. 

For more information or to book please call 01303 234111 or email

Tit bits - 30 October 2006

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at home in a Jane Austen novel......

Remember the Passion Proteins bloke who patrolled Oxford Street for years. He had a placard and leaflets explaining the evils of the Passion Proteins and that sitting down was an act to be avoided at all costs. So he began to preach against the Eight Passion Proteins and Sitting Down. 

And what of Old Bill, not "the Old Bill" although some readers have remarked upon his demise in the village. I'm talking about the legendary Commander Bill Boakes who was the sole election candidate for the Air, Road and Public Safety Party. His strange contraption would be seen peddled around South London, fighting for the rights of the pedestrian. 

Cdr Boakes contested more by-elections than another so called eccentric Screaming Lord
Sutch, and would have brought his tally still higher had he not been knocked off his cycle prior to registering for his 22nd by-election at Southwark in 1984. He died in 1986 following complications to the head injury he

Most of their efforts came to nothing but Boakes and Sutch can claim it was
their campaign which made London's Carnaby Street a pedestrian area.

This country needs people like Boakes, Sutch and the Passion Protein bloke, but
I think we should add another name to the list; that of Shepway's own tenacious campaigner Robert Mouland.

Now I am not putting my good friend in the category of eccentric, god forbid. No, Robert has a mission or two in life, one of which looks destined shortly for success. 

He still campaigns to save baby seals from the annual clubbing and was even given permission to protest at Downing Street when the Russian Federation President, Vladimir Putin met Tony Blair, but alas he has yet to see a worldwide ban implemented.

But in recent years, Robert has worked tirelessly to save Folkestone's 1890 step lift carriage from falling apart. He is now closer than ever to achieving his goal and Folkestone could soon see the
step lift carriage restored and back in its rightful place.

Mr Mouland, is a formal and well mannered man, the kind of person who would have been more at home in a Jane
Austen novel. 

Well done Robert, its good to see that in the age we live in, someone is achieving their goal yet still
playing a straight bat!

Would you like to contribute to my page of tit bits?


Bay meet their match

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Hawkinge 5, Herne Bay Youth Res 2

Report by Mark Button

Following last weeks 2-1 loss against Herne Bay Harriers, the only highlight of which was a superb m.o.m performance and goal by Ryan Holmes in the pouring rain, Hawkinge returned to winning ways.

Playing top of the table Herne Bay Youth Reserves, Hawkinge fought throughout the match to win 5-3 on a lovely sunny autumn afternoon at Hawkinge football ground. Connor Haden scored two goals and Mitchell Dyos again scored a hat trick to make him the clubs top target man. With the return of the sunny weather, Hawkinge's spirit came back and only a late penalty from Herne Bay made the score look respectable as Hawkinge had dominated most of the match. 

The game was physical throughout with a number of players taking knocks, so our subs played a major part. Richard Button, Ryan Holmes and Ryan Smith were as dominant as ever in the defence and midfield area. Liam Smith was running end to end constantly feeding balls to Mitchell and Connor, and was rewarded with man of the match.

Jack Petts was having an off day, made worse by picking up an ankle injury and was disappointed to be subbed late in the match. This allowed for Sai Thota and Daisy Brazier to work hard in the defence keeping a now desperate Herne Bay under control. Jade Brooks replaced Richard Button midway through the second half. Though playing with an injured leg from an earlier push bike accident, she played well in midfield and finished the game on good form. Mitchell was subbed late on and was replaced by a now rested Richard Button.

Adam English was superb in goal and could not be blamed for any of the goals conceded and made a number of important saves against a club which had not lost all season.

A great result on a lovely day, enjoyed by all. a special thank you to Rob who stood in as ref at short notice and to all the parents for their support today.

To visit the Hawkinge Football Club website click here

Damian's proposals could kick-start Hawkinge economy

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Damian Collins meets with local Tories on Saturday

The Tories clear choice of successor to Michael Howard and the man who proposed the idea of 'Acorn Areas', Damian Collins was out canvassing in Hawkinge on Saturday (28 October) with members of the Shepway Conservatives.

