Nominated Neighbour scheme

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South East Kent Police very successfully launched this scheme with funding from the Police and both the Shepway & Dover Crime Reduction Partnership. It is about asking community-minded people to double check the identity of callers who visit the home of their vulnerable neighbours. A vulnerable neighbour can be someone that is elderly and lives alone, it can be someone who has a disability whether physical or through illness or it be can as a result of an accident.

Those residents that are at risk will display a yellow card to unrecognised and unexpected callers that will ask the visitor to call at their Nominated Neighbour's house.

Identification of the caller will be verified by the neighbour and they will accompany the caller back to the vulnerable residents home and, if required, will assist the resident in dealing with the caller's intended business.

This is a simple scheme and it encourages a community to work together to fight one of the most cowardly of crimes. The message is also simple 'do not allow anyone into your home who you do not know’.

By displaying the yellow card there is no need for any conversation to take place between the resident and the caller. All genuine callers will be more than willing to go to the Nominated Neighbours house.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Sally Coleman, Parish & Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer on 08 3565/01304 218151 or


19th Hole News

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19th Hole News


Do you play golf if so do have a locker at your club? 

If this offender has not visited your club yet they may well do. 

Two clubs  in the Shepway area have had member's lockers attacked in recent weeks.

Please alert your club if they are not already aware of this spate of thefts of golf equipment from members lockers . Unattended clubs have been stolen and vehicles broken into

Please report any suspicious activity to the club immediately so they can contact the police if they feel they need to. 

Have you been offered any secondhand golf clubs or other equipment?  It could be your clubs or favourite club that goes next. 

Report all suspicious activity. It could happen anywhere around the clubhouse or car park .

Chains for the elderly

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Do you have elderly relatives or do you work with the elderly in your community. 

There would appear to be a group of individuals who are going out of their way to target the elderly and will use a variety of guises to con their way into an old persons home. 

Please encourage elderly people to keep their front and back doors locked especially when answering their front door to uninvited callers and encourage them to use the chain if they have one. 

If they haven’t got a chain why not buy one for them. 

However please make sure they only put it on when answering the front door. Leaving it on all the time makes it difficult for the emergency services to gain access in an emergency and sometimes seconds can count.

No canvassers No callers stickers are available free of charge. If you would like one or a number to hand out please contact the watch office and we will get some to you.

More like Richard Heads

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Dear Ed

I don't think that the partnership money is going to last long when spent on offices and giants. 

The office appearing was bad enough - there is bound to have to be an assistant and then an administrator and then an assistant administrator...

Now they want big heads; sounds more like Richard Heads to me!


Your football club needs you!

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Hawkinge Football Club is open to boys, girls, men and women, of any age and we are looking for more members. 

You don't even have to play the game!

Become one of our valuable supporters?

So mums, dads and grandparents, you would be very welcome in making the club a success.

For more information on how you can help, please contact me: Cyril Trice, Club Secretary, 21 Demozay Close, Hawkinge CT18 7PL.

Telephone 01303 893499

I look forward to hearing from you.....thank you.

Nurses struck off after inquiry

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Proprietor of the Heather Lodge Nursing Home, Nillam Sanjivi 51, and nurses Brenda Broderick 75, and Gloria Ellse 53, have been struck off the nursing register after being found guilty of what was described as "lamentable and disgraceful" treatment of patients at the Nursing Home in Folkestone.

All three women had been suspended from practising in November 2004.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council was told of many failings at the Nursing Home. 

The hearing was told that patients at  the 18 bed home were left in pain and discomfort.

Concerns were raised by visiting medics and an investigation followed resulting in a critical  report of the care home between May 1997 and September 1999.

Hawkinge meet their match

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BURVILL CUP - Semi Final

Rendezvous 4 v Hawkinge 1

By Cyril Trice

If this match was about guts and determination then Hawkinge were clear first half winners.

They put pressure on the unbeaten Rendevous side and kept them on the back foot for much of the half. 

Hawkinge were unlucky not to be one up at the break after the referee had disallowed a goal for off-side. But still fighting, the team played good football and the sides ended the half goalless.

