Centre of attention for Hawkinge

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The Hawkinge Partnership’s new community office in Canterbury Road is now open giving residents and service providers the chance to share their ideas o­n how the base will develop as a community resource.

Anne Hutt, a resident member of the Partnership Board, said: “The community office provides an excellent resource for local residents. It’s an information point where they can find out what’s going o­n in Hawkinge and where to access services or facilities. It also has a computer for public use. People will be able to keep in touch with family by e-mail and surf the web and students can use the facility to help their studies.â€?

Chairman of the Partnership, Jan Doyle, said: �The office is a much-needed community resource. Twenty local residents are now members of the Partnership and the office has been designed to allow them access to computer, telephone, fax, photocopier and other facilities to support their work.

“The office has a meeting room and a base for service providers, where they can offer surgeries, information or support sessions to help local residents to access their services more easily. The base also houses the Neighbourhood Management team and local community warden.�

The work of the Partnership is funded through the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister’s National Pathfinder programme which supports local people in working with service providers to improve public services to meet their needs.

Folkestone Camera Club Awards night

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On Friday 6th May, we held our Annual Dinner and Awards Night, which concludes our 2004\2005 photographic season.

It was a very successful evening with our guest speaker, Mr Clive Tanner giving us a very interesting talk mostly about his photographic experiences. 

Clive is a very experienced photographer and his ‘forte’ is church and catherdral interiors.   It was so entertaining, in fact, that you could hear a pin drop and I know we all could have listened to him and seen more of his prints,  for a lot longer.  

After his speech, we asked him to present the awards to the winners of the various trophies, which were:-

Len Charles Trophy
(Holiday Task –slides with commentary)
Robert Brisley

Peter Heritage Trophy
(Set Subject –Modern Technology)
Jerry Watson

Reg Walker Trophy
(Best of This Seasons Slides)                   
Brian Collins

St Aubyns Trophy
(Best Landscape Print)
Frank Barraclough

Challenge Trophy
(Highest Scorer in Slides & Prints in all Competitions)
Dave Turner


NOVICE   - James Wraight
INTERMEDIATE  - Michael Chalk
ADVANCED   - David Hughes
NOVICE  - Glen Yorke
INTERMEDIATE - Muriel Hilliard
ADVANCED  - Marie-Laure Stone

MONOCHROME  - David Hughes
NOVICE   - Glen Yorke
INTERMEDIATE  - Bill Grudgings
ADVANCED   - Robert Brisley
MEDIUM FORMAT  -  Vic Fowler
Many of the above winning photographs, can be seen o­n our website at  where we also have many Links to Photography related and other Shops.

On 5th May we had the annual Eurotunnel Battle with Gateway, Deal and Canterbury Camera Clubs at Gateway (Dover), where Gateway won by a very close lead – we came 3rd, but we have won it for the last two years, so it is o­nly fair that we let others win sometime !

Our next venture will be our annual outing, which is to be to Hendon R.A.F. Museum o­n 5th June.we all look forward to an enjoyable day.

The Annual General Meeting will be held in July.

Our new season will commence in September at the United Reform Community Hall, Castle Hill Avenue,  Folkestone at 7.45pm.  New members are always welcome, if interested please phone Mrs Jenny Barraclough (Press Officer) 01303 245399, or e mail

Spirited win ends season on a high note

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Hythe, Folkestone & District Sunday Morning league
Hawkinge 8 v  Bar Vasa 2

By Cyril Trice

In the last game of the season this was the result the Hawkinge side needed.

The first few games of the season had seen the team perform poorly but they finally got their act together and finished o­n a high.

It was Bar Vasa who got the first goal after 5 minutes, but their enjoyment was short lived  with Johnny Walker putting Hawkinge level with a volley 10 minutes later.

It was Johnny Walker again who scored his second to put the village side ahead with a back flick from his team mate Tom Whellan. Mike Yianni headed in a 3rd after 30minutes and Adam Lamar put a 4th in the back of the net minutes later.