This was the prospective parliamentary candidate for Folkestone and Hythe's first official visit to the village although he admitted he had already looked around the area.

At the candidate selection meeting in July when members unanimously backed Mr Collins, he set out a number of key priorities for the constituency whilst vowing to take the fight to the opposition parties at both local and national level.

Damian said he would build on Michael Howard's legacy and reach out to voters who have not yet supported them in recent elections.

At this year's Conservative Party Conference in Bournmouth, Damian proposed during one of the ‘Meet the Candidates’ sessions an idea to create new local enterprise zones, called ‘Acorn Areas’. The areas he said, would attract lowers taxes and lighter regulation. It received the support of the Conference and will be presented formally to the party’s policy review committee, chaired by Oliver Letwin.

In a statement Mr Collins said: "If you believe that small businesses are at the heart of strong communities, as well as a strong enterprise economy, you may share my concerns that not enough is done to support and encourage them.

"Community businesses, like a neighbourhood general store, or village shop, play an important role in the well-being of the area they serve.

"These businesses are good for the economy, and the quality of life of local people. Yet the taxes and regulations heaped onto them make existing businesses struggle and put people off starting up on their own.

"These ‘Acorn Areas’ could be a village or neighbourhood with few or no community businesses. 

"Within these areas businesses may pay little no business rates, which can currently cover one third of their overheads. 

"We could also look at tax incentives for these businesses, and also for individuals who invest in them."

Last ditch bid to save Eurotunnel

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A last ditch restructuring plan for cash strapped Channel Tunnel operator Eurotunnel  was unveiled yesterday (26 October) in an attempt to save the company from collapse.

Existing shareholders, under the proposal, would have a minimum 13% stake in a new company that would make an offer for Eurotunnel's shares early next year. 

The new company, Groupe Eurotunnel, would be bolstered by a long-term loan of £2.84bn from a consortium of banks including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Citigroup.

The proposal follows the company being granted bankruptcy protection in a French court three months ago.

Eurotunnel ran up massive debts during construction of the cross-channel rail tunnel, which opened in 1994.

Christmas gift bonanza

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Teenagers steal pensioner’s handbag

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Police in Folkestone are warning elderly motorists to beware after two teenage boys stole an elderly lady’s handbag.

The 86-year-old lady was just about to drive away in her car in Radnor Park Avenue, near Folkestone Sport Centre at 11.45 am this morning (Thursday 26 October) when the boys, who were passing, told her there was something wrong with her front wheel.

She got out of the car to investigate and while she was doing so, the boys reached in her car and stole her handbag and then ran off.

They are described as white boys aged about 15 to 16. One was stocky and the other was fat and both had dark hair.

Police would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident, or anyone who knows who stole this lady’s bag. 

They are asked to contact PC Philip Dring on 01303 850055.

Alternatively call Kent Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. This call is free, you don’t have to leave your name and could be eligible for a reward.

Up, up and away

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Cllr Rory Love, Cllr Carole Waters
and Robert Mouland watch
as the carriage is lifted 

Folkestone's 1890 step lift carriage was today (26 October) successfully lifted from its temporary home at the Leas Lift, Lower Sandgate Road, Folkestone by a 60-tonne crane and taken by a low loader to a covered storage facility in Sandwich before its restoration begins at a company in Ramsgate.

A group has been set up officially to address the charitable status situation. The chairman is Mr Jack Gill, Cllr Rory Love and treasurer Robert Mouland.

It is hoped to raise £25,000 although Mr. Mouland said: "Shepway District Council has given a firm commitment to seeing this carriage restored.

" A Heritage Lottery bid for the carriage will not be put in until 2009/2010," but he doubts if the carriage would survive that length of time.

If you would like to help, the bank details to send contributions are as follows

Account Number: 21433784
Sort Code: 40-21-15