Pub name revealed

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Hawkinge Parish Council last night raised no objections to plans for illuminated signs at the new Public House off  Haven Drive.

The plans will  now be passed to Shepway District Council.

The Wolverhamton and Dudley Brewery pub is expected to open at Easter 2006.

After months of debate on the website as to what villagers thought were apt names and  rumours of the brewers chosen name, we can reveal it is to be called The Mayfly.

Howard's Way 9 March 2006

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HOWARD'S WAY.... a weekly column from Michael Howard MP

March 2006<IMG height=195 hspace=10 src="images/michaelhoward3.jpg" width=130 align=right vspace=10 border=0>

Many readers will undoubtedly be concerned by the Government’s decision to permit the Folkestone and Dover Water Company to introduce water metering.

I have no objection in principle to the introduction of water metering. The proposition that the more you use the more you pay is, after all, one that is widely accepted in the other staples of life such as food and electricity.

But I am concerned that proper safeguards should be in place to help those who may not be able to afford higher charges. We are told that metering will not lead to higher charges for 70% of us. But that means that it is likely to lead to higher charges for 30% of us. And that 30% is likely to include some large families on low incomes and other people whose budgets are fully stretched and who would find it very difficult to pay more.

Some assistance is available now. Those in receipt of income support or jobseeker’s allowance may be able to arrange for payments to be deducted directly from their benefit to pay their water bill. Help is also available from the EOS Foundation, a charity that has been established and financed by a number of water companies including Folkestone and Dover Water. In some circumstances help may also be given with the essential bills. Details can be obtained from the EOS Foundation, PO Box 42, Peterborough PE3 8XH.

But there is clearly a case for looking again at the extent to which these arrangements can be improved now that we know metering is to be introduced.

The Consumer Council for Water has come up with a number of ideas and I shall be asking Ministers to examine them. They have been reluctant to do so in the past but the introduction of metering changes things. I am sure that other water companies will soon follow Folkestone and Dover’s example and the Government must think again.

Say no to neon signs

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Dear Ed

I have just received notification of a planning application for three large illuminated signs o­n 5.5m poles on land opposite Churchill School/Haven Drive. 

The application number is Y06/0285/SH, and I think this refers to the huge signs which were put up by Lidl when they first opened, and later removed presumably because they needed planning permission.

They looked absolutely awful - lit up the night sky and dominated the whole area.  If anyone else agrees with me, please contact the council at quoting the application number. 

We all know that Lidl is there, without having their neon signs in our faces!

J James

Teenager wins F word fine ruling

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An East Kent teenager who was fined for swearing in front of a policewoman was cleared yesterday.

Youth worker Kurt Walker, 18, from Deal was crossing a park last month when a friend asked what he had been doing. He replied: "F*** all, mate."

The police officer, who had been telling off another teenager for riding a bike in a skateboarding area was in earshot then handed Walker an £80 fine under the Public Order Act.

Kurt had refused to pay up and faced a court hearing, but yesterday the Crown Prosecution Service wrote to him saying the case had been dropped.

Bush wins P&O battle

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The takeover battle involving the Dover ferry and British port operator P&O by Dubai Ports World was finalised when the Court of Appeal denied permission to a US company to challenge an earlier court ruling authorizing the acquisition.

Monday's unanimous decision by the three-judge panel targeted the Florida-based firm Eller Company.

P&O acknowledged the appeal ruling and said its sale to DP World would now proceed.

The Eller Company had gone to London's High Court last week to block the takeover, arguing that the transaction would flout a joint venture deal it had with a subsidiary of P&O in the port of Miami.

But the High Court last Thursday approved the takeover of the Peninsula and Oriental Steam Navigation Company by DP World, prompting a move by Eller to appeal.

The planned £3.5bn deal has sparked bitter controversy in the United States, where critics fear that allowing DP World, controlled by the Dubai government, to assume the management of six P&O-administered US ports could compromise security.

While sparking intense opposition in Congress, the takeover had the backing of President George W. Bush and other senior administration officials.

