Hawkinge School blueprint for art

Contributed by editor on Feb 11, 2005 - 10:42 AM


Hawkinge Primary School will be joining hundreds of young artists across Kent in a major exhibition of artwork at the Metropole Galleries in Folkestone.

‘You’ve Got Mail’ uses the postal system to explore the art of communication and the various methods by which we exchange information.

Artists from the Blueprint Team will be working closely with hundreds of students from over 40 primary and secondary schools across Kent.

Throughout February, pupils will be busy producing mysterious artworks in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, communicating their own individual and playful messages. Objects could include giant 3-dimensional words, secret drawings in letters marked confidential, poems on luggage labels, photographs, tapes and CDs, which are being sent on a journey through the postal system to the Metropole Galleries.

The gallery will act as a giant post office, receiving and sorting unusual missives, the final destination for which will be the Blueprint: You’ve Got Mail exhibition.

The Blueprint Team - Alice Walton, Education Officer; Jo Addison, Project coordinator; artists Natasha Kidd and Adam Gillam – are also working with three groups – Hawkinge Primary School, The Channel School and Folkestone and Breaking The Cycle, to design and create the exhibition.

‘You’ve Got Mail’ opens on Saturday 26 February and goes on until Sunday 3 April 2005.

Crossbow fired at Folkestone Age Concern building

Contributed by editor on Feb 10, 2005 - 06:00 PM


Police have issued a warning about the dangers of crossbows after three bolts were fired into a Folkestone building.

Staff at Age Concern, in Shaftesbury Avenue, Folkestone, discovered that the building had been targetted on Wednesday morning, when they found one bolt in a window frame and two more on the floor beneath a window.

A police spokesman warned that crossbows were dangerous and in the wrong hands could become lethal weapons.

Degenerating into an empire building opportunity

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Dear Ed,

Unfortunately, I fear the whole partnership exercise will degenerate into an empire building opportunity.

The large and ugly office is just the first stage. I don't think the parish council has much to complain about when it confines its concerns to the "impact the building would have on the row of shops in Canterbury Road".

Has anyone from the parish council taken a long hard look at the south side of the road from the north side? I think not. In view of the chaos in the mornings now along that stretch of road - even TESCO's could be considered a mistake; the layby also seems to be attracting abandoned vehicles now.

Shame; the partnership deal, although not a lot of money by today's standards, should have given a bit more than an office and big 'eads.


Partnership building slated

Contributed by editor on Feb 09, 2005 - 10:51 PM


The new Hawkinge Partnership building next to the Tesco Metro store in Canterbury Road was described as being "absolutely awful" at the Parish Council meeting last night (9 February).

A parishioner who asked a question about the prefabricated building at the start of the meeting was very unhappy about the style and size of the building which could be there for the next seven years. They were unaware of the impact the building would have on the look of the row of shops in Canterbury Road.

The building described as a portakabin is "absolutely awful" agreed Parish Councillors John Punnett.

He continued: "I am surprised at the size of the building and I feel very sorry for the people who live next door".

Phone mast mobilises protestors

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Angry protestors of a mobile phone mast which is planned to be sited at the Hawkinge telephone exchange applauded the Parish Council when they decided object to the plans at the monthly meeting (9 February).

The plans for a 15 metre high timber communications monopole off Barnhurst Lane , Hawkinge will now be forwarded to Shepway Council Development Control Committee for their final decision.

Objectors were worried that not enough research had been carried out about the health dangers, especially to children.

They also suggested that it could be moved to a less populated area although they were concerned that the mast would be sited in "an area of outstanding natural beauty".

Football club cries foul over dogs

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Councillors responsible for the Hawkinge Football Club are asking dog owners to stop their dogs fouling the football pitch in Cricketers Close.

Cllr George Hodgson told Hawkinge Parish Council at the monthly meeting (9 February) that the amount of dog mess on the field is becoming major task to clear up before matches and training sessions.

He said: "There are bags of it".

Cllr Cyril Trice has put up notices asking dog owners not to allow their pets to mess on the field.

The councillors agreed that if necessary they may have to draft new bye-laws to control it.

Ferry lorries overturn as gangway rope snaps

Contributed by editor on Feb 09, 2005 - 03:14 PM

Cross Channel ferry services between Dover and Calais have been disrupted today (9 February) after three people were injured at the French port.

It is reported that two lorries being driven off a ferry, overturned when a gangway rope snapped.

The berth cannot be used and is causing delays to services. It is not yet known how long the disruption will last.

Can you help?

Contributed by editor on Feb 09, 2005 - 12:29 PM


Following occurred at rural location in the Dover area last night (8 February):-

IP lives in a house next to an industrial estate owned by his family. On driving out he saw a torchlight shining in the area of the industrial estate and went to investigate.2 males with a large dog possibly a Lurcher confronted him. 

Description of males both white dressed in combat gear, black woolly hats pulled down to their eye level. 

IP managed to persuade them to go back to the roadside from the edge of the industrial estate. When they got back to the roadside both offenders have set upon the IP punching and kicking him. This resulted in IP falling to the ground whereupon the offender continued to kick him.

At this point the IP is very vague about what happened next but states that his sister and her 2 large dogs passed and may have scared the offenders off. 

IP's injuries - abrasions and reddening to face, lumps to top and rear of head, sore left ankle and knee’s. The following number was noted by a witness.

G903??? Ford P100 Pick up

Please be aware of this vehicle and report all sightings to the Watch office on 01304 218130 noting the time and place when you saw the vehicle. 

If seen in suspicious circumstances that you feel require the police to attend please ring 999 and ask for police. 

Do not approach the vehicle or its occupants. 

