Tory sums dont add up

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<FONT face="" color=black size=4>TORY SUMS DONT ADD UP

<FONT face="" color=black>Dear Ed

I never thought I would say this, but were the Shepway Liberal Democrat councillors right all along when they blamed the previous tory administration for leaving the accounts in a mess.

<FONT face="" color=black>I dont know if you have seen the Consevative Party in Shepway leaflet which is dropping through doors now.

<FONT face="" color=black>Talking about the 10,000 signature petition against closing the loos in Shepway the STOP PRESS banner now claims a further 9,000 signatures.

<FONT face="" color=black>They proudly say "That makes over 15,000".

<FONT face="" color=black>Well I make it 19,000 which according to my "O" level maths is 4,000 more than the 15,000 calculated by the tories.

<FONT face="" color=black>Did anyone pass maths "O" level in the Tory Party?

Embarrassed former Tory voter

Shepway boss to retire

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4><P align=left>

Shepway District Council’s Chief Executive, Ron Thompson, is to retire from the authority.

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<P align=left>Mr Thompson, who will be 60 in September, has been Chief Executive for 12 years. His service with the council goes back to local government reorganisation in 1974 when he was appointed Council Secretary and Solicitor.

<P align=left>

<P align=left>Mr Thompson said he had enjoyed serving the council and the people of Shepway but said he was looking forward to his retirement. He will leave the authority in the middle of June.

<P align=left>

<P align=left>"I have had a very happy and fulfilling career with the council. However, I will soon be 60 and decided that I would like to enjoy the summer months relaxing with my family."

<P align=left>

<P align=left>Council Leader, Cllr Linda Cufley, paid tribute to the Chief Executive.

<P align=left>

<P align=left>"Mr Thomson has worked very hard for the council and the people of Shepway. He has always been willing to give advice and guidance to members and staff and everyone has appreciated the efforts he has made over the years. He will be greatly missed but we wish him a long and happy retirement."

Home owners may qualify for repairs grant

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<P align=left>

Home owners could get practical and financial help towards the cost of essential repairs to their property.

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<P align=left>Shepway Council is offering funding, through grants and interest free loans, in a bid to help vulnerable people who might not be able to tackle essential repair work and to help improve the state of run-down properties generally.

<P align=left>

<P align=left>Cllr Brian Copping, Cabinet member for Care and Support, said tackling housing standards in the private sector was o­ne of the council’s priorities.

<P align=left>

<P align=left>"We haven’t got a blank cheque and need to target our funding at those people who are most vulnerable and at the worst properties. We are not talking about cosmetic work, but essential repairs like leaking roofs."

<P align=left>

<P align=left>"Improving the quality of our private sector housing stock will not o­nly affect the health and wellbeing of individuals living in a particular property, but will also improve neighbourhoods generally."

<P align=left>

<P align=left>As well as offering limited financial funding, the council will offer practical support through its Home Improvement Agency, Shepway Care and Repair, which can help identify what work needs to be done and advise o­n how to find the right builder.

<P align=left>

<P align=left>People living in private rented accommodation who believe their homes are in serious disrepair or lack basic facilities like hot water are also advised to contact the council, which could ultimately take enforcement action against landlords.

<P align=left>

<P align=left>Anyone who would like more information should contact the council’s Pollution and Housing Team o­n 01303 852 549

Howard launches national poster campaign

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Tory Party Leader  and Folkestone and Hythe MP Michael Howard launched a series of posters that marked the start of a national poster campaign. It will be supported by a national grassroots marketing campaign and an email marketing campaign. "Let Down By Labour" will be o­ne of the themes used by Conservatives in the June election campaign.

Launching the Let Down By Labour: The real Labour Manifesto, Michael Howard said: "In the last five months, I have spent a lot of time outside London. I have been all over Britain, meeting people, talking to them, listening to their concerns. Over and over again, they say o­ne thing to me. They feel let down. They feel let down by Labour.

"Tony Blair promised us that "things could o­nly get better". But after seven years, people see that little has changed. They know that Labour have let them down. Tony Blair promised that there would be no tax increases at all. But Labour have put taxes up sixty-six times. That's the equivalent of £5,000 for every household in the country. Council tax has gone through the roof, up by 70 per cent since Labour came to office. Labour have let us all down o­n tax.

"And despite Labour's many tax increases, we have little to show for it. We are a first-rate country with second-rate public services. In our schools today, o­ne in three children leave primary education unable to read, write and count properly. Children played truant a million times last year. What hope do we have of the future of our country if our children don't even go to school?"

Mr Howard continued: "In our hospitals, patients - many of them elderly and frail - still have to suffer the indignity of mixed sex wards. There are still a million people o­n NHS waiting lists. For some, the delay could genuinely mean the difference between life and death. Labour have let patients down.

"Britain deserves better. The Conservatives offer a clear alternative to Labour. We want Britain to have the first-class public services we deserve.

"I want to lead a government that means what it says. It will not say o­ne thing to o­ne interest group and something else to another. It will be consistent in its approach - chasing results, not newspaper headlines. I want to lead a government that is proud of Britain, stands up for Britain and wants the best for Britain. I want to lead a government that won't let you down."

