Nursery for Dover School

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NURSERY FOR DOVER SCHOOL <FONT color=black size=2>

A proposal to establish a maintained nursery o­n the rebuilt Shatterlocks Infant School site yesterday passed its first hurdle at Kent County Council's School Organisation Advisory Board (Thursday 20 May).

Members gave their unanimous support to start a public consultation o­n the proposal, with plans for the unit to become operational in April 2005.

The school itself is in the process of being rebuilt and the inclusion of a nursery unit at this stage makes considerable budgetary sense. There is also a shortage of nursery places available in the immediate vicinity of Shatterlocks School, which this nursery would address.

There is considerable evidence that nursery schools or other pre-school provisions enable young children to take full advantage of their infant or primary school when they enter the education system, something KCC has recognised by embarking o­n an expansion scheme intended to increase the numbers of maintained nursery schools from 35 two years ago to 70 by 2006.

Cabinet Member for School Standards Leyland Ridings said: "This is a deprived area and there is a lack of nursery places close to the school. A maintained unit attached to Shatterlocks is something we are all happy to see; it is good news for the parents, kids and teachers."

Rare plant is coming home

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One of the rarest flowers in Kent is being re-introduced to its traditional home this weekend at a site on the Langdon Cliffs Dover.

The meadow clary has been in serious decline in the last decade, but the National Trust is now replanting several specimens.

The project is part of a two-day plant fair at the cliffs, which will have stalls and guided nature walks.

Greetings from Suffolk

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<FONT face="" color=black size=4>GREETINGS FROM SUFFOLK

<FONT color=black>Hi everyone,

It's now about a month since Karen, Eloise and I left Hawkinge for the joys of Suffolk so I thought that it was about time that I sent an update:

We are living in Kesgrave just outside Ipswich and it is a very nice area with very good public transport links and a selection of local shops, o­ne of which is a very useful Tesco supermarket.

The whole area is a cycling paradise - there are cycle tracks everywhere ( I've heard it quoted that this area has the most cyclists in the UK) and there are several local beauty spots that include cyclists in their plans.

Rendlesham Forest run by the forestry commision is very beatiful and has two cycle routes of 7 and 11miles although it better known for the UFO sightings that feature o­n several websites.

Alton water is a local reservoir serving Ipswich - it has a good visitor centre, sailing, fishing, canoeing, rambling and it is possible to hire all manner of pedal powered transport to use o­n the  tracks that run around the waterside.

I've spent more than a year working two days per week in Ipswich but due to time constraints I've really o­nly seen the M25/A12, a hotel room and my office so it's been excellent to find that the whole area is much prettier than we had expected.

The people seem very friendly and the pace of life seems a little slower than we had become used to - no bad thing I'm sure, combined with excellent local facilities, attractive architecture (Suffolk Pink cottages) the lifestyle certainly seems to suit us.

Eloise has settled in with her new childminder and very much enjoys her 'pre-school' group at the local community centre, she has now secured a place at the new local school which she will start to attend in September.

Please see my website
<A class=fixed href="" target=_blank><FONT face="" color=black><FONT face="" color=black> for more details of our progress,

 regards to all,

Nigel Best (Webmuppet)

Robbers make off with shopping

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<FONT face=Arial><FONT size=2><FONT color=black>All residents of Hawkinge are to be aware that at approx 1210 hrs today (21 May) there was a break in to a property in the village.

<FONT face=Arial><FONT size=2><FONT color=black>Entry was gained to the property by forcing a rear window.

A rough search of the property had been made however the owner disturbed the intruders and they then made off stealing the shopping o­n the way down the drive.

Police are looking for two white males who were seen leaving the property carrying shopping.
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Village Warden News

Ian Norman

Speeding drivers could soon be zapped

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Motorists who drive too fast in Hawkinge and other Kent villages could soon be caught by teams of volunteers zapping them with laser speed guns.

The scheme, which is due to be set up in every parish in the county will be operated by pairs of volunteers who will operate the laser hand-held devices to check the speed of approaching cars.

The information is then passed to the area traffic management officer from Kent Police and letters are sent out.

It is designed to raise awareness of speeding although persistent offenders may face fixed penalties from police.

Parish councils pay for the £160 hand-held speed indicators and fluorescent jackets.

Dover Boulogne return

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The ferry link between Dover and Boulogne has been revived after a break of 10 years.

The operators, SpeedFerries have been dogged with delays but today the first catamaran set off at 7.45am o­n the first of the five 50 minute daily crossings.

The Danish firm claim they will be offering cheap fares having learned lessons from budget airlines.

It will run a fleet of 86-metre catamarans with room for 200 cars and will o­nly be carrying people in cars, not taking any foot passengers.

Passengers who make o­nline bookings far enough in advance will be offered return fares as low as £50, whereas some cross-Channel ferry companies charge more than £100 for similar journeys.

Twins could be sent to different schools

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Sandgate twin girls Ellen and Jessica Ralph face being separated after they were not both given places at the same school.

Ellen has a statement of special needs for dyslexia and is due to attend Pent Valley School in the autumn, but her sister Jessica does not have a statement and so far does not have a place at any specific school.

The 10 year old twins, who were born two months premature, will have to wait while their case goes through the appeals process.

Spanish scam that could costa packet

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Kent County Council Trading Standards is warning of a new too good to be true Spanish lottery scam.

Letters are being sent to homes and businesses across the county telling people they have won a large amount of money and all they need to do to claim their prize is send in their bank details.

The Spanish company, La Primitiva, asks people to reply to the following address: La Primitiva, C/Cambeaso.1/B/504-B, 860028, Madrid, Spain.

KCC's lead member with responsibility for Trading Standards Paulina Stockell said: "We would advise people NOT to give out their personal bank details or signatures to any such business as they run the risk of losing a lot of money. The advice is simple, if it seems too good to be true, then it usually is."

For more information or for any other inquiries, please call Trading Standards o­n 08457 585497 or email

Keep car windows shut say Police

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<FONT color=#0000cc><FONT color=black>KEEP CAR WINDOWS SHUT SAY  POLICE<FONT size=2>

<FONT size=2><FONT color=black>Drivers in Kent are being warned to keep car windows shut to protect against thieves, despite warm weather.

Kent police said thieves often target cars left unsecured even if o­nly for short periods of time, and windows, doors and boots should stay locked.

Owners should not leave valuable objects o­n show and keep registration documents separate from the vehicle.

Questions need answers

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Dear Editor

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>I was interested to read in the paper how the Liberal Democrat Spokesman Peter Carroll claimed he knew nothing of the benefit fraud of the husband of Cllr Jenkins when it came to light.

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>I would like to know if he also claims he was ignorant of the much more serious decision to close toilets, throughout Shepway.

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black> 

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>1.   Was Peter Carroll at any Liberal Democrat meeting when the issue was discussed?

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>2.   Did Peter Carroll argue and vote against his party’s line at all occasions at all times when it was suggested that the toilets would be closed?

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>3.   Did Peter Carroll publicly denounce this decision as ludicrous and if so where did he do it?

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black> 

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>I think the people have the right to know the answers to the above questions if Peter Carroll is ever to run for Parliament for this District again.

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>Yours sincerely

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT size=2><FONT color=black><FONT face="" size=3>Jonathan Holborow

<FONT face="" size=3>Chairman Shepway Conservatives

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