Work to begin on Kidease Nursery....8 March 2003

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Building work on the Kidease Nursery at the Churchill School is due to start this week

Wernick the construction company will be preparing the site for the arrival of a steel framed building to house the nursery .

There is still no news on the proposed development opposite the school which included a two storey nursery and a Budgen's supermarket.


I've never heard so much 'rubbish' in my life...7 March 2003.

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Pardon the pun but I've never heard so much 'rubbish' in my life. (see ..Refuse refuse not in a bin, bin men told )

Said Richard Stanford-Beale, the Council’s Street Scene Manager. “This helps us reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, keeps the environment clean and protects the refuse collectors from injury that might be caused by carelessly discarded broken glass or other dangerous objects.

He cannot possibly justify this statement, all that will be acheived is just more rubbish blowing around our already filthy streets.

Every time there is a change of collection rules (like when the black bags were introduced) the binmen try to find ways to lighten the load, the rubbish has to go somewhere.

If it's not collected it will just end up on the streets.

You only need to look around you to the mess that Shepway is in.



HMS Albion battle honour to leave Hythe....7 March 2003

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A battle honour which has spent the last 30 years on display in Hythe Town Hall has been returned to its rightful owner.

The battle honour is one of five historic notice boards which mark the distinguished battles of HMS Albion.

They were handed “on loan� to the five Cinque ports Dover, Hythe, Hastings, New Romney and Sandwich 30 years ago when the ship was decommissioned.

Now a new HMS Albion, a 16,000 ton landing platform dock, has been commissioned and will formally join the Navy fleet on 19 June.

The Chairman of Kent County Council Christopher Capon handed back the battle honour today to Commander Stephen Cluett-Green from HMS Albion.

Mr Capon received the honour on behalf of Hythe 30 years ago when he was Mayor of the town from the then Commander Ogilvy.

Mr Capon said: “It has been a great privilege to look after the honour for thirty years but I am delighted that it is being returned to its rightful owner.�


Phone ordeal for former village correspondent...7 March 2003

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Expressing her opinions brought a torrent of abuse for Hawkinge resident Wendy Bell.

A man who gave his name as David Hudson rang Mrs Bell on Monday morning (3 March) and told her that people were out to get her and that she was a very silly woman.

Mrs Bell had recently written a letter to the Hawkinge Gazette and the Folkestone Herald where she criticised the behaviour of Cllr Peter Smith and Cllr Cyril Trice during a parish council meeting after which Parish Council Chairman John Heasman was reported to the Local Government Standards Board of England.

The caller upset Mrs Bell so much that her husband Bob had to leave work and stayed home until the middle of the week, to help her through her ordeal.

She said: "I'm an old lady why should anybody pick on me? I was just expressing my views.

"I have had lots of calls of support from local residents since the incident."

Cllr Peter Smith said: "It is very wrong that she has been intimidated by someone and I support her and will be talking to her.

"I have been told that the Police have been informed and I understand that withheld telephone numbers can be traced."

Cllr Cyril Trice told the Gazette: "I cannot comment unless I know what it is all about."



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5th March 2003


Monday 3rd March, was our 5th Print competition of the season. judged by MrChris Shore FRPS, AFIAP, MPAGB, BPE3*, as the letters after his name show, a very experienced photographer with excellent tips on how we can improve our photography. Chris is a regular visitor and friend of our club and a very competent and experienced judge. Winners of each section were as follows:-


Novice:- 1st Norman Sharp ‘Norwich Cathedral’

2nd John Walter ‘The Arches’

Intermediate:-1st Thelma Bridges ‘Rope Patterns’

Joint Melanie Chalk ‘The Clocktower, Saltzburg’

2nd Denis Bridges ‘Westminster Bridge from The Eye’

Advanced:- 1st David Hughes ‘Imagine all the People’

Joint Dave Turner ‘End of the Line’

2nd Brian Collins ‘Hever Castle’

Joint Keith Radford ‘The Wall’

“ Roy Smart ‘Calcutta Kids’


Novice:- 1st John Walter ‘First Childs Play’

Intermediate:-1st Charles White ‘Children of Marakesh’

Advanced:- 1st Marie Laure Stone ‘Beena’

Joint Marie Laure Stone ‘Sampling the Merchandise’ “ Keith Radford ‘Brooke’

2nd Dave Turner ‘Denise’

On Wednesday (5th) we shall be visiting Deal Camera Club with members from Ashford Quest for a Battle. All three clubs show 10 slides and prints which are judged and marked. and the club with the highest total score wins. These Battles are always an enjoyable evening - may the best club win ! The following Monday (10th) will be a talk from Mr Richard Filmer entitled ‘Traditional Kentish Trades, Crafts and Industries’ which along with excellent photography will be a a wealth of information. Our 5th Slide Competition of the season will be held the following Monday (17th).

Our meetings are held at the United Reform Community Hall, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone on Mondays at 7.45pm. New members are always welcome, if interested please phone Mrs Jenny Barraclough (Secretary) 01303 245399, or e mail:

Shepway rates go through the roof....4 March 2003

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The average council tax bill in Kent will average over £1000 this year and the most expensive place to live is Shepway, where you won't get any change from £1,122 if you live in an "average" band D property

Medway has the lowest rate at £919 for a Band D property and Swale has managed a 3% decrease in its bills, dropping to £1064 annually.

