Fewer trains improve Eurotunnel's figures

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Eurotunnel's unpopular move to run fewer trains may have upset Channel Tunnel passengers  but the cut in services has played a big role in cutting its losses.

With half-year figures down by 18% to £87m, chief executive Jacques Gounon is today locked in rescue talks with Eurotunnel's lenders, who are owed £6.1bn.

Eurotunnel's first-half trading was also vastly improved by the axeing of ferry services earlier in the year when P&O was unable to use berths at Calais. Eurotunnel carried 34% more coaches, 9% more trucks and 1% more cars during the six months. However, a £74m profit o­n those operations was wiped out by £161m of debt interest.

Gounon has given himself a deadline of next month to sort out the debt. He is trying to stop the banks and other lenders taking control at the expense of shareholders, mainly French small investors.

The shares stood at 17p today, ¾p up, valuing the equity at £420m.

Health Centre in the woods nipped in the bud

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Plans to build a Health Centre in woods off Mill Lane and The Street in Hawkinge have been rejected by Parish Councillors at their monthly meeting this evening (14 September).

The two storey Health Centre and Pharmacy is planned to replace the ageing Hawkinge Health Centre in Canterbury Road.

A uninanimous vote against the application cited a failure to comply with planning policy prompting councillors to 'strongly' object to the plans.

The Parish Council will be suggesting the applicants consider siting the building o­n the employment land off Haven Drive, where outline plans for a Health Centre has already been granted.

Not my mess

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<FONT size=3> <SPAN class=pn-normal>Where do they get the alcohol?

Dear Ed and Finkle,

No, it wasn't my mess that I was clearing up.

That doesn't make me half a s grumpy as when I need to clear up the mess of someone who probably can't remember a thing of what happened the previous night.

Still as grumpy as ever,


Marsh inspires contemporary art

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The landscape and churches of the Romney Marsh are the inspiration and subjects for 15 artists whose work goes on display in the striking setting of marsh churches over the next few weeks.

Part of the Art in Romney Marsh project, now in its third year, the work includes paintings, sculpture and videos. 

Artists include Greig Burgoyne (picture), Kjell Torriset, Lothar Gotz, Seema Rao, Darshana Vora and Franciose Dupre

“These contemporary artists provide their own take on an area historically referred to as 'the fifth continent', responding to the geography, architecture, and atmosphere of this unique environment,� said Cllr Carole Waters, Cabinet Member for Tourism and Leisure.

The work can be seen in churches at Brookland, Fairfield, Ivychurch, Lydd, Old Romney, St. Mary in the Marsh on 17 and 18 September, 24 and 25 September, 1 and 2 October and 8 and 9 October between 1pm and 6pm

On Saturday (17 September) the artists will be present in the churches then join the project’s official launch at St. Augustine's Church, Brookland, between 6.00pm and 9.00pm where there will be music by Duncan Curtis and the 'Lost Tangos'

Sian's driving ambition pays off

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Folkestone golfer Sian Reddick is making it big in Texas after she led her Bayler Bears women's golf team to first place at the Ptarmigan Ram Classic hosted by Colorado State at the 6,113-yard, par-72 Ptarmigan Country Club. 

Studying at Bayler University in Texas, Sian Reddick and fellow team member, Josefin Svenningsson, had an outstanding tournament, leading the Bears to the  title, each with scores of 210. Sian shot 73, 67 and 70 in her three rounds.

Before leaving for America, Sian who is now 20, lived in Folkestone and attended Pent Valley School.

She won the English Ladies' Stroke Play Championship and was the Kent Ladies runner-up in 2004.

As a member of the 2003 National County Champion team, Sian was a top qualifier at the English Girls tournament in 2002 and became the Kent Junior champion twice.

Whose excesses are we talking about?

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WHOSE EXCESSES ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?   Re: Where do they get the alcohol?

Dear Ed,

Lazarus wrote :

"I was musing the other day, whilst I cleared up the results of the excesses of the previous night's drinking,"

Clearly the man is still so deep in his cups that he hasn't made it quite clear, if it was his own excesses he was clearing up, or that of his guests.

I think it must have been his own excess, he was talking about about, if he was grumpy in the morn and that morning being such a nice one, plain to all he was suffering from what is known as a hangover!

Then we have something about walking over broken glass, something I believe the American Illusionist David Blane (and a few others I think) has perfected.

I think he is trying to convey a Hogarthian or at best, Dickensian image of our dear little village, with a Gin Mill on every corner (now there's a thought!)

Surely our local Beadle should be informed, or at best some modern day Hogarth to record a series entitled "The Chavs Progress" or perhaps some local paparazzi could capture the scenes and the resulting snaps be published on the pages of this august organ and prizes could be offered to those who could provide the best captions ?

Pass me, me Laudanum!

