Community Centre Chairman upbeat after crisis meeting

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Hawkinge Community Centre will be staying open says Chairman John Heasman, after the Trustees crisis meeting on Sunday (28 August).

A smiling Mr Heasman said he was very optimistic that the immediate financial problems would be resolved, possibly by the end of the week.

"The money has been found to keep the Community Centre open," he said, "we just need to wait until the deal is completed. I cannot tell you who is putting the money up."

Treasurer Trevor Johns did not resign at the meeting as he had threatened, but John Heasman said that Mr Johns was looking to step down due to pressure of work.

Hawkinge Partnership Chairman Jan Doyle has stepped in as Secretary to the Community Centre, a position which had been vacant since the Parish Clerk Beryl Hardy quit the job shortly after the formation of the Charity.

Quadriplegic woman crosses English Channel

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A 33 year old woman from Canterbury suffering from a degenerative disease has sailed the English Channel to France, becoming the first-ever quadriplegic to make a solo, wind-only crossing.

Hilary Lister made the crossing in six hours, 13 minutes on Tuesday (23 August). The 42-km journey is also the longest solo sailing trip ever by a quadriplegic.

Lister steered her customised eight-metre-long sailboat, Malin, through a system with two straws, controlling the sails and rudder by sucking or blowing, described as a "sip and puff" method.

She suffers from a degenerative disease and can move only her head.

Support boats followed along with Lister from Dover in England to Calais in France.

Howard's Way - 25 August 2005

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HOWARD'S WAY.... a weekly column from Michael Howard MP

Last Wednesday saw one of the events which made Shepway such a special place.

The Hythe Venetian Fete was a spectacular success. It seems to get better every time it takes place. This year the floats were particularly imaginative and the fireworks were breathtaking. It was all helped by the perfect weather and a bumper attendance.

One of the things which makes the Venetian Fete so unique is its timelessness. In essence it does not seem to have changed much for decades. Indeed it is easy to imagine sitting on the canal bank a hundred years ago and enjoying a very similar spectacle.

So the Fete, rather like other local events such as Lydd Club Day, strengthens our links with the past and our bonds with history and our local heritage.

None of this is easy to achieve. The Committee, under the tireless and dedicated chairmanship of John Schoner, will soon begin the work of preparing for the Fete of 2007. And the Committee need new blood – especially young blood! So anyone wanting to play their part in keeping this bit of Shepway’s heritage alive should get in touch with John Schoner.

On Thursday morning I attended a very different kind of event – the turf cutting ceremony for the mains drainage scheme in New Romney. This is something the people of New Romney have been waiting for for a very long time indeed. At last it is to become a reality and the new drainage system is to be installed. There are, inevitably, some issues still to be resolved but this was a very important day for New Romney and I was delighted to be there.

Finally, a word of congratulations to all Shepway’s young people who did well in their A level exams this year. They, and their teachers, can take great satisfaction from their achievements.

Debate on the nature of the exam and the extent to which it meets the rigorous standards which are desirable, will continue. But that should not detract in any way from the success of those who sit their exams under the present system. It is, after all, the only system available to them and they have, rightly, made the best of it. So very well done to them and their teachers.

Howard's Way -18 August 2005

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HOWARD'S WAY.... a weekly column from Michael Howard MP

Last week Toby Atkinson, whose Trent Development Company wishes to develop part of the Folkestone Seafront, is reported as having said:-

“We all know now where Mr Howard’s true allegiances lie.�

Let me take this opportunity of making it very clear where my allegiances lie. My allegiances lie, as they have for the last 22 years, to Folkestone, its people and its future.

That is why, unlike Mr Atkinson, I am able to take a wholly objective view of the different possibilities for the development of the seafront. Mr Atkinson, on the other hand, stands to make a large amount of money if his proposals are given the go-ahead. There is nothing wrong in that. As a Conservative I believe that financial incentives encourage people to use their talents and take risks and thus make a substantial contribution to our economy. But Mr Atkinson’s vested interest in the Trent scheme hardly makes him an objective judge.

I think the Folkestone seafront is a unique site of priceless value. It must be one of the last sites in the country on the sea which is ripe for development and which is not divided from the sea by a road or railway line. I therefore think it merits, and is capable of attracting, a world class development which will seriously enhance Folkestone’s environment. With the best will in the world it is impossible to say that the Trent scheme will have that effect.

