Tanya found safe and well

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Tanya Smith, the 30-year-old woman who had been missing from home in Lydd has been found safe and well in Ashford.

Kent Police were concerned about Tanya after she failed to return to her home in Lydd on Tuesday (6 September). Tanya who has a mental age of eleven was last seen leaving the life skills centre in Cobbs Mews, Christchurch Road, Folkestone on Tuesday afternoon.

Howard's Way 8 September 2005

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HOWARD'S WAY.... a weekly column from Michael Howard MP

I have visited New Orleans twice.

The first time, over 50 years ago, was at the end of a debating tour of American Colleges and universities which I had taken part in under the auspices of the English Speaking Union. I spent time in the French Quarter, listened to the jazz and enjoyed its very special food.

The second time was decades later when I was Water Minister. There were thought to be some lessons to be learned from the way in which the city handles the supply of water.

What a bitter irony in view of last week’s tragic events!

I found it difficult to reconcile my enjoyable and nostalgic memories with the terrible scenes which we have, once again, seen on our television screens, night after night.

Like last year’s Tsunami, this latest natural calamity reminds us of the frailties of the human condition. But there are differences.

The fact that this time the area affected is part of the richest and most powerful nation on earth somehow increases our bewilderment. And the possibility that the still unknown but obviously enormous number of casualties may have been contributed to by the inadequacy of the initial response – in the United States, of all countries – give rise to many questions.

No doubt there will be lessons for all of us to learn.

But behind it all has the fundamental fact that, despite all mankind’s achievements, we remain pitifully vulnerable to forces far beyond our control.

And, as we feel for those who have lost loved ones, and those who are still waiting to hear, that is something we forget at our peril.

Police appeal over missing woman

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Tanya Smith: last seen wearing a lilac t-shirt, dark navy-blue cropped trousers and black and navy-blue sandals.

Kent Police are concerned about the welfare of a woman who did not return her home in Lydd on the evening of Tuesday 6 September. Tanya Smith was last seen leaving the life skills centre in Cobbs Mews, Christchurch Road, Folkestone at 3.30pm. Tanya is 30 years old but has a mental age of eleven.

She is described as having fair skin, blue eyes, light brown short hair parted on the left and small oval shaped glasses.

Tanya was last seen wearing a lilac t-shirt, dark navy-blue cropped trousers and black and navy-blue sandals.

She was also wearing a pink plastic charity bracelet, a pink, orange and red, and orange interlocking charity bracelet and a multi-coloured bead bracelet. She was carrying a black and grey backpack, a carrier bag and a blue cool pack lunchbox.

Tanya normally walks to the old Nat West bank building on Bouverie Road West, crosses over to the Chinese takeaway on the junction with Sandgate Road and goes to the bus stop where she catches the number 12 bus at 3.48pm to Lydd. Sometimes she catches a later bus, the 711 at 4.10pm.

Anyone with information on Tanya's whereabouts are asked to call police in South East Kent on 01303 850055.

Cutting cake - a criminal act

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Our WI was founded in 1928 and in September we have a Birthday Meeting to mark the event. 

This year is also the 90th Anniversary of the founding of East Kent Federation of WIs giving us two good reasons to celebrate. 

In order to mark this Anniversary the Federation had set a competition for the best decorated cake reflecting the occasion.  Hettie Quinn, who excels at this type of craft, was asked to produce a suitable cake, she did not disappoint.  The finished cake was a masterpiece and in my role of president it felt almost like a criminal act to cut into it.  Thank you so much Hettie, I’m sure we have a very good chance of winning (for those of you who don’t like loose ends the cake had to be photographed for the competition!).

I should also say that the cake itself was absolutely delicious.  The afternoon was great fun, after welcoming our guests; WI Adviser Ruth Pascoe, Group Secretary Audrey Chant and representatives from other WIs in our group a very rousing rendition of Jerusalem was sung to music performed by Richard Bosworth, he and his wife Carol Ann were to entertain us with “Music, Magic and Songâ€?.  

It is customary to sing “Happy Birthdayâ€? to those members whose birthdays are due but this month they had the added bonus of participating in the first of Carol Ann’s magic tricks.  It was wonderful and certainly made a different start to our meeting. 

After a very small amount of business Carol Ann and Richard got underway; we all thoroughly enjoyed the magic (how does she do it?) the music (played beautifully by Richard) and then the sing-along.  At o­ne point the birthday girls, Barbara, Brenda Jean and Josie were o­nce again invited o­n stage but this time to play percussion instruments – a brilliant sound – I think they were in tune! 

During the exceedingly delicious tea, thanks to all who helped produce it, Nora Cole distributed a brain teaser of a quiz which she had compiled.  Everyone sitting at the table could confer and for the winners there was a finger of fudge each.

To mark this special occasion we had a special raffle and thanks go to both Daphne Sayer for her choice of prizes and Daphne Hitchcock for the stunning flower decorations she made (snapped up very quickly I might add).  The monthly competition was “A Vase of Rosesâ€?, winner Linda Barnes. 

The afternoon flashed by and all too soon it was time to end the meeting with the singing of the National Anthem.  I hope that like me every o­ne went home with a light heart and happy memories. 

Next month our meeting falls o­n Tuesday 4th October when we will be welcoming Carol Ann back again to talk to us about hats, the monthly competition is “A Favourite Hatâ€?, we start promptly at 2pm in the village hall. 

Do come and join us, you can be assured of a very warm welcome.  For more information please ring the Secretary o­n 893858. 

