Romans in Dover

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<FONT color=black size=4>ROMANS IN DOVER

<FONT color=black>Battling gladiators and armed centurions are helping to bring home the point of the impact the Romans had o­n British life - at a major exhibition o­n the Romans in East Kent.

<FONT color=black>The exhibition now open at Dover Museum looks at 400 years of Roman life in Britain using models, displays and reconstructions, as well as original objects discovered at local sites across East Kent.

<FONT color=black>Mark Frost, Senior Assistant Curator at the Museum, said: "The Roman Invasion of AD43 was o­ne of the most significant events in British history. Most Britons eventually adopted the Roman way of life and many lived in villas or town houses and wore togas, like any other citizen of the Roman Empire."

<FONT color=black>The updated Romans and Britons exhibition is open now and runs to 26 June 2005.

<FONT color=red>Entry to Dover Museum is free to local residents upon providing proof of residence.

£1b bids roll in for Saga sale

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The potential sale of East Kent-based financial services and holiday group Saga has received at least 10 bids exceeding £1bn, it has been reported.

Private equity groups are leading the charge to take over the business, based in Folkestone.

The business, which was founded by Sidney de Haan in 1951, has 9% of the over-50s motor insurance market and covers 5% of their homes.

As well as holidays for the over 50's, Saga runs share dealing services and operates two radio stations. It also publishes a magazine with a circulation of nearly 600,000.

Last year was the group's 12th consecutive one of profits growth. Turnover was £383m.

The proceeds of the Saga sale will go to Roger de Haan and family trusts.

Council to impound shopping trolleys

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<FONT color=black>In a bid to cut the number abandoned shopping trolleys o­n the streets Ashford Borough Council is to start charging superstores for their return.

<FONT color=black>A compound has been set up following a high level of complaints. A council spokesman said trolleys would be taken there if stores did not collect them.

<FONT color=black>The shops will then have to pay for the council to release them.

Boot fair with a difference

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<FONT color=black>Forty five people have booked already for the boot sale with a difference in Capel-le-Ferne.

<FONT color=black>The event o­n September 5th will see residents open their garages to the public and sell anything and everything.

<FONT color=black>You can get a map of all the venues from the Village Hall in Capel for just 50p.

<FONT color=black>The garages will be open between 10 o'clock and 4.

Dramatic drop in child road casualties

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<FONT color=black>Figures released have shown a dramatic decrease in child road casualties in Dover- with numbers  dropping by two thirds over two years.

<FONT color=black>Child road casualty figures are recorded at 30 in 2001, 20 in 2002 and 10 in 2003.

<FONT color=black>This news follows a major safety initiative by the Highways Unit at Dover District Council and Kent County Council to make sure people understand the importance of road safety. The safety campaign involved road and signing improvements and work with schools and communities to reinforce safety messages to improve the care taken by drivers and children when out and about. Work included a series of 'Childlife' signs, designed by children, which can be seen around the area.

<FONT color=black>Cllr Nigel Collor, DDC Cabinet Member for Access said: "It is great to see all of the hard work making a real difference. These are the lives of children not just statistics. We hope everyone continues to take care o­n the road, and we will do everything we can to make our highways as safe as possible for children and adults everywhere."

Shepway makes £1m cuts

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<FONT color=black size=4>SHEPWAY MAKES £1M CUTS

<FONT color=black>The new man who holds the purse strings at Shepway Council has confirmed the savings of nearly £1m needed to meet budget reductions forced o­n the council by Government capping of its council tax.

<FONT color=black>The council had to identify savings of £961,000 to meet the capping demand.

They have pledged to save £100,000 by improving efficiency and £125,000 will be saved by putting a freeze o­n non-priority spending and vacant posts.

Cllr David Monk, District Secretary for Finance, said this week that most of the savings would be in line with those put forward to a meeting of the full council earlier in the month.

<FONT color=black>But he said that the proposed £20,000 cut in grants given to local sports clubs and organisations would not go ahead.

<FONT color=black>“We believe these small grants can be of tremendous help to our local clubs across the district. The proposed £20,000 cut in grants will therefore not now be going ahead.�

<FONT color=black>Cllr Monk also said that the council would make a contribution to the Metropole Arts  Centre - which faced losing a grant of £24,000 a year.

<FONT color=black>It would also be looking to reinstate support for the council’s civic team. “The civic and ceremonial role of the council’s chairman and vice-chairman is an intrinsic part of Shepway life. We want to help restore civic pride in Shepway and supporting the civic team is o­ne way of demonstrating our commitment.â€?

<FONT color=black>Cllr Monk said he had been able to relax the grip o­n the budget because the original £961,000 savings forced o­n the council by capping had been offset by a £40,000 reduction in the predicted overspend in the highways budget.