Other proposals are in the course of preparation. They are being prepared by world renowned architects. They include the harbour as well as the rest of the seafront. They have not yet been finalised so it is impossible to say whether they will provide the iconic design I think the site justifies. But surely we should have the opportunity of making a comparative judgement between the two.

That is why I think Shepway’s Development Control Committee was wrong to decide two weeks ago to approve the Trent scheme. That is why I have asked the Government to “call in� the scheme and hold a public inquiry. I have been joined in this move by Kent County Council, who has grave concerns about the highways and traffic implications of the Trent scheme and the South East England Development Agency.

I hope we succeed. I hope Folkestone gets a world-class development. And I express these hopes, Mr Atkinson, because my true allegiances lie with Folkestone.

Hawkinge Community Safety Forum Meeting 30th June 2005

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Chaired by: Chris Ashman

Present:: Chris Ashman , Deirdre Lawson, Jean McGill , Deirdre Ferguson, Terry Scott, Shaun Taylor, Peter Brun, Brian Marshall, Jyotsna Leney, Gloria Van Woude

Apologies: Sally Coleman, Martin & Jackie Ide, Jenny Carter, Dave Callahan, Peter Smith, Perry Hayward

Agreement of last meeting notes: signed by Chairman.

Amendments required: No

Matters Arising from Previous Meeting:

Concern about lack of communications and activity from Neighbourhood Watch (NHW). Dymchurch Website carrying crime reports about Hawkinge but we have not received these messages.

Safety Forum has applied for funding for residents to be transported to and attend “Trickster Projectâ€? Stageshow and Musical at the Leas Cliff Hall o­n 13th September. Awaiting reply from The Hawkinge Partnership.

Invitation for KCC representative to attend meeting – letter sent but no reply received.

Note of Discussion points Arising from Current Meeting:

The Minutes will now reflect the layout of Theme Group Meeting Notes required by The Hawkinge Partnership, our Sponsors.

Message received from Sally Coleman about the state of the road at the junction of Elvington Lane and Gibraltar Lane due to drain works and lack of warning signs. Beware of Carpet Sellers in the area.

Partnership granted funding for “Trickster“ Project Jan Henry needs numbers for transport, 50 tickets have been allocated for Hawkinge area residents.

Public input to village planning would be useful. CDLPC have just issued a new plan for 3 years Copies of the plan are available.

Ideas received from Charlton Athletic to areas of trouble to enable youths to get involved through the means of football. Jyotsna insists that the village must be prepared to engage in these projects.

Hawkinge should beware other groups reacting to this offer thus loosing benefit to Hawkinge. The same funding was mentioned to Shepway Youth Forum.

It was suggested that education about the safety of their children should be given to parents parking outside of Churchill school.

Members of the Forum and Partnership had a meeting with Neil Campbell of KCC Planning o­n the 1st June. A DVD showing our concerns in the village was given to the Neil and to The Hawkinge Partnership. Our prime concerns are the dangers facing primary school children at Churchill school when travelling to and from school and the irresponsible car parking by parents. Safety in the local lanes for horses, pedestrians and cyclists. Pavement parking in front of the shops and o­n the bus stop.

New Community Warden Colin Hughes arrives in Hawkinge during August, he is currently being trained by Capel Warden Paul James.

Jyotsna gave a talk about the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership’s (CDRP) New Strategy for Shepway which will start with quarterly meetings to discuss Government concerns at Local Level to include Alcohol Abuse, Domestic Violence, Victims of Crime, Town Centre Socialising., Supporting Communities Action, Quality of Life and Safety Forums – First meeting 12th July at the Civic Centre.

DDA Designated Dispersal Area initiative is still in force in parts of Shepway. There will be Coaching Courses for 15 Police Officers.

Actions Agreed by Forum Members:

Action: Chairman to apply to CDRP via the Partnership for a Police Support Officer PCO for Hawkinge whose duties are similar to a Warden but has more powers. To Jyotsna Leney at her suggestion. The 2nd 3rd and 4th year will require funding.

Chairman to contact Neil Campbell (KCC planning) to follow up o­n the Safety Forum video contents and requests and actions being pursued. Suggested by Deirdre Ferguson.