The Wizard of Wine Returns

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>THE WIZARD OF WINE RETURNS

Wine enthusiasts and novices alike can raise a glass and glean insider tips from well-known wine author and broadcaster Oz Clarke, o­n board the award-winning SeaFrance Rodin o­n Saturday 15 May 2004.

Passengers will have the chance to taste a selection of wines and share Oz Clarke’s advice o­n the best French and New World wines, all included in the SeaFrance crossing price from £10 for foot passengers.  A selection of wine houses offering French wines will also be present offering tastings.

Commenting o­n the event, SeaFrance’s managing director, Robin Wilkins said: Last year’s relationship with Oz was really successful therefore we are delighted to be welcoming Oz Clarke back o­n board our flagship, the SeaFrance Rodin.  o­ne of the main reasons people travel to France with us is to stock up and try new wines so this is an excellent opportunity to give our customers added value and a great crossing.

Oz will be o­n board both the 12.15 and the 16.15 return Dover - Calais SeaFrance Rodin sailings o­n Saturday 15 May 2004.

To book and for further information o­n the wine tasting event, call 08705 711 711 or visit, which features Oz Clarke specialist guide to the wine regions of France.

SeaFrance operates the newest and largest cross-Channel ferry, the SeaFrance Rodin, and has teamed up with Oz Clarke, the well-known wine expert and broadcaster, for a second year throughout 2004.

For further information and Oz Clarke’s guide to the wine regions of France visit the website at

Zeebrugge Raid remembered

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>ZEEBRUGGE RAID REMEMBERED

The Zeebrugge Raid, o­ne of the First World War's most daring actions was marked in Dover o­n Friday. 

It was launched from the Port o­n St George's Day 1918 and despite the massive loss of lives was crucial in helping to end the conflict.

At the time Zeebrugge was being used as a fuelling station by German U-boats.

Men of the Royal Navy and Marines sank three concrete-filled ships in the harbour to block it.

Eleven VCs were won, a record for a single engagement.

Port fights any Eurotunnel rescue plan

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The Port of Dover has told the government it must not be disadvantaged by any rescue plan for its financially troubled competitor.

"Based o­n financial justification we all know that the Channel Tunnel should never have been built in the first place," said Chief Executive Bob Goldfield. "Now that it has been proven to be a financial disaster, it is imperative for the Port of Dover that any rescue plan does not allow for the debt to be written off and the operation run from a clean sheet of paper."

The Port of Dover took the opportunity to remind Minister for Transport, Tony McNulty, that it is closely monitoring the developing situation at Eurotunnel during a fact-finding visit to the port.

The minister, along with Dover MP Gwyn Prosser and South East MEP Mark Watts, met the chairman of Dover Harbour Board Robert Dibble, Bob Goldfield and the port’s Head of Corporate Affairs Howard Holt.

The port team had a shopping list of rail and road issues to discuss:

* Dover must be connected to London with a passenger rail journey time of o­ne hour utilising the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL)

* The port has obtained EU money for the FINESSE project to study the reintroduction of rail freight to the port. The government must improve the rail network between Dover and London to allow the development of intermodal rail freight services using both the CTRL and the existing lines to and around London

* The A20 road needs to be upgraded by the addition of crawler lanes o­n the steep gradients between Dover and Folkestone, and the improvement of traffic flows in Townwall Street (location of the o­nly traffic lights and roundabouts o­n the main international route from Scotland to Italy)

* The A2 road approaching Dover contains lengths of single carriageway which are inadequate for such a strategic route. Previous plans for a full dualling of this last five miles need to be implemented.

Bob Goldfield added: "We are following up this discussion with the Minister by holding a further round of meetings with the Strategic Rail Authority and the Highways Agency who are the government’s delivery agencies for rail and roads."

Shepway tories jubilant after by-election win

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Shepway voters dealt a devastating blow to the Liberal Democrats after their first year in office at Shepway District Council.

In the Folkestone East by-election there was a massive 33% swing to the Conservative Party.

On hearing the result, winning candidate Alan North said "As o­ne person said; in the past twelve months we gave them a chance and they've blown it."

The full results:

Alan North Conservative 575 (52.46%)
Stephen Makins Labour169 (15.42%)
Emily Jane Sanger Liberal Democrat 352 (32.12%)
Majority 223

This was the first election in Michael Howard's constituency since he became Leader.  On hearing the news he said it was "terrific".

Man hunted after abduction attempt

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<FONT color=#0000cc>
<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>MAN HUNTED AFTER ABDUCTION ATTEMPT

Parents are being urged to be vigilant after a man tried to abduct a 12-year-old girl in Shepway.

The girl was with a group of others returning from a day trip to London when the man tried to snatch her at Sandling Station near Hythe.

The man followed the youngster o­n to a footbridge and grabbed her but the girl screamed and the man fled.

Franze Academy of Modelling & Commercial Jazz

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The Franze Academy of Modelling and Commercial Jazz hold classes at the Hawkinge Village Hall every Monday

Commercial jazz:  6pm - 7pm

Modelling:  7pm - 9pm 

For further information please contact Frances on 01304 201664 or email:

B.T.D.A Approved  Click for Franze Academy 

Franze Academy is part of Media Modelling and Casting Agency Training days held at the hall every month, to receive details please

e-mail   Kent Dance Challenge