It is also strongly suspected the vehicle may also be involved in poaching on a regular basis. A vehicle with a similar number has been seen on both the Dover & Shepway rural areas.

Ian Foster
Rural Project Officer
South East Kent Police

Dover residents planning for the future

Contributed by editor on Feb 08, 2005 - 10:41 PM


Dover residents will be asked their opinions on shopping, housing, transport and other local issues in a groundbreaking survey. 

Their views on local issues and facilities will help shape the Council's planning policies for the next 15 to 20 years.

From Wednesday (9 February), questionnaires are being sent to randomly selected households across the district. The responses will help the Council in the early stages of preparing planning policies for the future as part of the new Local Development Framework (LDF).

Local Development Frameworks are part of a national shake-up in the way Local Authorities plan the future development of their areas, and are replacing the old system of Local Plans. Dover District Council is at the forefront of this major change and is aiming to become one of the first authorities in the country to have a LDF in place.

Cllr Andrew Richardson, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: "We are fully committed to involving the community in planning for the future of the district. We hope that as many people as possible who receive this important survey will take the time to fill it in and take the opportunity to have their say on our future planning policy."

For more information, please call the Forward Planning Team on (01304) 872477 or log onto the Council website at

Latest crime reports 4/2/05 - 6/2/05

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COUNTRY EYE - NEIGBOURHOOD WATCH  Crime Sheet 31/1/05 to 4/2/05

Crime Sheet 4/02/05 to 6/02/05


Between 1030hrs & 1400hrs 04/02/05



Both the IP and partner were away from the premises at work - leaving son at home. Son states that at 1000hrs he left the address to visit a friend and when he returned at 1400hrs he noticed that the house felt cold. He stated he was aware of the burglary as the house was cold when he went into the lounge to turn on some music. When he went into the lounge he has then noticed the damage and the property missing, he has then phoned his mother who has returned to the home address.


Between 1945hrs & 2015hrs 04/02/05



Ip states that his stone ornament has been taken from his front garden. It was later found approx 50 yards away in a lay-by and was broken.


Between 2130hrs & 2145hrs 05/02/05



Police called to a fight and upon arrival the offender was seen to be having an altercation with a female. Patrol split them up and he started to shout and swear and he was warned about his behaviour but continued to shout and swear. He was told to be quiet several times and then eventually arrested for this offence.


Between 1200hrs 27/01/05 & 1030hrs 31/01/05



IP left the locker room having secured his locker with his golf bag & clubs inside on 27/01. He returned on 31/01 to play golf & found that the door of the locker had been forced & bag was missing. The IP search the locker room & discovered his bag by the door leading to the main part of the clubhouse. He checked the bag & discovered that the driver was missing. 


HZ/001456/05 Between 0900hrs 29/01/05 & 0930hrs 05/02/05



Ip states that he went to use his clubs on Saturday 05/02/2005 went to his locker and found some shoes on the floor which looked like his, he went open the locker and it wouldn’t open, after while the Ip managed to break into the locker finding his club had been stolen. Ip asked around at the clubhouse and there had been other reports during the week of other lockers being broken into. Ip stated that access to the locker is gained via main entrance, the offender’s have levered the door open leaving the door bent, stolen the contents and then shut the door again. Ip stated that other people have stated that other clubs had been targeted in the area. 


Between 0001hrs & 0900hrs 05/02/05

Burglary Other


Informant states that between given dates and time offenders have gone into the grounds. Offenders have gone to non-lit area and broken into the shed by smashing open the door. It appears nothing has been stolen from the shed.


Between 1930hrs & 2000hrs 04/02/05

Attempted Burglary


IP lives in a small complex of terraced bungalows in Marine Avenue, Dymchurch. IP was at home alone watching Coronation Street, At approximately 19:45 hours she was startled by the sound of someone banging on her back door, which is situated in her lounge. 

She then heard banging on the window next to this door. IP went to the door and pulled the net curtain back. IP does not close her curtains so can be seen from the road and path. Having pulled the net curtain back the IP saw the female as described standing at her back door banging on it and the window next to it. The female was shouting and in the IP's words appeared "deranged". The female's eyes were bulging as if drunk or drugged. She was shouting, "They won't let me in" Pointing up the road. She continued shouting and banging. The IP shouted to her to go and leave her alone. IP never opened her door or window. The female then left. The IP then sat back down and watched TV again. 

A very short time later she heard banging and shouting again, this time coming from her front door. She went to it and saw the female from the front was now at her door in the alleyway. She again told her to leave. The female continued shouting "They wont let me in" and pointing in the same direction. At one point the IP thought the female was going to pull the front door off due to the force she was pulling it and hitting it. The female then left walking off in the opposite direction to the way she had been pointing. IP did not know the female, but would recognise her again.

IP's son in-law then attended next morning and went to the front door, He observed that the IP's garden fork and spade were in her front garden and had been used to try and force entry to the front door. There was a fork mark and spade mark in the door and mud on the frame. There were also two-foot prints on the bottom of the door.

Description of suspect

Female White 40 yrs old HAIR UNTIDY, PALE COMPLEXION, BLUE EYES, WEARING WOOLLY CARDIGAN BEIGE IN COLOUR. 5ft 5� tall slim build with blonde straight hair shoulder length with blue eyes.


If you have any information in relation to any crime. Please contact the Watch Office on 01304 218151 or ring
Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 You do not have to give your name and you maybe eligible for a reward.

To Report suspicious incidents and problems you cannot resolve yourself 01303 850055


To report crime that has happened to you and the offenders have gone 01303 289134
If you would like to help with Neighbourhood Watch or would like to know more about what is involved, you can contact the Neighbourhood Watch & Parish Liaison Office at Dover Police Station on 01304 218151 Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Watch or PC Ian Foster 01304 218130