In a bid to calm the storm, DP World agreed last week to postpone finalizing the transaction to allow for a 45-day review by US authorities. DP World has said it will not intervene in P&O's US operations before May.

Although some lawmakers are moving to author legislation that would torpedo the takeover, Bush has said he would veto it.

The sale of P&O, established during the reign of Queen Victoria, brings an end to the independence of the 169-year-old company.

The transaction will create the second-biggest global ports and container group in terms of traffic, on a par with PSA International and the Danish group APM Terminals. Hutchinson Ports of Hong Kong is number one worldwide

Humble Boy

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WARNING:- The Lyminge Dramatic Society are warning that the production is not sutable for children

New restaurant helps hospital buy equipment

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Sandra Howard, the wife of local MP Michael, local MEP Richard Ashworth and Folkestone Mayor George Bunting were all on hand to help The League of Friends of The Royal Victoria Hospital on Monday 6th March to open the new Restaurant at the Hospital.

The staff working in the cafeteria are all unpaid volunteers who donate their time and skills freely. All profits made in the cafeteria are used to buy equipment for the hospital for use by its staff and its patients. Even the cakes and the coffee served at the official opening were kindly donated by the Co-op Fair Trade group.

Since its inauguration in 1972, The League of Friends have managed to raise thousands of pounds which has been spent either on greatly needed, and often very expensive, medical equipment, or on amenity items for the benefit and comfort of patients and staff.

Beware of magazine scam

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Businesses in South East Kent are being warned to be o­n their guard after a bogus caller tried to con sponsorship money from a firm in Deal.

A man calling himself Steve Rogers phoned claiming he was from the police and was asking local firms to sponsor a magazine that would be distributed to local schools. He said it would cost £105 a year.

Kent Police believe this is a scam, as there are no officers by that name and Kent Police is not involved in any magazines of this sort.

A spokesman said: “Businesses should check the authenticity of any approaches for sponsorship or advertising in local magazines, particularly those that claim to have the backing of police.�

“Only agree to sponsor or pay for advertising where you are confident the venture is real. Genuine callers should not mind while you take their details and get back to them after you have had time to check them out.�

Hawkinge Sports Association

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Hawkinge Parish Council is taking steps to set up a Hawkinge Sports Association, the Object and Membership would be as set out below.

      The objects of the Association shall be:

 (a)       To foster sport and recreation activities (including youth and recreation activities) in the village of Hawkinge.

 (b)       To make arrangements with the Council for the use, maintenance and upkeep of such recreational areas, recreational buildings and associated equipment as may from time to time be agreed.
 (c)       To make arrangements, as may be necessary from time to time, to raise funds for the Association and Clubs in membership of the Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Clubsâ€?).

 (a)       Membership of the Association is open to any Club based in Hawkinge providing sport and recreational activities regardless of age, gender, creed, race and colour and giving priority in membership to Hawkinge residents or persons with Hawkinge connections.
 (b)       Each of the Clubs shall pay a graduated scale membership fee yearly dependent o­n their size and usage of recreational facilities within the village of Hawkinge.

 (a)       The affairs of the Association shall be run by a Committee, which shall meet not less than four times a year.
 (b)       A written constitution will be drawn up and approved by the Parish Council.
If you are interested in the above project please attend a meeting o­n Thursday 16th March at 7.30 pm in the Community Centre
B.M.Hardy, Clerk

Theft from car in Canterbury Road

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Neighbourhood Watch have reported the following:-

The driver of a silver Micra parked in Canterbury Road, Hawkinge whilst they popped into Tesco Express. 

When they returned to their vehicle they found that a number of items had been stolen including a handbag.  The vehicle had been left insecure.  I think we all know the moral of that tale, but it seems that it doesn't matter how many times you give the crime prevention message someone always knows better.

Overnight the 2nd/3rd March the padlock to a shed in the cemetery was stolen and entry made to the shed. 

An untidy search took place but it appears nothing was stolen.