Tory blues over election poster thefts

Contributed by editor on Apr 19, 2005 - 09:57 PM


Conservative Party posters were being stolen at such a rate that local Conservative Campaign Manager Bob Davidson has reported the thefts to Folkestone police.

Bob Davidson said: “We all expect a few to be ripped down o­n the odd occasion by people who have had a few too many drinks but what happened o­n Saturday night was clearly more systematic.  Posters were stolen along Military Road, Seabrook Road and up London Road. The posters were completely removed over the roughly 4 mile stretch, some of which were 4 foot in size, so I would not be surprised if a vehicle of some sort was used.

“Having reported this matter to the police they have assured me that an investigation will take place and they of course will have access to any cameras o­n this stretch.

“The Conservative Party believes in fair play at all elections and we strongly condemn this criminal activity."

Police quiz local man over vote auction

Contributed by editor on Apr 19, 2005 - 09:46 PM


A Dover man who put his general election vote up for auction  on the EBay internet site has been questioned by police.

Police interviewed John Paine,  after officers visited his home yesterday (18 April).

The Ebay website has now removed the page. Over 250 people had viewed the page and a top bid of £6 was posted.

Mr Paine said that he put his vote o­n Ebay as a "bit of fun" without realising it was illegal.  A report will be sent to the Crown Prosecution Service following the police investigation.

It was reported by the The Electoral Commission on Monday that other attempts had been made to sell votes o­n Ebay and it was a serious offence and would be referred to the police.

Building site danger for local kids

Contributed by editor on Apr 19, 2005 - 08:13 PM


Pentland Homes Ltd who are building on land at Hawkinge are concerned for the safety of children playing in the fenced off storage area adjacent to Paxton Avenue in the Terlingham Village area of Hawkinge.

Health and Safety Manager for Pentland Homes  Kay Martin  reports that children have been seen on the site in the storage area in the evenings and weekends and playing in the road during the day when site traffic was travelling around the development.

The company have now written to residents to ask that parents speak to their children of the dangers they face playing on building sites.

The third phase of building for Terlingham Village is due to start later in the year.



To Local Residents of

Terlingham Village &

Surrounding Developments

18th April 2005

Dear Resident,

Children on Site

It has been brought to my attention that children have been seen at weekends and in the evenings playing on the mound behind the hoardings along Paxton Avenue. This area has been fenced off to prevent access to a storage facility for the ongoing building work and is therefore an extremely dangerous place for children to enter.

I also understand that through the school holidays some children were playing in the road during the day when site traffic was travelling around the development.

Could you please ensure that you speak to your children, or to any children that may visit you, regarding the hazards that they may encounter whilst building work continues in the vicinity? This is especially important when work gets underway later this year on the third phase of Terlingham Village.


Yours faithfully

Kay Martin



Office / Health and Safety Manager

Telephone (01303) 891112


Pentland House, 8 Osprey Court, Hawkinge, Folkestone, Kent CT18 7TH

NHBCTele: 01303 894351 Fax: 01303 894352


Co. Registration No. 1031651  Registered in England & Wales  VAT No. 202 049222


Dancers triumph against all the odds

Contributed by editor on Apr 18, 2005 - 10:41 AM


Local dancers who were kicked out of the Hawkinge Community Centre and whose bid for sponsorship from the Hawkinge Parish Council was thrown out returned from the USA as World Champions.

Chloe Scott and Charlotte Reeves from Hawkinge and Folkestone girls Louise Collins and Sasha Buckingham, joined the England Dance Team last year.

The four dancers from the locally based Franze Academy of Modelling  competed for the team in Hollywood, and helped bring home the prestigious title of World Champions in Dance Excellence.

At the Parish Council meeting o­n Wednesday (13 April) councillors congratulated the dancers o­n their achievement, but the opportunity to have the Hawkinge logo seen by the world was lost for the sake of a few pounds in sponsorship.