Kent County Council's 12.5% rise will mean cutting 300 jobs at CountyHall.

The rise will rub salt into the wound for some residents who felt they were being overcharged by Shepway Council last year.

In April 2002 Parish councillors demanded a reduction of council tax paid by the residents of Hawkinge, who live on unadopted roads.

Cllr Charles Robertson raised the issue saying that, "Homeowners living on unadopted roads did not receive all services from Shepway District Council."

Cllr Peter Smith told the members that two thirds of the roads in the village were unadopted.

The Parish Council wrote to the District Council to highlight the matter and to demand a refund for services paid for, but not received by residents .It was turned down in a letter from Ron Thompson at Shepway Council.

It stated that the council are unable to make reductions on the grounds of unadopted roads.

However it went on, it is possible for individuals to make private applications for reductions where they feel a discount is due.

Cllr Robertson said of the reply: "I think Shepway are hiding behind a smokescreen and red tape.

"Shepway's attitude is disgusting and stinks. I think it suits Shepway not to adopt roads."


Refuse refuse not in a bin, bin men told....3 March 2003

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Bin men employed by Cleanaway for Shepway Council have been chased up the road and given an ear bashing by some residents for not collecting rubbish left in bags next to the bins.

“Since wheeled bins were introduced it has been the Council’s policy not to pick up side waste,� said Richard Stanford-Beale, the Council’s Street Scene Manager. “This helps us reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, keeps the environment clean and protects the refuse collectors from injury that might be caused by carelessly discarded broken glass or other dangerous objects.�

“Unfortunately this has not gone down well with some residents who have been abusive to the refuse collectors and our staff here at the Council,� said Richard. “Team members have been called “jobsworths�, “f***ing useless tarts� and other equally unpleasant names. This behaviour is unreasonable, unfair and totally unacceptable.

“Other residents have thrown their bags into the street or run after the refuse vehicle and tried to throw their bagged waste into it, which is dangerous.�


Top award for Dover Castle....1 March 2003

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Dover Castle has been named as a top UK tourist attraction in the British Tour Operators Attraction of the Year Award.

The English Heritage site was praised for its customer services, parking, website and entrance fees.

Dover castle has always been an important part of Britain's line of defence.

The Romans built a 80 feet high flint lighthouse on the remains of an iron age fort and In Saxon times a chapel was built for the castle garrison. Following the Battle of Hastings William the Conqueror strengthened the fortifications.

It was reconstructed by Henry II in 1168 and was completed in 1188.

The castle was seized by a small force of Parliamentarians during the English Civil War and remained in Cromwell's hands until the Restoration.Â

It underwent many changes during the Napoleonic Wars and in World War II the bastions were rebuilt to enable heavy guns to be mounted over the harbour to protect the town.


"Give us our money back call to Prescott" after councillors asked to agree 9.5% rate rise...1 March 2003

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Shepway councillors have been asked to agree a nine and a half per cent rise in council tax to help meet the cost of providing Shepway Council services for the district for the year 2003/2004.

For a typical band ‘D’ property this will mean an average increase from £157.90 to £172.90.

In total the Council needs to raise £62m to meet the costs of its own services to residents

Council Leader, Cllr Rory Love, said: “This year, the Government has cut our business rate support by nearly £1m, and has given us just an extra three-quarters of one per cent on our Total Formula Grant.

“This is well short of inflation, and comes nowhere near meeting the needs of this district. We have a good record of keeping spending under control, but the Government’s cuts are now beginning to bite.

“Even using the Deputy Prime Minister’s own figures, since 1997, the Government has taken £455,000 away from Shepway, one of the highest cuts in the whole of Kent. We call on Mr Prescott to give us our money back. “


Enough is enough says Sir Sandy....28 February 2003

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On the day that the latest National asylum figures were announced, the leader of Kent County Council Sir Sandy Bruce-Lockhart says enough is enough.

The County Council is still supporting 4000 single adults and family members who arrived before NASS was established in April 2000 and 2100 unaccompanied minors at a record cost of £56million.

The costs are reclaimed from the Government but illustrate the workload that the council is still faced with.

Speaking on the BBC breakfast news Council Leader Sir Sandy Bruce-Lockhart was asked if the situation in Iraq was to blame.

Sir Sandy said: “Of course there is a difficult situation in Iraq but let’s not forget that for many years there was a widespread and prolonged war between Iraq and Iran and a sustained campaign by Russia in Afganistan. During that time we did not see large numbers of asylum seekers arriving.

“In 1996 we had dealt with just 50 asylum seekers by 1999 that figure had risen to 12,000. The UK is being marketed by criminal racketeers as the place where you can stay indefinitely because of the lengthy appeals processes and inefficiency of the Home Office.�

Sir Sandy added: “Kent has a proud tradition of taking in genuine asylum seekers and helping them to integrate into our society but the spiralling numbers make that more and more difficult. For humanitarian reasons we need a faster and fairer system so that the genuine refugee can have a secure future.

“Kent is supporting the highest number of unaccompanied minors of any authority in the country and continues to see between 100 and 150 new arrivals every month.

“The core issue of why so many vulnerable unaccompanied minors are undertaking highly risky journeys half way across the world, organised by criminal racketeers must be addressed.