The game began to change in the second half with Rendezvous scoring  after 5 minutes. Hawkinge were not deterred and Tom Welham scored a quick equalizer just 5 minutes later.

But it was Rendezvous who again took the lead scoring a goal from a corner kick and at this point Hawkinge seemed to lose their composure.

A third goal came with 15 minutes to play, and another,  from a corner 5 minutes from the end sealed defeat for the village side.

This leaves Rendezvous still unbeaten this season and favorites to win the Burville Cup.

Hawkinge Parish Council Agenda 9 February 2005

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The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wed. 9th February 2005 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall


The Chairman will take questions from parishioners. The number of speakers will be limited to five (time limit 3 minutes). 

Mr Ian Norman (Community Warden) to give a report.


1 Apologies

2 Minutes

To confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 12th January 2005

(already circulated).

3 Declarations of Interest

Councillors should disclose personal or prejudicial interest/s in any item/s on this agenda. Councillors with a personal interest must describe and give details of the interest. Unless the personal interest amounts to a prejudicial interest, he/she may participate fully in the meeting. A prejudicial interest is one in which a member of the public, with knowledge of the relevant facts, would reasonably regard as so significant that it is likely to prejudice a Councillor’s judgement of the public interest. Anyone with a prejudicial interest must, unless an exception applies or a dispensation has been issued, withdraw from the meeting room.

Whenever possible, and if in doubt, advice should be sought from the Clerk prior to the meeting.

4 Matters arising out of the Minutes

(a) Speed Limits – Cowgate Lane a reply from Kent Highways is enclosed.

5 Reports – Working Groups

Community Liaison

Planning and Development

Public Rights of Way 

Finance Group

6 Other Bodies

Community Centre

Village Hall

Neighbourhood Management Partnership

The Churchill School – Board of Governors

Hawkinge Primary School – Board of Governors

KAPC, Shepway Area Committee

7 Neighbourhood Management Partnership

Appointment to the Board – Clerk to report

8 Spitfire Leisuredrome

Hawkinge Youth & Community Sports Council - Lease

Chairman to report

9 Hawkinge Football Ground

(a) Management of the ground – Cllr. Hodgson

(b) The Football Project – Cllr. Trice

10 Village Hall Ground

To discuss matters related to the ground now that it has been established that the Parish Council is the owner of the land.

11 Finance

(a) Clerk to report.

(b) Risk Assessment: to consider the list up-dated by the Finance Group (enc.) 

(c) Hawkinge Community Newsletter: to consider the future of the newsletter.

Mrs Jackie Ide has stated that in principle she is happy to take over the running of the newsletter completely (6th Jan.) 

(d) Payments

To approve payment of the accounts presented at the meeting (list enc.)

Any queries regarding accounts must be raised with the Clerk before the meeting.

12 Correspondence

(a) Freedom of Information Act 2000 The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has authorised Clerks to be the qualified person for the purposes of section 36 of the above Act (enc.)

(b) Kent Village of the Year Competition: Action with Communities in Rural Kent( enc.)

(c) Consultation documents:

A Clear Vision for the South East – one copy of the core document for public consultation (268 pages) Appraisal Report (82 pages) Executive Summary, Implementation Plan and Indicators and Monitoring (letter enc.)

KCC – Intermediate Care in Shepway – consultation by Shepway Primary Care Trust (one copy) comments by 11th February

KCC The Kent Minerals and Waste Development Framework one copy of Statement of Community Involvement draft (38 pages) comments by 4th March

S.E.Coastal Group: South Foreland to Beachy Head Shoreline Management Draft Plan (2 copies of summary leaflet) comments by 8th April.

If councillors wish to see any of the above documents before the meeting please contact the Clerk

(d) Conferences/Information Days:

Consultation on the South East Plan – Democratic Services Manager, SDC, on Monday, 28th February at 7.30 pm in the Civic Centre, Folkestone (enc.)

KAPC New Legislation Information Day at Harrietsham Wed.23rd Feb.