Labour Minister urges united vote to beat Howard

Contributed by editor on Apr 17, 2005 - 03:36 PM


Shepway Liberal Democrats claim that Labour Minister Denis MacShane has urged local Labour supporters to vote Lib Dem to beat Michael Howard in Folkestone and Hythe.

However,  speaking in Maidstone,  Mr. MacShane said:  "Everybody in Folkestone should unite to get rid of Michael Howard."

The local Lib Dems point out that Labour finished  third at the last General Election, but received around 9000 votes. With Mr Howard's majority of less than 6000 it could mean that if enough Labour voters vote for Lib Dem Peter Carroll or vice versa for the Labour candidate Maureen Tomison then Mr Howard will be defeated.

Peter Carroll said, "I am delighted to hear such a senior Labour Minister saying this to Labour voters. We are heading for a close finish in the election and if former Labour supporters switch to the Lib Dems, Michael Howard will lose his seat."

2001 General Election result:


Labour                      9,260    (20.19%)
Liberal Democrats 14,738    (32.14%)
Conservative          20,645    (45.02%)
Others                       1,212    (2.64%)

Total 45,855 

Majority 5,907 (12.88 %)

Present holder: Con


Shepway KCC election candidates

Contributed by editor on Apr 16, 2005 - 10:22 PM



Date of Election - 5 May 2005

Elham Valley

Candidate Address Party

CAREY, Susan Joan

North House, 116A North Road, Hythe, CT21 5DY

The Conservative Party Candidate

CREES, Carolyn Court known as CAROL

Trelawney Cottage, High Street, Elham, Canterbury CT4 6D

People First – Shepway’s Local Party

JACK, Nicholas Simon Welby

Lower Winterage Farm, Acrise, Folkestone CT18 8JS

UK Independence Party

SMITH, Peter Charles

1 Daniel’s Terrace, St Luke’s Walk, Hawkinge, Kent CT18 7EF

Liberal Democrat

STEVENS, Pamela Jean

342 Canterbury Road, Densole, Folkestone, Kent CT18 7BE

The Labour Party Candidate

Folkestone North East

Candidate Address Party

BINGHAM, Paul Richard

109 Holywell Avenue, Folkestone CT19 6LB

The Labour Party Candidate

COPPING, Brian William

79 Dolphins Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 5QD

People First – Shepway’s Local Party

PASCOE, Richard Anthony

Seaview, Crete Road East, Folkestone, Kent CT18 7EG

The Conservative Party Candidate

SANGER, Emily Jane

84 Hill Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 6LS

Liberal Democrat

Folkestone South

Candidate Address Party

LEITCH, Robert

14 Swiss Way, Folkestone, Kent

The Labour Party Candidate

MARSH, Paul Albert Roy

65 Linden Crescent, Folkestone CT19 5SB

People First – Shepway’s Local Party

ROBERTS, Shaun David

24 Mill Road, Hythe, Kent CT21 5LP

Liberal Democrat

SCARTH, Peter Gillyard

5 Kent House, Bouverie Road West, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2PR

The Green Party


“Cirilla�, Radnor Cliff Crescent, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2JQ

