Sex assault damages action halted

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Women from the region allegedly sexually attacked by a Kent consultant gynaecologist have halted a multi-million pound damages action.

The women, whose legal aid was withdrawn, said they were attacked, and some raped, by the late Rodney Ledward.

Eight lead cases against Kent and Medway Health Authority and East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust were due to start.

Investigation after Canterbury soldier dies in Iraq

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A 21-year-old soldier who was stationed in Canterbury has died on a training range in Iraq, having arrived just two days earlier following promotion.

Lance Corporal Andrew Craw, of the 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, died near Basra, the Ministry of Defence said.

An investigation has been launched into Lance Corporal Craw's death.

Village Post Office looking for new home

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Tesco have announced that they will not be operating the Post Office in the OneStop shop when then take over the business in the summer

With the competition between the the supermarket chains so fierce, they are having to maximise their shelf space.

The post offices bring in far less money per square foot than baked beans and the trend has been to close their Post Office counters.

The Post Office is looking for a new site in Hawkinge from where they could operate.

A Post Office spokesman has pledged to find an alternative site and is asking for anyone with a suitable site to contact them by phoning them on 08456 016260

Drug taking at beauty spot forces closure

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The Leader of Dover District Council has expressed serious concerns over issues that have led to the National Trust’s decision to close Langdon Cliffs at night – but he is asking the Trust to look again at long term solutions for the popular local beauty spot.

A number of concerns over antisocial behaviour has meant the National Trust has installed new gates at the entrance to the Cliffs and is locking them each evening to keep cars off the site. This was in response to problems including drug taking and littering.

Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader of DDC, said: “We are very concerned about the issues that have lead to the National Trust taking this decision, and do sympathise with the problems the Trust is experiencing. However, this is an extremely popular landmark and beauty spot, and it can not be right to deny the community access to this site because of the actions of a small minority.

We hope that the National Trust will look again at long term solutions to open up this site.�

Man charged over Dreamland ride theft

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A former Thanet Tory councillor has been charged with stealing from a campaign to save a Kent rollercoaster.

Colin Kiddell was treasurer of the Scenic Railway Trust - set up to save the historic ride at Dreamland Amusement Park in Margate, police said.

The 45-year-old, from Margate, is due to appear at Thanet Magistrates' Court on January 16 charged with theft.

Clamping down on fly tipping

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A major campaign to clamp down on fly tipping across the district needs residents to help by reporting all incidents of dumped waste.

This Fly Tipping Action Group, is supported by Dover District Council, the Police, Kent County Council, the Environment Agency and the National Farmers Union.

Initially, members of the public are being encouraged to simply report all incidents of flytipping via the District Council, leaving their contact details, the date and time they saw the flytipped rubbish, the location, what has been dumped, and details of anyone they saw, including any vehicle registration numbers. Authorities are stressing, however, that residents should not approach people suspected of flytipping by themselves, but should report it.

Cllr Andrew Richardson, DDC Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “Fly tipping is a very serious issue which poses a very real threat to both the environment and public safety. It is vital that we all work together to clamp down on illegal fly tipping�

Anyone who wishes to report incidents of fly tipping should contact the DDC Waste Line on (01304) 872428 or use the reporting form on the Council website at, click on Flytipping.

Elderly benefit from East Kent Health Screening

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A health screening programme aimed at elderly people has been launched in East Kent.

One in five who fall and break their hips will die within a year of their injuries and health chiefs are aiming to dramatically reduce these numbers with the screening scheme.

Seventy-five people broke a hip in East Kent last year, 90 per cent were suffering from osteoporosis.

All patients over sixty-five at the major hospitals in East Kent will be screened automatically for a risk of falling and if necessary for osteoporosis.

The bone disease that affects a third of all women by 50 and half of all women by 80. But, if diagnosed early, treatment is simple and effective.

Kent scientists comet success

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Scientists at the University of Kent could be instrumental in discovering the origins of the solar system.

The Stardust spacecraft which was partly designed in Kent successfully completed the first phase of its mission and collected dust particles from the Wild 2 comet.

All being well they should be returned to Earth in 2006 where scientists will try to discover details about our origins.

The Stardust spacecraft was launched five years ago for its close encounter mission with the comet.

Stardust is just a prelude to a far more ambitious mission involving the University of Kent when scientists hope to land a craft on the surface of a comet in 2012.

Getting tough on motorists

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Motorists who fail to obey rules relating to restricted junctions and right turns face more fines under plans to be detailed by ministers next week.

Drivers who clog up traffic by entering a yellow box junction or turning right across a restricted lane will have their number plates automatically photographed - or recorded by "civil enforcement officers" such as traffic wardens - and receive fines of up to £100, according to reports.

But with growing controversy over the widespread use of speed cameras and the imposition of fines, offenders are unlikely to be further punished by having penalty points added to their driving licences.

The measures will be detailed on Monday during a Commons debate on the Traffic Management Bill, which was unveiled in the Queen's Speech.

The Bill will signal a significant diversion of responsibility for traffic matters away from the police.

Weekend doctor services cut in Shepway trial

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Residents in the Shepway area are being warned their local GPs may no longer offer an emergency surgery on weekends.

As part of a three-month trial, doctors in the area will be given a choice as to whether they provide the service.

Anyone in need of treatment should still contact their local practice, which will then direct them to where they can get advice from NHS Direct.