Another from Mike Yianni made it 5 and not to be outdone Adam Lamar potted home his second of the march.

Bar Vasa did pull o­ne back just before half time but it was to be their last.

In the second half the visiting team fought back well but were unable get back into the match.

It was Hawkinge who put away two more goals, the first from Mike Woodmore and what could have been more fitting than the last scored was by  Hawkinge team manager Chris Yianni, who played in this last league game.

A good clean and enjoyable match and a good result for Hawkinge fans.

Latest local crime 02/05/05 to 08/05/05

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COUNTRY EYE - NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Crime Sheet 02/05/05 to 08/05/05

Crime Sheet 02/05 to 08/05



Between 0356hrs & 0357hrs 02/05/05

Burglary Other


Offender unknown has entered garage through the insecure side door and stolen items



Between 1800hrs 30/04/05 & 0930hrs 02/05/05

Burglary Other


Ip has reported the theft from a shed at the rear of the garden. During the same time the car was entered.  There was no damage, no known method of entering the car and nothing taken.



Between 0453hrs & 0456hrs 04/05/05

Burglary Other


Patrol attended the scene following a 999 call from fire brigade following a report of a break in to the property and setting off of alarm



Between 0320hrs & 0327hrs 07/05/05

Burglary Other


In early hours a red vehicle VRM K242RKR has reversed past the bus stop o­n to the curb, past the 2 x barriers in front doors & has diagonally struck the front doors twice.



Between 1200hrs 07/05/05 & 0500hrs 08/05/05



Shed open and a trowel taken from the shed and used to damage the back boundary fence.



Between 0001hrs 26/04/05 & 1600hrs 04/05/05



Ip reports that a window catch had been broken. He looked outside at the window and there were two marks o­n the window frame.



Between 1845hrs & 1915hrs 08/05/05



IP and his wife were in the bar.  The stolen mobile phone was in the pocket of the jacket.  IP's wife was sitting o­n the jacket.  A woman in the bar picked up a child and in doing this a drink was spilled o­nto the jacket.  IP's wife therefore moved the jacket to hang it o­n the hooks under the bar.  IP and wife then continued to chat to the bar staff.  IP and his wife and some friends decided to go o­nto another pub at about 1900 hrs and they looked for the jacket with the mobile in the pocket and found it had been stolen.



If you have any information in relation to any crime. Please contact the Watch Office o­n 01304 218151 or ring Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 You do not have to give your name and you maybe eligible for a reward.

To Report suspicious incidents and problems you cannot resolve yourself 01303 850055


To report crime that has happened to you and the offenders have gone 01303 289134

If you would like to help with Neighbourhood Watch or would like to know more about what is involved, you can contact the Neighbourhood Watch & Parish Liaison Office at Dover Police Station o­n 01304 21815

Hawkinge Parish Council Agenda 11 May 2005

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TO:  Parish Councillors

You are hereby summoned to attend the Annual Meeting of Hawkinge Parish Council to be held in the Village Hall o­n Wednesday, 11th May 2005 at 7.30 p.m.

Clerk to Council



1            Election of Chairman

            Chairman to sign Declaration of Acceptance of Office


2            Election of Vice-Chairman


3          Parish Council Working Groups

To appoint councillors to serve o­n the Council’s working groups for the ensuing year.   Councillors serving 2004/05 were as follows:

Community Liaison Group  (Cllrs. Brisley, Newton)

Planning and Development Group (Cllrs. Trice, Heasman)

Football Project Group (Cllrs. Trice, Hodgson, Punnett)

Finance (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Cllr. Heasman)

Public Rights of Way (Cllrs. Callahan, Punnett)


4          Other Bodies

            To appoint representatives to serve o­n the following bodies:

Neighbourhood Management Partnership: (Cllr. Hodgson)

Village Hall Management Committee (Cllrs. Brisley, Heasman)

Shepway Area Committee, Kent Association of Parish Councils

(Cllrs. Heasman, Hodgson)

School Governors (Churchill and Hawkinge County Primary) and Trustee (Executive Committee, Hawkinge Community Centre) are appointed to serve for o­ne Term of Office.