The Conservative Party Candidate

Folkestone West

Candidate Address Party

BLISS, Robert Howard Clegg

16 Bartholmew Lane, Saltwood, Hythe CT21 4BX

The Conservative Party Candidate

CIRKET, Adrian

54 Taylors Lane, St. Marys Bay, Kent TN29 0HB

The Labour Party Candidate

CUFLEY, Linda Winifred

24 Wells Road, Folkestone, CT19 4PW

People First – Shepway’s Local Party

GREGORY, Nicola Jane

56 Morehall Avenue, Cheriton, Folkestone, Kent CT19 4EF

The Green Party


16 Riviera Court, Sandgate High Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 3RP

Liberal Democrat


Candidate Address Party

BUSS, Trevor John

76A Church Road, Cheriton, Folkestone, CT20 3EN

People First – Shepway’s Local Party

CAPON, Christopher John

Cambridge Villa, 16 Seabrook Road, Hythe, Kent CT21 5NA

The Conservative Party Candidate

MATTHEWS, Neil Arthur

67 Brockhill Road, Hythe, Kent CT21 4AG

Liberal Democrat

PATON, Andrew

21 Princes Terrace, Dymchurch Road, Hythe, Kent

The Labour Party Candidate

Romney Marsh

Candidate Address Party

MAILE, Shirley

3 Brookside, Dymchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent TN29 0QQ

People First – Shepway’s Local Party

WALSH, Michael John

35 The Derings, Lydd, Romney Marsh, Kent TN29 9BN

The Labour Party Candidate

WHITE, Julie Dorothy

27 Orchard Road, St Marys Bay, Romney Marsh, Kent TN29 0RA

Liberal Democrat


26 Copperfields, Lydd, Romney Marsh, Kent TN29 9UT

The Conservative Party Candidate

Expansion could lead lead to traffic chaos

Contributed by editor on Apr 16, 2005 - 04:53 PM


Cllr Julie White and Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate Peter Carroll are fighting huge expansion plans at Lydd airport.

The proposed expansion at Lydd airport is likely cause major traffic problems across the Marsh says campaigner Peter Carroll.

The airport wants to expand from taking 4000 passengers a year to around 2,000,000.

Peter Carroll said, "The expansion would bring an extra 20,000 vehicles o­nto our roads every week as passengers, workers and deliveries have to get to the airport. I don't believe our roads can take this extra traffic."

Peter and Cllr Julie White are campaigning against plans to expand the airport and for a full Public Inquiry into the plans. As well as traffic concerns, they are also worried about the affects of noise from low flying jet aircraft.

Cllr Julie White said, "Noise from jets would do real damage to our local tourist trade and to the quality of life of thousands of residents."

Peter added, "We want to see more jobs and prosperity created o­n the Marsh, but not at the expense of destroying what we already have."

Folkestone and Hythe MP Michael Howard and the Conservatives are backing limited expansion.

Belt up safety drive

Contributed by editor on Apr 16, 2005 - 04:45 PM


Last weeks Kent Police operation aimed at motorists who fail to "belt up" resulted in nearly four hundred people receiving a fixed penalty fine.

But, drivers and passengers who don't wear seat belts risk more than just a £30 fine say police.

Out of 1157 motorists stopped between 4-10 April, about o­ne third were issued with a £30 fixed penalty for not wearing, or failing to ensure that their passengers were wearing a seat belt.

Out of the total, 10 were fined because a child was not safely belted up.

Already this year in 6 of 26 fatal collisions, the dead or injured were not wearing a seat belt. If you are in a car crash and wearing a seat belt, your chances of receiving serious or fatal injuries is reduced by around 50 per cent.

Kent Police state that the law is very clear; drivers and passengers in cars must wear a seat belt unless they have a medical exemption certificate.

Creature comforts get better of Gabby

Contributed by editor on Apr 16, 2005 - 09:59 AM


We are pleased to tell you that Gabby the tabby cat who went missing last week in the Haven drive area of Hawkinge has been re-united with her owner.

The walkabout cat decided that she was not getting the creature comforts she was accustomed to and returned home unannounced last night (15 April).

Gabby's owner would like to thank everyone who was looking out for the flighty feline.

"Now my brain can function in normal mode" the owner said.

Tarmac the car park to have a safe footpath

Contributed by editor on Apr 15, 2005 - 12:04 AM


Dear Ed

It would be nice to have all the car park next to the Village Hall made good.

Not o­nly would it provide a safe path and easy access to the Community Centre, it would provide additional parking for shoppers to the village and ease some of the congestion in Canterbury Road.

Mind you that would mean some drivers having to walk approx 150 yards to reach Tesco, which might be too much for some of them, judging by the parking that already takes place!

Nick Lord