Finkle have a large swig!

£4m new road will be plain sailing

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Dover Docks traffic will be plain sailing within two years  if plans for a £4m road get the nod from planners

The scheme, which will involve the construction of a slip road at ground level onto the A20, will significantly reduce traffic on the roundabout outside the docks. It is being put forward by Dover Harbour Board  who say it will speed up traffic flows from the  Eastern Docks.

The harbour board has embarked on a public consultation exercise prior to submitting the plans in October. The £4 million scheme could be completed by Summer 2007.

About half the project cost involves the construction of a new sea wall, a small reclamation of the beach at East Cliff and the slip road construction. The rest of the works are within the Eastern Docks.

The roundabout is a bottleneck in the port’s operations when two or more ferries discharge at the same time, especially when this coincides with peaks of port and local traffic. The Port of Dover Police frequently manage traffic to ease the situation, but this is not the best use of police time.

Non-port traffic heading for Jubilee Way will benefit greatly from the scheme because the dock exit road will bypass the roundabout to join the A20, whilst the slip road from the dock onto the A2 will be improved.

The plans will be on display at the Dover Discovery Centre from 19th September until the end of the month. A representative from the Harbour Board will be available to discuss the scheme at advertised times, and the public are being invited to complete a feedback questionnaire. Residents affected by the proposal are being consulted directly.

Latest local crime 8/9/05 - 11/9/05

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Crime Sheet 8/09 to 11/09


At 1030hrs 10/09/05

Burglary Other


Witness approached the IP stating that they saw someone take a silver child’s bike from the garage that is adjoined to the Ip’s house and then ride off on it. A while later the Ip’s husband checked the local area and attended Tescos in Hawkinge where he found a young male on the bike. He approached the boy who said he had found it and when the IP told him that he had been seen taking the bike, the boy dumped it on the ground and ran off.


Between 2040hrs & 2042hrs 10/09/05



Informant observed three or four youths all in dark hooded tops with the hood up kicking at the posts.


Between 2100hrs 10/09/05 & 0930hrs 11/09/05



IP states that overnight council bin has been stolen from front garden.


Between 1020hrs & 1130hrs 11/09/05



The Ip stated he had put his clothes in changing room while he was playing football. The Ip went back to get dressed and found out his wallet and mobile phone has been stolen.


Between 2130hrs 08/09/05 & 0700hrs 09/09/05

Theft from Motor Vehicle


IP has found that the offender has smashed the rear nearside window and climbed in (passenger door still locked). CD player taken from front dashboard, speakers and rear parcel shelf removed and sub woofer taken from boot. 

If you have any information in relation to any crime. Please contact the Watch Office on 01304 218151 or ring Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 You do not have to give your name and you maybe eligible for a reward.

To report suspicious incidents and problems you cannot resolve yourself 01303 850055


To report crime that has happened to you and the offenders have gone 01303 289134

If you would like to help with Neighbourhood Watch or would like to know more about what is involved, you can contact the Neighbourhood Watch & Parish Liaison Office at Dover Police Station on 01304 218151

Changing room sneak thief warning

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Changing room sneak thief warning


Local police are warning weekend sports enthusiasts to make sure their valuables are kept safe following a series of raids on changing rooms.

They say that over the past couple of weekends they have received reports of offenders sneaking into changing rooms whilst the players are distracted and helping themselves to cash and credit cards and whatever else they can find. 

Their advice is not to leave valuables unattended in a changing room and if possible lock them away in a locker or in your car. 

Make sure the changing room is locked after the last person leaves to take part in the game and they suggest  the valuables are looked after by a member of the team on the sideline. Never leave them unattended in an insecure changing room. 

Police would like this warning to be circulated to anybody you know who runs a team or looks after local changing rooms.

Where do they get the alcohol?

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Dear Ed

I was musing the other day, whilst I cleared up the results of the excesses of the previous night's drinking, what would be a punishment befitting those who think it is great fun to smash glass bottles and glasses on the pavements and roads.

All I could come up with was that the cretins would be made to walk barefoot over a bed of broken glass - with no hope of receiving medical treatment from the precious resources of the National Health Service.

I know that I was particularly grumpy at the time; it was a nice morning, but I did have other, more important things to do.

I know too that such a punishment would infringe the darlings' human rights.

However, what about the pets and children that had to walk over that area (approximately twenty metres run of pavement) where the only alternative route was to walk in the road and run the risk of the motorists who, in the majority, needlessly flout the existing speed limit.

It was also worth noting that these youngsters were only bordering on the age of being able to obtain alcohol legally - how do they get hold of the stuff.

Certainly, the three girls the week before were nowhere near that age and one of them was so out of her mind that she had trouble staying in the middle of the road.

I ask again, where do they obtain the alcohol?

Yours, as grumpy as ever,