Train services back on track

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Trains services between Folkestone and Dover have resumed after the repairs to three railway tunnels between the towns was  successfully completed.

For more than four months, a bus service operated between Dover Priory  and the Folkestone railway stations while the £10m maintenance project was carried out.

The 160-year-old  Shakespeare, Abbotscliffe and Martello tunnels had their brickwork repointed and repaired and more than 5km of new track was laid in the tunnels.

Fighting against doorstep crime

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Doorstep crime is the focus of a Musical that will be performed at the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone on Tuesday 13th September. 

There are to be two performances, the first at 10.00am and the second at 2.00pm'

The Musical is sponsored by, amongst others, Neighbourhood Watch and has been specially written to help raise awareness of distraction burglaries involving the elderly.

Based on wartime songs, it takes the audience back to a time when they were united against a common enemy, and the original scripts and lyrics deliver a strong message in an educational and entertaining way.

Distraction burglary is a crime that takes away not just material possessions; it can also strip a person of their self-respect.

By preying on the elderly and vulnerable in the community, criminals take advantage and abuse the trust of people to whom subsequent generations owe a great deal.

Through specially written music and lyrics Trickster tells the story of War veteran George who remembers his commitment to his country during the war, and highlights the risks he took to secure the freedom of the very people who are stealing from his generation now.

Seats are free, but it would help if you would ring the Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Office on 01304 218151 with numbers of those attending just to make sure we get the right amount of tea and coffee ready.

Please encourage as many people as possible to attend. Tea and coffee will be served after the performance and safety and security information will be available from a NHW stand.

Latest local crime 2/9/05 - 4 /9/05

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Crime Sheet 2/09 to 04/09


Between 0001hrs 1800hrs 28/08/05



Criminal Damage caused to motor vehicle


Between 0001hrs 28/08/05 & 2359hrs 29/08/05



Informant, reporting graffiti to the side of building


Between 1655hrs & 1705hrs 02/09/05



IP had parked his vehicle in the car park to the golf club and because the boot to his vehicle, Index is so small he had to take everything out of his boot to get at his golf items - IP remembers placing his briefcase on the ground but it was not until he was in the clubhouse he remembered he had not put it back again - he dashed out less than ten minutes later to find the briefcase gone.


Between 1200hrs 24/08/05 & 0700hrs 02/09/05



One window has had both panes of glass shattered. No entry gained to the building.


Between 1015hrs & 1200hrs 04/09/05



IP left his property in the changing room. The items were in the pockets of his trousers, which had been left hanging on a peg. 

If you have any information in relation to any crime. Please contact the Watch Office on 01304 218151 or ring Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 You do not have to give your name and you maybe eligible for a reward.

To report suspicious incidents and problems you cannot resolve yourself 01303 850055


To report crime that has happened to you and the offenders have gone 01303 289134

If you would like to help with Neighbourhood Watch or would like to know more about what is involved, you can contact the Neighbourhood Watch & Parish Liaison Office at Dover Police Station on 01304 218151

Overweight Mark ordered off cruise ship

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Boss at the Hawkinge Recycling Centre has been ordered off a cruise ship after a tour boss declared him too fat to travel reports the Sun newspaper.

24 stone Mark Wyatt was about to start a voyage around the Arctic with wife Sheena when the ship’s captain said he would have to be examined by a doctor.

It was then reported by the newspaper that Dudley Smith, boss of Voyages of Discovery, intervened  and told the couple to get off.

In the report Mr Smith claimed Mark had not stated o­n his booking form that he suffered from “obesity, osteoarthritis and congestive cardiac failureâ€?.

But Mark, of Folkestone, Kent, insisted he did reveal his diagnosed condition of “heart disease�.

He said: “I know I’m obese but I have never been diagnosed with these other conditions.�

The Wyatts were due to join 650 passengers o­n the 20,000-ton ship Discovery, sailing from Harwich, Essex, to Iceland and Greenland.

Mark’s case was highlighted by Holiday Which? magazine, which accused the cruise company of being “appalling and insensitive�.

Mr Smith refunded the couple’s £4,098 fare but would not pay compensation.

Olympic rower fails in cross-channel paddle bid

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Double Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell has failed in an attempt to set a new world record for crossing the English Channel on a surfboard.

The Oxfordshire rower, who won gold in the Sydney and Athens Olympics used a 16ft paddleboard and his own arms to help him cross more than 20 miles of sea between Folkestone and Cap Griz Nez near Calais. 

Cracknell, 33, who is a keen surfer, hoped to smash the current world record of 6hrs and 52mins set by seven paddlers from south California in 1996 while raising thousands for charity. 

Surf coach Pete Craske, who runs a surf school in Cornwall, joined Cracknell on the crossing and was the one who originally laid down the gauntlet to the sportsman. 

They hoped to raise £60,000 with the attempt and would have split that money between the Access Sport charity, which helps children take up sport, and subsidising surf lessons and equipment for disadvantaged children attending Craske's surf school in Polzeath.

The pair have a six-day window to complete the crossing attempt and hope to try again later in the week.

Hawkinge soccer round-up

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By Cyril Trice

There were mixed results for Hawkinge this weekend, with the Saturday team going out of the Ashford Charity Cup in the Prelimary Round when they came up against Ashford team Kennington Reserves.

Result: Hawkinge 3 Kennington Res 4

The Sunday team played there first league game when they played Brewary Tap which ended in a draw

Result: Hawkinge 0 Brewary Tap 0

The Youth U15 have still to play there first league match which is scheduled for the 18th September at home.



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