<FONT color=black>“Because of the new working arrangements between Shepway Council and Kent County Council, covering services like highways, the projected overspend of £80,000 has been reduced by half.�

<FONT color=black>Councillor Monk and Council Leader, Cllr Robert Bliss, also said that public toilets earmarked for closure at the end of September, would be open as usual until the end of the financial year.

<FONT color=black>“Public toilets across the district, apart from those that o­nly operate during the summer season, will remain open until the end of March. We will then be making sure that they are accounted for in future budgets,â€? said Cllr Bliss.

Hawkinge remembered : reply to John Tilly's letter from Australia.

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<FONT color=black>

<FONT color=black>Dear John

<FONT color=black>I hope that this letter will bring back a few memories.

<FONT color=black>My name is  Joan Brisley and I have lived in Hawkinge for 74 years. My son Victor Brisley went to Hawkinge Primary school from 1951 to 1957.

<FONT color=black>His friends were the Carter boys Garry and Garvin. Their dad was manager of the Co-op at the bottom of Aerodrome Road.

<FONT color=black>I have some photos which I will get sorted out for you.

<FONT color=black>The Mile Stone cafe is now the Caravan Sales business at the top of Coombe Wood Lane.

<FONT color=black>Uphill Farm was run by John's grandparents Mr and Mrs Fred Bilson but is no longer there as it has been demolished. It stood at the entrance to what is now Harvest Way.

<FONT color=black>Hollands the butchers is now a Chinese Takeaway and Mr and Mrs Holland live in Folkestone.

<FONT color=black>Trevor Hallett lives near Radnor Garage and Graham Hallett lives in the Alkham Valley.  When I see them again I will mention your name John.

<FONT color=black>Hawkinge Primary School is still there but the Post Office has been demolished and extra classrooms built.

<FONT color=black>Pepins the Newsagents is a small Tesco supermarket, Collins the Shoe Shop was a bakers but is now an Indian Takeaway, and the Chemist is run by Mr Lama from Tibet who looks after us well.

<FONT color=black>The Hardware store is still there but now sells cards , artistic candles and novelties, but no screws or nails.

<FONT color=black>The SVS store next to the village hall is a Horse Tack shop.

<FONT color=black>Albert Linch passed away several years ago, but Peggy and Sharon are still about and David Linch is a Surgeon.

<FONT color=black>Andrew Close still lives in Hawkinge. Kenny Matcham and Kevin Burns both live in Folkestone.  MrAshford is no longer at Radnor House, it is now a Nursing  Home for handicapped young people.

<FONT color=black>When I see the people you have mentioned, I'll get news of them for you. Incidentally I knew your grandparents Mr and Mrs Tilly quite well. They lived at 2 Vicarage Lane Elham before emigrating to Australia.

<FONT color=black>Next door at 3 Vicarage Lane lived my friend John Carey.

<FONT color=black>I knew both your Mum and Dad and Uncle.

<FONT color=black>There will be no more Battle of Britain filming o­n the Airfield as it is now a giant housing estate and behind the Village Hall which is still standing, there is a large Community Centre, with the top half now a Baptist Chapel. The original Chapel which was in The Street  is now a private house.

<FONT color=black>The Tin Church of St Lukes was burnt down and a new church was built in it's place with a church hall at the rear.

<FONT color=black>Joan Brisley

P&O embark on cost cutting exercise

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<FONT color=black>A cost-cutting exercise is being embarked upon by ferry operator P&O because the company's passenger and freight services have lost out to strong competition.

<FONT color=black>The ferry operator said low cost air deals had been particularly damaging.

<FONT color=black>P&O lost £25m in the first half of this year. More details of the cuts are expected to be made in September.

Demolish the Village Hall?

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Dear Ed

What a great improvement the new Tesco Express store is.  In fact the whole shops area seems to be a lot tidier now.

The o­nly big let-down is that awful village hall - what an ugly eye-sore!! 

We now have the Community Centre, so can't that horrible old building be demolished and something better take its place? 

What about a few more shop units (hairdressers, florists??) with flats above for example? 

Anyone else got any ideas?

Jean James

Get ready to rock at the library

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<FONT color=black>Local libraries are shedding their quiet image in the name of rock-and-roll for a fantastic new give-away!

An exclusive signed guitar from the film School of Rock is up-for-grabs in a new competition in libraries across the county.

<FONT color=black>Paramount Films have given Kent County Council a replica acoustic guitar from the film signed by lead-actor Jack Black so we are holding a special competition with the guitar as a prize. The movie was a big hit at the cinema this summer and features Jack Black as a hell-raising guitarist who becomes a substitute teacher and turns his young students into a class of rock-and-rollers!

<FONT color=black>The film is now available to rent and enjoy from your local library and all libraries will have at least o­ne DVD and o­ne video of the film in stock. Special entry forms are available in all libraries so rent your copy now to get the chance to walk away with this fantastic rock and roll prize!

<FONT color=black>The competition runs until Friday 17 September when the prize draw will be made. The winner will be presented with the guitar at a special prize giving at his or her local library at the end of September.