Kent firefighters coming home

Contributed by editor on Dec 29, 2003 - 05:56 AM

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A team of Kent firefighters helping deal with devastation caused by the earthquake in Iran are preparing to give up the hunt for survivors.

Seven firefighters from Kent went to the town of Bam following the disaster and have been sifting through rubble.

Kent Fire Service spokesman Ian Muir said: "Search and rescue teams will start to withdraw in the near future."

Local homeowners "most optimistic"

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A survey has shown that homeowners in the South East are the most optimistic about property prices rising next year.

According to the Woolwich, people in the South East are the most confident -with 30% of homeowners expecting prices to rise by more than 5%.

Nationally, homeowners believe the market will stabilise - with 56% expecting prices to remain the same.

Flash floods cause local disruption

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Fire crews were called to pump water from houses and roads after heavy rain caused flash floods in Shepway.

Around 10 inches of water was pumped from an elderly couple's home in Hythe while crews in East Sussex also had to deal with the effects of the downpour.

A spokeswoman said the main problem had been in streets where blocked drains prevented water from escaping.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service help in Iranian earthquake disaster

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Seven members of Kent Fire and Rescue Service’s overseas search and rescue team left Stanstead Airport o­n Boxing Day to fly to Iran, following the devastating earthquake.

The very experienced Kent team will join colleagues from Hampshire and Essex in a five or six day mission that has been organised by the Overseas Development Agency.  Their last mission to an earthquake was when they travelled to Turkey in 1998.

Team members include: Team Leader Assistant Divisional Officer Neil Hubbard; Assistant Divisional Officer Keith Burns; Firefighter Dean Langley; Sub Officer John Mazzey; Sub Officer Dave Hudson, Leading Firefighter Ian Selfe and Firefighter Matt Ivell.

The firefighters will land at a small airport 100 miles north of the affected area in the early hours of tomorrow morning where they will meet with other rescue workers. As well as technical search and light-weight rescue equipment such as snake-eye cameras and listening devices, the team will be taking tents and other supplied that will mean they are self-sufficient.

Chief Fire Officer Peter Coombs said: “We are pleased to be helping the people of Iran out during this time of need and to be able to provide a highly trained, experienced team.�

Team member Assistant Divisional Officer Keith Burns added: “We recently returned from a specialist search and rescue training course in Texas and are very keen to put what we learned into practice.  We have trained and worked with both Hampshire and Essex in the past and we are all keen to get to work knowing that the death toll is rising.â€?

Insight for future officers

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Students considering a career with the police had an insight into what the job entails during a visit to South East Kent Police headquarters in Folkestone.

Youngsters studying for a BTEC National Diploma in public services were given the chance to ask officers questions and discuss various issues.

The teenagers were also given a tour of the hi-tech police station.

Teenager attacked and robbed

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A teenager has been punched in the stomach by two men who then stole his wallet in Deal, police said.

The 17-year-old victim was attacked by the men as he walked in Telegraph Road. His attackers then fled along Thornebridge Road.

One of the offenders was wearing an unusual red Liverpool FC shirt bearing the name Dudek.

Trucker fights on

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A trucker who lost his livelihood after handing over a group of stowaways in Dover has pledged to fight on after losing a bid for compensation.

Brian Kent, 52, of Herts, had to scrap his truck after it was impounded for 21 months over the incident and, shortly after, he lost his job and home.

In vowing to fight the Home Office he added: "I can't lose anything more."

Do we need action groups?

Contributed by webmaster on Dec 24, 2003 - 09:19 AM


Dear Editor,

I'm sure it's a very good thing that local councillor David Callahan is forming an action group to address the issue of safety for drivers and pedestrians, however isn't this the sort of thing that a councillor ought to involved in anyway ? ......after all, aren't they supposed to representing the interests of the local population.

It's common knowledge that there are a number of road safety issues that need addressing, not least the road layout outside the Churchill school and the adjacent pre-school/nursery - I just wonder what Mr Callahan hopes to achieve when previous attempts to publicise this issue have come to nothing ?  

Do we really need an "action group" for everthing, can't people just get o­n with things without a load of self congratulation ?

Nigel Best 
"Over indulgence at Christmas action group" (not)

Action group to tackle traffic danger in village

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District and Parish Councillor David Callahan is to set up an action group to make Hawkinge a safer place for drivers and pedestrians.

Cllr Callahan has pinpointed two main problems. Delivery vehicles reversing across footpaths and drivers parking haphazardly.

Only recently a young boy was knocked down by a vehicle making deliveries to a business in Canterbury Road.

The village is getting busier with more families moving into the area every week and the action group is looking for members to get involved.

If you would like to help call David Callahan on 01303 891077

It's only rock'n roll but I don't like it

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The Folkestone and Dover Rock'n Roll club have cancelled plans to use the £2m Hawkinge Community Centre.

Club members claimed the accoustics in the hall made it impossible for them to use the venue as it was virtually impossible to hear anything.

Members described a concert held recently as a disaster.

John Heasman said: "The Carol Concert held last Saturday was attended by nearly 300 villagers and was a great success but I did find it hard to hear everything. "

Other villagers have complained about the Parish Council Christmas Concert, which was also difficult to hear in the Community Centre large hall.

The Centre which has been dogged with delays was completed in March 2003.