Greetings from the USA....27 February 2003

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Hi from across the pond.

I think the site is great, info and all.

Spent time in Folkestone. Great area. Problem-time here



Thanks Don...glad you like the site Best regards Sue Potter (Editor)


Eat Your Words treat for schoolchildren....26 February 2003

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Folkestone library celebrates World Book Day on Thursday 6 March with a fun day of events for the children from Stelling Maris RC Primary school.

The school is twinned with another primary school in Sebetta, Ethiopia and they will gather letters, drawings and other materials to exchange with them. A member of the London Ethiopian Embassy will also visit the library to read to the children.

During the day the children will have a guided tour of the new look library, museum and gallery and enjoy refreshments from the Eat Your Words café.

Sarah Hohler, KCC’s Cabinet Member for Community Services said: “The events that libraries have planned in recognition of World Book Day will get people talking about books and help them find new authors and books that they might not have considered before.�


Showbiz news

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Recap on £134,000 Windmill....25 February 2003

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Stelling Minnis Windmill in Mill Lane, off the B2068 Canterbury to Hythe Road is getting it's cap back.

This is the latest stage of restoration work on the 137-year-old smock mill, and a giant crane will be lifting the cap into place at 11am on Wednesday 26th February.

The renovation cost £134,000 and has been funded jointly by the Heritage Lottery Fund and KCC.

The mill smock frame and weatherboarding have been repaired, and later in the year the new sweeps complete with shutters will be put back.

In order to run with wind power again, trees and scrub around the mill will need to be cleared and this will be organised during the coming year.

KCC’s Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning, Grahame Weston, said: “The County Council owns a unique collection of windmills which are gradually being restored with Lottery money. When the work is completed, they will again be an outstanding feature on the Kent landscape and provide a valuable visitor and schools’ attraction.�


Yes you're right Nigel....25 February 2003

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I would agree with your comments Nigel, a council even if it has mixed views should show a consolidated front.

If a council inadvertantly shows it is divided the voters will not look at it's members with professionalism.



UK - News update

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The latest UK news from the BBC

"They don't seem to have the fortitude to say BOOO!"....24 February 2003

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Further to the letter from Wendy Bell, I am afraid I can't comment on the actual meeting when this supposed threatening behaviour took place, but I can offer this question:

Do we really need two supposedly fully grown men, who feel they can be so easily intimidated & put into a state of fear by a man, older than they, in much worse physical condition than they, to be our fearless councillors ready to do battle on our behalf?

I just hope they don't get lost wandering about the parish & find a goose loose ! What could they do, when they don't seem to have the fortitude to say BOOO!

Lou Bolechala


"They are both out to get the Chairman"....22 February 2003

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I have read your article about John Heasman being found guilty of threatening behaviour at the Parish Council meeting last July 10th.

I was at that meeting and both Cllr Trice and Cllr Smith behaved very badly. They constantly interrupted proceedings, muttering all the time. Members of the public could not even hear what they were saying.

Cllr Smith kept looking at parishioners and rolling his eyes, they were both out of order.

As for Cllr Trice saying he was frightened by remarks made by John Heasman, I find this impossible to believe.

It seems they are both out to get the Chairman, who may not be perfect but does his best for the community.

I would hope that all councillors are doing the same, but as a member of the public I sometimes find it hard to believe.

Personalities should not come into it. It was an embarrassing evening for councillors and parishioners.

Wendy Bell

41 Cricketers Close


No terrorist attack information leaflets say Shepway Council....21 February 2003

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Shepway Council has said that it has no plans to issue public information leaflets advising residents on what to do in the event of a terrorist attack on the district.

But a spokesman for the council said in a statement on Friday (February 21st) that the authority has "a robust, tried and tested major emergency plan which sets out procedures that the council, the emergency services and other partners would follow in the event of a major incident - whatever the cause.

“Any response would be co-ordinated by the police who would take the decision whether or not to alert the council and use its services.

"The council has no plans to issue ‘public information’ leaflets, as suggested by the Hawkinge Gazette, but we would like to reassure the people of Shepway that their wellbeing and safety in the event of a major incident are our prime concerns and are comprehensively addressed in our emergency plan.�

The Hawkinge Gazette contacted Shepway Council on behalf of concerned residents who have taken the Government's warning of an "imminent" terrorist attack to heart.

One local resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "With both a nuclear power station and the Channel Tunnel on our doorstep I feel we have more reason than most to fear that we might be singled out as a potential target.

"Even a minor assault on either of these facilities could have devastating consequences for the local community.

"Only last week Prime Minister Tony Blair made a statement warning of terrorist attacks and reminding the public of the need for vigilance."


Sunken car carrier gets the chop....21 February 2003

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The sunken car-carrier Tricolor will be chopped up into five pieces before being raised from the English Channel.

Per Ronnevig, a spokesman for the ship's Norwegian owners, says the 20,000 tonne vessel is too large for a crane to lift and

a long wire will be used to cut it.

He said: "We will cut it like you cut a cheese."

Three other ships have since collided with the wreck: an empty tanker called Nicola, the Turkish tanker Vicky, carrying 70,000 tons of fuel, and a vessel sent to pump out the ship's fuel tanks.

No decision has yet been made as to which tenderer will receive the contract to remove the wreck.

The owners hope the main structures will be removed by the end of August

The Tricolor sank in December after colliding with the Bahamas-registered container ship Kariba in thick fog.