5            Apologies


6          Minutes

To confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting held o­n 13th April 2005 (already circulated)


7            Declarations of Interest

Councillors should disclose personal or prejudicial interest/s in any item/s o­n this agenda.  Councillors with a personal interest must describe and give details of the interest.  Unless the personal interest amounts to a prejudicial interest, he/she may participate fully in the meeting.   A prejudicial interest is o­ne in which a member of the public, with knowledge of the relevant facts, would reasonably regard as so significant that it is likely to prejudice a Councillor’s judgement of the public interest.   Anyone with a prejudicial interest must, unless an exception applies or a dispensation has been issued, withdraw from the meeting room.

Whenever possible, and if in doubt, advice should be sought from the Clerk prior to the meeting.


8          Matters arising out of the Minutes

       (a) Allotments

            Chairman to report o­n an informal meeting.

       (b) Community Centre Car Park

             Chairman to advise councillors of present situation.


9          Reports

Community Liaison Group  (Cllr. Brisley)

Planning and Development Group (Cllr. Trice)

Finance (Chairman)

Public Rights of Way (Cllr. Callahan)


10            Hawkinge Football Ground

Management of the Ground – Cllr. Hodgson


The Football Project – Cllr. Trice


11        Spitfire Leisuredrome

HY&CSC Lease – Chairman to report


12        Finance

       (a) Audit 2004/05

To receive a report from the Internal Auditor (audit to take place o­n 9th May)

To approve the Income & Expenditure, VAT Control and Balance Sheet prepared by the Clerk (enc.).

A copy of the Council’s Risk Assessment that will be reviewed by the Finance Group when it meets this month is enclosed. 

The Council will be asked to sign the Statement of Assurance that forms part of the Audit Return at the June meeting.

       (b) KAPC – renewal of membership for 2005/06 (copies of accounts for 2003/04 and 

2004/05 are enclosed)


       (c) Children’s Entertainment

To authorise the Clerk to book entertainers for August 2005.

       (d) The Bumble Bee Alliance

             Request for a donation (enc.)

       (e) Payments

            To approve payment of the accounts presented at the meeting (list enc.) 

Would councillors please contact the Clerk before the meeting if they have any queries concerning the accounts.


13        Correspondence

       (a) Shepway District Council

Crime and Disorder Strategy 2005 – 2008 (5 copies)

Planning Policy Survey – Local Development Framework (enc.)

       (b) Kent Police – Special Recruitment Campaign (enc.)

       (c) Kent County Council – Minerals and Waste Discussion Pack (enc.)


14        Plans

A list of planning applications received since the last meeting is attached.

The following plan will be considered at the meeting:

Y05/0546/SH North of Gibraltar Lane and land between southern by-pass and Aerodrome Road: erection of 79 houses and flats being details pursuant to outline planning permission Y03/0903/SH.


Please contact Cllr. Trice if you would like to see the plans before the meeting.


15            Webster Way Bollards – Cllr. Hogben



            To resolve that because publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by

Reason of the confidential nature of business to be transacted the public (including the Press) be excluded from the meeting pursuant to the provision of sub section 100 & 102 of the Local Government Act, 1972.


17            HY&CSC Lease

Chairman to report


18            Memorial Garden

Cllr. Hogben to report (enclosures)


19            Hawkinge Football Ground

Encroachment of Parish Council land – Chairman to report


20        Village Hall – Site for Substation

Chairman to report (letter from EDF Energy enclosed).


21        Matters referred to the confidential section during the course of the meeting.

Typical eh!

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Sorry folks that we missed the Tesco Express story, but we have o­nly just returned from holiday.

I'm sure you are all aware of the burglary last Wednesday and the subsequent  raid early o­n Saturday morning when a red vehicle was spotted reversing into the front doors of the store.

We'll have to try an arrange our holidays at a less newsy time in future.

Thank you

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Dear Ed

You can imagine how pleased I was to see the result of the County Council election in the Hawkinge Gazette.  It's seeing the result o­n screen that somehow makes it real. 

I'd like to thank all those who voted for me, all those who helped with the campaign and assure everyone that I am there to help everyone however they voted.  And they did vote! Turnout was an amazing 75.6% which shows that people are not apathetic as the media often makes out.

Just for the record - Michael Howard doubled his majority and the Conservatives won all six of the County Council seats.

Susan Carey

Face-lift for cop shop

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The front counter and reception at Folkestone police station is getting a face-lift to make it more accessible and welcoming for visitors.

Whilst the work is taking place, a temporary front counter reception is available from a portable office at the front of the entrance pathway to Folkestone police station at Bouverie House in Bouverie Road West.

The front counter will be open from 8am-6pm, seven days a week.

There is also a public access telephone at the front door of the police station that is available 24 hours a day.

Environment message from local ladies

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May is the month that all WI members are given the chance to vote o­n the two resolutions that the WI as a whole will adopt for the coming year.  There is quite a build up to this as at a Federation meeting held in January we were given a short list of five topics, voting took place and the East Kent Federation’s choices were duly sent to National.  They then collate all the voting from the Federations across the country and inform each WI which of the resolutions are to be considered. 

Then there is a further local meeting for us to meet the experts in the field of those topics chosen and where we are able to ask any questions that may occur to us.  Whew, that took some explaining!

Prior to the meeting proper we have lunch together.  This is prepared and served by the committee and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  A big thank you goes to them for the hard work they put in to make the meal such a success.  Of course after that it would be nice to have a little nap but no such luck! 

On to the meeting, after wishing Happy Birthday to some of our members and conducting the business side of the meeting we had two lively debates o­n the issues presented in each of the resolutions.

The first was concerned with Farmgate Milk Prices: “this meeting urges WI members to do all in their power to raise public awareness of the unfair differences between the retail prices of milk and the price paid to the farmer� and was presented by Ruth Prior.

The second was Care of Our Environment: “this meeting calls o­n WI members to take further action to reduce waste and conserve resources in their own homes and communities; to lobby manufacturers, retailers and decision makers to reduce waste in the production, packaging and transportation of public consumer goodsâ€? and was presented by Gillian Philcox. 

After a much needed cup of tea, we were entertained with a short comedy put o­n by the Drama Group.  A welcome relief from all the debating that had just taken place!  Well done and many thanks Drama Group. Being May the competition was for a miniature May Pole; winner Linda Barnes.

Our next meeting will be held o­n Tuesday 7 June, the speaker is Mrs Ward and her subject “Over the Pond and Down Underâ€? sounds quite intriguing   June’s competition is for a Holiday Memento.  Do come along if you have a spare afternoon, you would be made very welcome.  Contact either the Secretary o­n 01303 893858 or the President o­n 01303 891734 for more details.

Linda Barnes

Port to host America gala

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Dover Cruise Port will ooze America when Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship Pride of America visits in June for its inaugural celebrations.

Embracing all things Hawaiian, NCL will be hosting an onboard ‘luau’ as 1700 travel agents and VIPs become the first guests to step on board the newly built 81,000 tonne ship – complete with eye-catching Stars and Stripes emblazoned on its hull.

Dover is the first port of call for the Pride of America as it makes its way from the Bremerhaven shipyard in Germany to its final cruising destination. 

“We are honoured that NCL has chosen Dover to host this unique opportunity for the UK travel industry to preview its revolutionary Freestyle Cruising concept,� said Kate O’Hara, the port’s Head of Commercial and Marketing.