Police get tough on pavement parkers

Contributed by editor on Aug 25, 2004 - 02:39 PM

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<FONT face="" color=black>Drivers who park o­n pavements are being targeted by police as part of a new crackdown.

<FONT face="" color=black>Shepway residents say that footpaths are often being blocked by cars and lorries and pedestrians have to walk in the road to get past the vehicles.

The damage caused to the kerbs and pavements is costing thousands of  pounds to repair.

<FONT face="" color=black>A Kent police spokesman said: "This type of selfish behaviour is dangerous to pedestrians."

Hall is a 'magnet for crime'

Contributed by editor on Aug 25, 2004 - 02:17 PM


Dear Ed

<FONT color=black>How many residents have walked along that nasty little alleyway between the Village Hall and the Saddle Rack shop?

<FONT color=black>If you think the rest of the hall looks bad, you should view it from there - it's a wreck!

<FONT color=black> What o­n earth are the Trustees of the hall doing about it - didn't they have quite a considerable amount of money left to them not that long ago? If so, what did they do with it?
At o­ne Parish Council meeting I went to, Mrs Brisley mentioned that the hall was going to be repaired and generally tidied up.  With all due respect to her, the hall needs something a lot more radical than she seemed to have in mind.
To repeat my original letter, the place should be condemned, it's an absolute disgrace and a magnet for crime in the area.
I am sure that if put o­n the market, someone would be interested in buying it to re-develop the site.  So come o­n Trustees, if you read this, let's hear your views.

<FONT color=black>Jean James

Tory crime reduction cuts condemned

Contributed by editor on Aug 24, 2004 - 01:17 PM

Shepway Council's Liberal Democrat group have condemned the decision of the Conservative ruling group to approve a cut of £30,000 from the budget to be spent by the Council this year o­n fighting crime and anti-social behaviour.

<FONT color=black>Group Leader Councillor David Dickinson said, "The Conservatives could have avoided making this cut, but have instead decided to spend money o­n other things. A Council that is listening to the views of local people would have known straight away that dealing with antisocial behaviour is at the top of the Shepway community's priority list."

<FONT color=black>The council plans to divert resources from crime reduction to plan a project to upgrade closed circuit television equipment.

<FONT color=black>The Lib Dem group says it strongly supports the CCTV upgrade but believes it is wrong to use people involved in the fight against anti-social behaviour to plan it.

Cricket legends to bat for Hythe

Contributed by editor on Aug 24, 2004 - 01:05 PM


<FONT color=black>World cricket legends are to raise money to rebuild the Hythe Cricket pavilion which was destoyed by fire in April of this year.

<FONT color=black>The club are hosting a match between a team of former Kent players and  captained by Martin McCague and the stars of Lashings.

<FONT color=black>The Lashings team based in Maidstone have made a name for themselves by having a host of test players from the past in their ranks.

<FONT color=black>Top names have included, Richie Richardson, Mark Waugh, Henry Olonga, Courtney Walsh, Curtley Ambrose, Stuart Williams, Craig McMillan, Chris Harris, Jimmy Adams, Junior Murray, Sherwin Cambell,  Mohamed Akram, Viv Richards, Brian Lara and Phil Tufnell.

<FONT color=black>The match at Hythe, starts at two o'clock o­n Friday (27 August) and will raise cash to pay for rebuilding work after the fire damaged toilets and changing rooms.

Olympic gold for Kent runner

Contributed by editor on Aug 24, 2004 - 09:42 AM


<FONT color=black>Kelly Holmes has claimed a gold medal in the final of the women's 800m cheered o­n by thousand of British fans in the Olympic Stadium in Athens.

<FONT color=black>Holmes from Hildenborough, near Tonbridge was seventh at the bell as American Jearl Miles Clark set a blistering pace, but she picked off her rivals as they tired o­n the last lap.

<FONT color=black>The 34-year-old former army sergeant came to Athens with the 1,500m as her favoured event and o­nly decided to compete in the 800m the night before the heats.

<FONT color=black>Kelly will now be aiming for a second Olympic title when she runs today  in the 1,500m heats.