Planning Information Day: Planning for the Future at Hawkinge Community Centre: Sat. 19th March (£40.00 per delegate)

Police Parish Forum for SDC – Thurs. 21st April at 7 p.m. in the Conference Room at Bouverie House, Folkestone Police Station (advise representative)

13 Plans

Planning applications received since the last meeting (list enclosed)

The following plans will be considered at the meeting:

Y05/0090/SH 75 The Street outline application for residential development

Y05/0099/SH Hawkinge Telephone Exchange, Barnhurst Lane: erection of a 15m high timber telecommunications monopole …..

Please contact Cllr. Trice if you would like to view the plans before the meeting. 

14 Sponsorship of Euro Region – Cllr. Smith

15 Annual Parish Meeting

To confirm that the meeting will be held on Wed. 25th May at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.


To resolve that because publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by Reason of the confidential nature of business to be transacted the public (including the Press) be excluded from the meeting pursuant to the provision of sub section 100 & 102 of the Local Government Act, 1972.

17 Finance

Flower Tubs: estimates received for planting and maintenance

Football Ground: estimates for car park foundation

18 Lease HY&CSC/PC

Any other matters referred to the confidential section during the meeting

"The buck stops here" at WI meeting

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HAWKINGE ACRISE & PADDLESWORTH WI January meeting "The buck stops here"

You know how you wake up in the morning unsuspecting that any thing is wrong, Thursday 27th January was just such a day. 

The sun had begun to shine, a lovely sight for late January and a pleasant day was planned. then the phone rang! 

I was informed by Pauline Hart, our social secretary, that the speaker for the February meeting was unable to come as arranged and Pauline unfortunately could not find an alternative at such short notice. 

Well you know what Eisenhower said on D Day "the buck stops here" !

So I let the problem swish around in my head for awhile and then the solution came to me. I had recently been sorting out the WI scrap books so that they could be included in a review at our April meeting and had come across one made by WI members in 1965, yes forty years ago! 

This scrap book is a real gem giving a detailed over view of life in the villages at that time and I thought an excellent subject to present to the members.

The meeting was opened in the usual fashion by extending a warm welcome to everyone and especially to three ladies who had come along to give us the "once over". 

Jerusalem was sung and birthday greetings given to Christine Stanton, Ros Allen and Phyllis Leonard, who along with Gillian Philcox and Ruth Prior joined me later at the birthday table for tea. 

I was pleased to announce that Madeleine Egleton had been a winner of the Christmas and New Year quiz set by the editors of the East Kent News (our monthly Federation newsletter), her prize is a year's WI subscription and we gave her a warm round of applause, well done Madeleine. 

Forthcoming events were then discussed at some length and Ruth Prior, as our events organiser, gave details of several of the trips we hope to put on this year .One in particular is an outing to Clarence House and Buckingham Palace, not proving to be an easy trip to put together so thanks to Ruth for persevering.

After business was completed I introduced the "1965 Scrapbook", it proved to be a great success. 

We are fortunate enough to have some members who can remember the places, people, shopping outlets and events that are included in this book and could therefore expand on these topics. 

A very enjoyable time was had reminiscing on 1965; thanks go to the ladies who compiled the book, can you remember where you were then?

As our speaker was to give a talk on buying an Oast House we had chosen "an unusual bottle of beer" for the monthly competition, the winner was Linda Barnes. A quiz had been set by Ruth Prior, the winner was Ann Wilson.

The talk in March is to be given on the Air Ambulance Service and the monthly competition is for a "hand made get well card". 

We really do enjoy our meetings and if you have recently moved to the village or now find you have free time on the first Tuesday of the month do come along and join in, you will be given a warm welcome.

Our next meeting is Tuesday 1st March at 2pm in the Village Hall. 

If you want to know more please don't hesitate to contact either the Secretary on 01303 893858 or the President on 01303891734.

Linda Barnes

Youth jailed for burning tramp

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A 17 year old youth from Dover, has been sent to a young offenders' institute for three years and four months after setting fire to a tramp's bedding as he slept.

Judge Adele Williams at Canterbury Crown Court jailed the teenager for arson with intent to endanger life.

CCTV operators had witnessed him light the tramp's sleeping bag in a seafront shelter, in Dover, in October 2004.

The vagrant, who had been sleeping rough in the town, put the fire out and was not hurt.

The youth pleaded guilty to the crime in December 2004 and admitted being drunk and under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident.