Lyminge Dramatic Society ... Habeas Corpus

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The box office for our next play will open o­n Saturday 6th March at Haxtons Estate Agents in Lyminge.

Barbara Harris will direct Alan Bennett’s farcical comedy Habeas Corpus which will run from March 24th to 27th at Lyminge Village Hall starting at 7.45pm.

Written in 1973, the story, set in the 1960s, takes permissive society to task as characters move in and out through a maze of mistaken identities and sexual encounters.

Please note that telephone bookings will o­nly be accepted o­n the basis of Haxtons receiving full payment by Saturday 13th March and no telephone bookings will be accepted after Friday 12th March.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Lyminge Dramatic Society’.

Tickets ordered by phone will be available for collection at the Village Hall o­n the night of the performance.

Folkestone Camera Club meeting 13 January 2004

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14th January 2004


Monday 13th January, was our 3rd Print competition of the season. judged by Mr Les Ayres MPAGB, ARPS, BPE3*, APAGB, a member of Sittingbourne Camera Club and as the letters after his name show, a very competent judge. Les gave his constructive comments on how we can improve our photography and his results (marks out of 20) were as follows:-

Novice:- ‘The Gull’ Jan Jerram 20

(13 entries) ‘Dusk on Harlech Beach’ Francis Page 19

‘Needles’ Norman Sharp 18

Novice Portraits:-

(3 entries) ‘Dads’ Army’ Steve Mayall 20

‘Cherie’ Jan Jerram 19

Intermediate:-‘The Birds’ Jean Turner 20

(15 entries) ‘Waterloo Bridge’ Michael Chalk 19

‘The Bryggen, Bergen: Jean White 18

Intermediate Portraits:-

(1 entry) ‘Strawberry Time’ Charles White 17

Advanced:- ‘Number 22’ Keith Radford ARPS 20

(16 entries) ‘Three Seconds in Time’ David Hughes 20

‘Westminster Directions’ Keith Radford ARPS 19

‘A Short Rest on the Way Up’ Marie-Laure Stone CPAGB 19

Advanced Portraits:-

(14 entries) ‘Mrs Koh at the Cheng’ Kieth Radford ARPS 20

‘Beck’ Dave Turner 20

‘Down & Out’ Dave Turner 19

‘Promise’ Keith Radford ARPS 19

Visit our website where you can view these winning photographs, plus many more.

On 5th January we saw an excellent slide presentation of the Cley Cross & Bywater Photographic Society National Exhibition 2003, which is a selection of work entered by rnational photographers. This work is always of a fantastic high quality of photography and a joy to see. A very stimulating evening and thoroughly enjoyed by all the members.

19th January will be our 3rd Slide Competition of the season, and on the 27th we shall be seeing another slide show presentation of the London Salon 2003 this again will be a superb evening showing work from international photographers, and a firm favourite with our members each year.

On the weekend of 6/7th March, we shall be holding an Exhibition of prints at Ushers the Florists, Cheriton Road, Folkestone and on the 8th March we are presenting an Audio Visual Variety Show by Peter Brown ARPS DPAGB APAGB, at the Channel School, Park Farm Road, Folkestone at 7.45p.m. Tickets available from the Secretary (01303 245399) at £3.50 each to include refreshments.

Our meetings are held at the United Reform Community Hall, Castle Hill Avenue,

Folkestone on Mondays at 7.45pm. New members are always welcome, if interested

please phone Mrs Jenny Barraclough (Secretary) 01303 245399, or e mail

Audio Visual Variety Show

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<FONT color=darkblue size="5">FOLKESTONE CAMERA CLUB
 <P class=MsoNormal align=center>MONDAY 8th MARCH 2004 

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<H2 align=center><FONT color=darkblue>PRESENTED BY<P class=MsoBodyText2 align=center>
<FONT color=darkblue>PETER BROWN

<P class=MsoBodyText2 align=center><FONT color=darkblue>ARPS DPAGB APAGB

<P class=MsoNormal align=center><FONT color=darkblue>PRESIDENT OF THE P.A.G.B.

<P align=center><FONT color=darkblue>AT

<P align=center><FONT color=darkblue>PARK FARM ROAD

<FONT color=darkblue>FOLKESTONE<P class=MsoNormal align=center><FONT color=darkblue>7.45p.m.

<P class=MsoNormal align=center><FONT color=darkblue>Tickets:-
 Ã‚£3.50 (including refreshments)

<P align=center><FONT color=darkblue>Tel: 01303 245399 for advance tickets.

Record numbers visit Dover Marina

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The long hot summer saw record numbers visit Dover Marina.

Over 3,700 yachts and motor cruisers called at the marina, an increase of nearly two per cent compared with 2002, bringing in an estimated 15,000 visitors to shop and visit tourist attractions in the East Kent area.

Marina spokesman Sharon Hearl says the facility is attracting an increasing number of visitors from France, Belgium, Holland and Germany, as well as British boat owners cruising around the UK.

“One of the main attractions of Dover Marina is that we are the closest marina to Continental Europe which makes for iinteresting voyage planning,� she added.

Visitors stayed on average two and a half days, with Dover Castle and Canterbury Cathedral amongst the most popular attractions.

The marina also accommodates over 250 resident berth-holders, many from London and Home Counties attracted by good road links, competitive pricing and good customer service.

Dover Marina is exhibiting at the London Boat Show which runs until 18th January.

Lib dems bouncing like Tigger

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Dear Ed

After last week's news about the Hawkinge Post Office, quickly followed by the usual party political hi-jack by the lib dems on what is essentially a COMMUNITY matter, I attended last night's Parish Council Meeting, and asked the following question:-

'Is the Parish Council aware that our MP, Michael Howard, is already dealing with the matter of the Post Office, and a solution is well on its way to being found.

If they are aware, will they be minuting that fact when they discuss the matter tonight, and acknowledging Michael Howard's input?'

Admittedly I strayed a little off-text and mentioned the lib dem pamphlet (the Parish Council is after all heavily lib dem oriented).

This question certainly resulted in great agitation by Messrs Smith and Callaghan (both lib dem District Councillors), who were bouncing up and down in their chairs like Tigger.

For some reason, Chairman Trice would not allow them to speak, and that was the end of any chance of my question being answered.

It was not referred to during the subsequent discussion on the post office, Michael Howard's input, and the probability of an alternative venue for the post office was not mentioned. Instead they burbled on for some time about writing to Tesco', and 'the post office outfit - you know them that are supposed to deal with post offices'. 'You mean post watch' one of the others said.

I ask you!!!

These are the people who are supposed to be looking after our community here in Hawkinge!!

What on earth is the point in being allowed to ask a question at the Parish Council if they they proceed to completely ignore it - bear in mind that once you have asked it, you are not allowed to say anything else!

One other thought - should District Councillors be allowed to be Parish Councillors as well?

Jean James

Minibus crash kills man

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A 48-year-old man died after the minibus he was driving hit a house in Ashford Road in Newingreen near Hythe.

Police said no other vehicles were involved, and nobody else was injured.

They said the man, who lived near Hythe, was taken to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford where he was later pronounced dead.

Man held following siege

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Police have arrested a man following a siege in Hawkinge.

Police surrounded a house early on Thursday morning in the Millfield area of the village after receiving reports of a man threatening people with a knife.

The area was cordoned off but police said the armed support unit was not needed.

Trained negotiators spoke with the man who was inside the house.

A man came out of the house later in the morning on Thursday and was arrested.

No-one was injured in the incident.

Government says no to council

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Minister for Europe Denis MacShane has written to Dover District Council stating that ‘the Government has no plans to hold a referendum on an EU Constitutional Treaty’.

This is in response to notification of a resolution from Full Council to support public calls for a referendum, when the final version of the Treaty becomes available.�

Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader of Dover District Council, is now writing to the Minister to express ongoing concerns on this issue. Cllr Watkins said: “It is important that the Government should reconsider its position on this, and we will continue to pursue the matter.

Post office negotiations at an advanced stage

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The Hawkinge Gazette has been told that negotiations about the re-siting of the Post Office are at an advanced stage.

We were told that a local business in the centre of the village is ready to take over the running of the business.

This, it was said, followed a visit on Friday by the leader of the Conservative Party and local MP Michael Howard.

Haven Drive to be adopted on Friday

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Shepway and Hawkinge Parish Councillor Peter Smith announced at the Hawkinge Parish council meeting (14 January) that Haven Drive will be adopted on Friday.

He told the Gazette that he had been informed by the Highways Department of Shepway Council when the handover would take place.

Adoption of the road will mean that the Churchill School will be able to apply for traffic calming, signage and zig-zag lines to be placed ouside the school.

Headteacher of the school Jennie Carter has been relentlessly campaigning for the adoption of the road.

The Hawkinge Gazette, working together with the Churchill School included a petition on the site to pressure Shepway Council to act quickly before a serious accident occurred outside the school.