Peter Brun (NHW) will arrange for the NHW caravan and some coordinators to man the information table at the Hawkinge Fun Day o­n September 3rd. Suggested by Chris Ashman

The Hawkinge Community Safety Forum will next meet at

The  Hawkinge Partnership Office at 7pm  8th September 2005

All villagers and organisations are invited to bring their safety concerns to the forum.

Signed o­n behalf of HCSF …………………………………………… Chairman


Over to the Partnership and Community Centre

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Re: Why was £5000 spent on the Hawkinge Giant

Dear Ed,

"What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet"

Thanks once again for your efforts. Perhaps it's now over to the Partnership and the Centre to see if it's out with the pruning shears or on with the rose feed !

Yours etc


Why was £5000 spent on the Hawkinge Giant

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Re: Can't the Hawkinge Partnership cough up?

Dear Ed,

Thank you for the clarification, it is appreciated (re the hawkinge Partnership)

What a shame the Community Centre didn't rent out space to the Partnership, as you stated "This would have generated a substantial regular income to the centre"

But if they don't fund organisations or make grants, what did the £5000.00 that went to the Strange Cargo come under? A gift?

This is from

"It was felt that the Hawkinge Giant would create a new focus for the village, which all residents could relate to. Additional support for the project came from the Hawkinge Partnership, who provided the final £5k of funding to secure the project for their community."

"the final £5K of FUNDING" ?

As you can imagine, given your explanation and what I see stated as funding, I am a little perplexed.

Perhaps your good selves can enlighten more.

Thanks in advance.

Yours etc



Editors note

Please read this which outlines some of the funding principles of the Hawkinge Partnership.

This is just a synopsis and detailed information will need to be obtained from the Partnership.....I'm sorry I cannot give a definitive answer as my knowledge does not extend to the small print.

'As the Hawkinge Neighbourhood Partnership, we expect to receive an average of £350,000 each year over the next seven years to support our Pathfinder work. This is subject to annual approval, and, as funding comes from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, our progress will be closely monitored. 

It is important to remember that this funding is being awarded to enable us to work with the community and service providers to bring about positive and lasting change in service delivery. We are not a grant making body'.


Who is out of touch?

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WHO IS OUT OF TOUCH Re: I suggest Finkle is 'out of touch 

Dear Ed,

I would like to support Finkle. 

If Finkle is out of touch and not the Parish Council, how is it that the majority of the parish did not know of the offer to provide the equipment for detecting speeding vehicles and train local people to operate the equipment?

Or am I wrong and the Parish Council support people who want to break the speed limits?

Testily yours,


Community Centre set to close

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Trustees of the Hawkinge Community Centre are to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the future of the cash strapped complex on Sunday (28 August).

Chairman of the Trustees John Heasman told the Gazette the meeting was private and only Trustees were attending. He said they would be discussing the financial problems and hoped they could prevent the Centre from being closed.

He said that the Treasurer Trevor Johns had indicated he would resign but he was hoping he would stay.

John said: "I want it saved, it's got to be saved, I have put evertything into this. This is the memorial to the Airfield.

The possibility of the Centre closing by the end of the month cannot be ruled out.

Hawkinge Parnership boss Deirdre Ferguson has written to the trustees about the Hawkinge Fun Day. She said that contingency plans for the event on Saturday (3 September) were being prepared.

The centre is looking for an immediate cash injection of £7,000, and in a report written by Trustee and Treasurer Trevor Johns presented to the Parish Council, it says the Centre will have to close if the money cannot be raised within 30 days.

Shepway Council have refused the Centre an entertainment licence on the grounds of noise and the Trustees need to install sound proofing by the end of September.

If the Community Centre is forced to close, the village could also lose both the Baptist Church and the Post Office.

Airport fortunes looking up

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Kent International Airport  has been bought by a New Zealand based company for £17m. 

Infratil who already operate Glasgow Prestwick International airport say that Manston has strong prospects for freight and low-cost regional passenger services. 

The purchase is due to be completed tomorrow (26 August). 

Flights from Manston were grounded after Planestation, the parent company of budget airline EUjet, which operated passenger services,  went into administration in July. 

It is reported that the first services to be reinstated would be freight operations while passenger operations would take longer. The company are are considering passenger services to Spain, Italy and France.

Manston has  2,752 metre runway capable of servicing Boeing 747s and the new Airbus A380s, a recently refurbished passenger terminal presently capable of handling up to 700,000 passengers per annum and a new 3,200m2 cargo facility.