<FONT color=black>She put the smile back o­n the faces of British sports fans after the disappointment and despair of Paula Radcliffe's marathon agony.

Wardens help youngsters build a better future

Contributed by editor on Aug 23, 2004 - 04:54 PM


<FONT color=black>Young people from Lydd who took part in a Kent County Council building project are to have their efforts recognised at a special awards presentation o­n Thursday (26 August).

<FONT color=black>The project was set up by the council's Kent community wardens in Lydd, Shuna Body and Michael Turton, who spoke to local youngsters to find out what skills they wanted to learn. The young people expressed an interest in learning basic building skills so the community wardens contacted local builder Clive Goddard to set up a special training programme.

<FONT color=black>Ten young people from the Lydd area aged 14 - 16 took part in the programme and learned a range of building skills which they then put into practice, carrying out maintenance and building jobs across the town including building a new flower bed at Lydd House and repairing the church wall.

<FONT color=black>Three of the young people have now found jobs in the building trade and a further three have enrolled o­n building-related college courses.

<FONT color=black>KCC's Lead Member for Community Services Michael Hill said: "This is a fantastic project and the work these young people have carried out has been a real boost for the whole community in Lydd. I am delighted to reward them for all their efforts and congratulate them for the excellent example they have set for other young people. I would also like to thank our community wardens in Lydd for setting up this valuable programme."

<FONT color=black>The awards presentation will take place from 2pm - 4pm at Lydd Youth Set, Lydd.

Tories attack Government over refugee camp close to tunnel

Contributed by editor on Aug 22, 2004 - 09:01 AM


<FONT color=black>A new refugee camp near the site of  the former Sangatte centre in France, shows ministers are losing their grip o­n immigration, the Tories say.

<FONT color=black>Hundreds have flocked to the shanty town in a forest close to the Channel Tunnel near the site of the now defunct Sangatte centre.
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Shadow home secretary David Davis said it was a sign that the carefully constructed deal between Britain and France to shut Sangatte had failed.

Two killed in North Kent aircraft crash

Contributed by editor on Aug 21, 2004 - 10:06 PM

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Two people have died after their microlight aircraft crashed on cliffs near  Warden Point on the Isle of Sheppey.

<FONT color=black>Emergency services were called to the scene after members of the public reported seeing the plane disintegrate in the air.

<FONT color=black>Thames Coastguard said they had received a number of 999 calls from locals who witnessed the crash.

<FONT color=black>Emergency teams said the bodies were recovered by coastguards, but that their identities have yet to be established.

The Civil Aviation Authority are investigating the crash.

Man rescued from breakwater

Contributed by editor on Aug 20, 2004 - 08:28 PM


<FONT color=black>A man had to be rescued from the sea at Folkestone after he was cut off from the shore by the incoming tide.

<FONT color=black>Kent Fire and Rescue  emergency crews were called shortly before 2.00am this morning (20 August) to help reach the man, who was trapped o­n a concrete breakwater at the East Pier in Folkestone.
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They used an extension ladder to reach the man, who was thought to be suffering from hyperthermia.

He was taken to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford for treatment.

Romans in Dover

Contributed by editor on Aug 20, 2004 - 04:17 PM

<FONT color=black size=4>ROMANS IN DOVER

<FONT color=black>Battling gladiators and armed centurions are helping to bring home the point of the impact the Romans had o­n British life - at a major exhibition o­n the Romans in East Kent.

<FONT color=black>The exhibition now open at Dover Museum looks at 400 years of Roman life in Britain using models, displays and reconstructions, as well as original objects discovered at local sites across East Kent.

<FONT color=black>Mark Frost, Senior Assistant Curator at the Museum, said: "The Roman Invasion of AD43 was o­ne of the most significant events in British history. Most Britons eventually adopted the Roman way of life and many lived in villas or town houses and wore togas, like any other citizen of the Roman Empire."

<FONT color=black>The updated Romans and Britons exhibition is open now and runs to 26 June 2005.

<FONT color=red>Entry to Dover Museum is free to local residents upon providing proof of residence.